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  1. 1999, easy, could have named the score vs Atlanta. That Falcon team might have been the worst ever to get to the big game. We beat them like 38-10 during the season. Of the two under Rex, probably had a better chance vs Green Bay.
  2. To a team that told the world they are trying to lose, and don't care.
  3. Isn't Chris Collinsworth involved with PFF? If yes, then I rest my case.
  4. I’m older, for sure😀Probably makes me crazier, but not a better fan. Think we are the same level on that.
  5. In my 40th year of season tickets, so I guess I would qualify as someone who cares about the Jets.😀 During that time, we've had from 4 to 10 seats at a time. Right now we're at 5. Did the math at the end of last year. The average bill I've sent to the Jets over the years has worked out to about $7500/year, including playoff tix( yes, we have had some home playoff games.) I figure I've sent the Jets enough $ over the years to send 5-6 kids through college.
  6. Agreed. One realistic move I think they can and should make is to trade Ramos to an AL team and let him DH. He can't catch anymore, but would be a nice get for an AL team in a pennant race. He can still hit, and probably could get us something decent in return.
  7. So that's why we never get any home playoff games?😎
  8. Do the Chiefs de-emphasize contact from their linebackers too?
  9. Matz is gutless. Has no composure at all.
  10. The thing that is truly mind boggling is that Calloway is a pitching coach and he couldn't see that Lugo didn't have it.
  11. Always loved him as a player. Honestly feel that he was the best all around LB we have ever had. When he tore up his knee vs New Orleans in 1986 that was the killer.
  12. Can’t believe they are turning this over to Phil”the vulture “Regan. Us old timers, who remember the 1969 season, know him as the Cubs closer in those days. They didn’t’ call guys that back then, but that’s what he was. Was ion that Cubs team that the Mets caught in 1969.
  13. As I pointed out above, Mesorocco was far more important to this team then anybody knew. He’s really the only major difference as far as the pitchers go. Big mistake. Noah and Wheeler has career years with him, now they look like they should be in AAA.
  14. Didn't we play them in the playoffs that year? The game where we had that great 4th qt drive for like 7 minutes and O'Brien threw a duck down on the 5 yard line that got picked off?
  15. I think it's Max's way of not letting us get too cocky about things.😀

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