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  1. No mentions of Masta Ace or Boot Camp?


    You guys stink.


    And Camp Lo's album's probably the most underrated rap album ever. I know my sh*t homies.


    At the end of the day, nothing will compare to Ready to Die. Biggie was loved and hated simultaneously by all the underground and mainstream dudes.

    Love that album....top 10 list 


    And speaking of most underrated albums ever....



  2. Trade for Johnny Manziel, let him get a feel for the rest of the season we still should have a top draft pick and should go for Amari Cooper sign a offensive lineman and cornerback thought free agency and draft a good middle linebacker David Harris is slow AF and just out there cause his name his career is over


  3. Its over guys. I was pissed off as well last night but its over. Rex is done, this season is done and frankly any shot of the current roster staying the same is done. Rebuild, get a new HC, a New OC and DC, draft a new QB...its done.  


    RIP 2014 Jets Season.

    But...but.....the rebuilding process was suppose to start 2 years ago when Idzik came on board......so no we got to hit the reset button again!?!


    I do agree however. 

  4. Not a carton fan..reallllly not a carton fan but he produced video of a ref telling Hightower to move off the center to avoid a penalty right before the snap of the blocked FG.....F this league why do we bother

    I saw this too! Bullsht! 


    Let the guy make the penalty and we would have been moved up 5 more yards and given another kick!



  5. All Idzik had to do was sign Revis this offseason and the defense has a whole new outlook this year.......or even better.....all Idzik had to do was not trade Revis a couple years ago and we wouldnt even have this bum Milliner on our team. Jets were sold on Richardson supposedly that year anyway so we would of just taking him with our 9th pick.


    We still would have had enough money for another CB this year to replace Cro too. 


    AND.....You take a WR in the 1st round to run along side of Decker and Kerley this year because with 2 very good corners (Revis and one of the numerous free agent CBs this year) you can easily still have a very good secondary with Landry and Allen back at safeties. 


    And our best QB is currently our 3rd stringer.

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  6. IMO that would be the perfect scenario.    Also not going to happen.  Rex is to involved with the players personally.   A certain group of the players would still be looking at Rex as the boss, and undermine the new HC.  No HC is going to risk that undermining  

    I agree, it was just a lighthearted thought to be honest. 

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