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    I recently spoke with a very good friend who lives in Baltimore and has had Raven tickets since they came from Cleveland. Asked him what he and other Raven fans think of their pending FA center, Jensen. In a nutshell, not much. Basically, don't let the door hit you on the way out. Also, just saw SI's rankings of potential FA's. At C position, listed Richburg as only difference maker at position. Had Jensen listed as 6-7th best option.
  2. YOU are Kirk Cousins

    Cousins has played for maybe the only organization more dysfunctional than the Browns and the Jets. Choosing either of those would be like starting to date Courtney Love after you broke up with Amy Winehouse.
  3. The problem I've had for the last month is that the site is not remembering/storing my password. I am now on new password #10, after having one password for years. I cleared both cookies and cache, but it hasn't helped. If I leave the site, or turn off computer, I am unable to log back in with the last password. On many occasions, it locks my account. Anyone else encountering this?
  4. ***The Official Super Bowl Thread***

    Awesome! You just don't get the respect you've earned around here.
  5. Simon and Garfunkel predicted this in 1967......"laugh about it, shout about it, but when you have to choose, every way you look at it you lose." You're an old timer like me, you'll get this.
  6. ***The Official Super Bowl Thread***

    Indeed. On a more pleasant note, My friends and I still talk about the great time you and the Charlotte Jets Fan Club showed us a few years back. We came with DR.Ted and Karen Thompson, who we saw this year at a game. They live outside Charleston now. Ted got a nice work gig down there. What are you doing for the game today.....is the club doing something at one of the bars?
  7. Ironically, because of all the available cap space we have to fill some major needs in FA, this is the perfect year for the Jets to trade "a buttload of picks" to get their QB.
  8. ***The Official Super Bowl Thread***

    The thing that makes me laugh about Eagle fans is that for a team that has NEVER won squat, they talk and act like they have won multiple Super Bowls.
  9. ***The Official Super Bowl Thread***

    Don't know any Philly fans, I guess? Most despicable characters on earth.
  10. More likely the Broncos and Elway, who has managed to turn a Super Bowl winning team from two years ago into the #5 pick in the draft, all by himself.
  11. By far the best move they have made so far. The clock is ticking even louder for Hue(1-31) Jackson.
  12. That's a great move. Tremendous eye for talent.
  13. ***The Official Super Bowl Thread***

    Look on the bright side, at least we get 4 hours of Collinsworth.
  14. ***The Official Super Bowl Thread***

    Same here. I wish they could both lose.