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  1. You could be right, but boy, that would be a PR nightmare for the Braves.
  2. Thanks for putting up the link to that draft site. it's pretty good. I just have a feeling that Ruckert from OSU is gonna be a Jet.
  3. The do-over they would want is from the year before.
  4. I think most people around MLB really believe that Freeman isn't going anywhere, that he'll resign and retire a Brave. Yankees are probably acting on that assumption.
  5. Plus, the C is the captain of the line. Can't overstate that.
  6. Happy birthday. JN HOF fame poster week.
  7. Sort of, but on Sunday they'll be dressed up as 49er fans.
  8. One potential name to keep an eye on when the FA period starts. 49rs have McGlinchey coming up soon, so maybe a shot that Tomlinson could hit mkt. Would think LaFluer would at least want JD to kick the tires.
  9. This is easy....Rams. I don't know how you can mortage more than your future, but the Rams somehow have done it. On the flip side, Bengals playing with house $. Way ahead of even their most optimistic schedule. I was gonna write in Buffalo due to the biggest playoff choke in history, but we've more than covered that already.
  10. As Robert DiNiro said to Chaz Palminteri at the end of A Bronx Tale...."may God have mercy on your soul."
  11. The best C went back to school, Jarrett Patterson from ND.
  12. If we don’t sign a guy in FA, I wouldn’t mind a double dip with McBride and Ruckert. Would probably require some sort of a trade down to get an extra pick or two.
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