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  1. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    Heard good interview on Friday with Trent Dilfer talking about all the QB's. He rated them Darnold, Rosen, Allen and Mayfield. The caveat with Allen is that team that takes him has to give him 1-1/2 years to develop before he plays. On Mayfield, thinks he will be good, but is worried that so many of his really big plays he made were outside the pocket, where his superior athleticism vs Big 12 defenses let him buy time. Says he won't be any where near an elite athlete in NFL, and this will force him to change his game a ton in the NFL. Was kind of sobering since we have been hearing all this Mayfield hype for so long now. Said Darnold and Rosen are very, very close, but gives nod to Darnold because of the "it" factor. Thinks either guy would be great for Jets.
  2. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    That's the beauty of having picks 1 and 4. They can do both.
  3. Can horses be considered A**holes too?
  4. Multiple Workouts Today

    Didn't Bromley have a pretty decent season last year with Giants?
  5. Bold Prediction

    If I were a Brown's fan, I would love that. Here's a hypothetical......lets's say it goes Barkley to Clev. and Darnold to Giants. We're up. Say, we have Rosen and Mayfield rated equally, but Browns have one of those two rated way higher. They call and offer last pick in rd#2, 64, to move up one spot. Do you make the move? I know you despise Mayfield, but try to be objective here.
  6. Bold Prediction

    I agree with you on the ultimate value of a QB vs RB. But, if Allen has Barkley far and away rated higher than any of the QB's, he can get both by virtue of having #4. I just think he is pretty confident that if he really covets Barkley, he has to get him at #1.
  7. Bold Prediction

    I agree with you on Barkley going #1. Cleveland knows they can't get him at 4. I don't see the Giants trading out. I think they take a QB here, and if Browns go QB, they grab Barkley. Either scenario is good for us.
  8. You have identified the major problem in this franchise, one that has existed for far too many years of my 39 years of being a ticket holder. That's what makes me very uncomfortable with the prospect of us getting our hands on one of the top young QB's in 4 days.
  9. Key vs Turay?

    Don't even hesitate. Key.
  10. Draft Day. April 26.

    Lith........all those drafts were in NYC. Dallas will change everything!
  11. Name the surprise Riser and Surprise faller...

    Yeah, that one is criminal.
  12. Name the surprise Riser and Surprise faller...

    That's pretty much why I picked him. On a side note, I know you are a big hockey guy. I'm a huge Devils fan, and we discussed the Hall trade lots. I want your opinion on something. If Doughty got a game suspension for his hit, why not Kucherev for his hit on Vatanen? Personally, I don't think either one deserved it, but how do you say yes to one and not the other?
  13. Giants release Marshall

    I say go for the gold.....reunion with Cutler in Miami.
  14. I think the only "pressure" the Giants could possible feel/felt would have been if they traded the #2 to the Jets and we picked a guy who turns out to be great.