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  1. How will that work?...I get to go to games 1.3 5 ,7. I don't know how it would work with season ticket holders.
  2. Without listing all the guys, I'd put him 13th. Cowboys have all the leverage with Dalton now. Pull the offer and start from scratch.
  3. That is a classic. One of my other favorites was " and John Stearns slides into 2nd with a standup double."😁
  4. Exactly. This reminded me of a great story the late Ralph Kiner used to tell from time to time on Mets games. He said he went in to ask Branch Rickey, who was then the Pirates GM, for a raise after leading the NL in homers again. The Pirates at that time were just about the worst team in baseball. Rickey told him " we lost 102 games with you, we can do it without you."
  5. Easy solution.... tell them they are free to interview while we are preparing for the SuperBowl, but if they do, they’re fired.
  6. Great spot! That was really fun to watch. Definitely some interesting guys in this group. Hope Huff can be JD's Bart Scott. Loved the beginning of the video when you talked about the crown on your cap.....the kids wearing them flat drives me nuts also.😎 Nice to know there are plenty of grumpy old men like me around. Thanks, and stay out of that damn swamp.😁
  7. Great point. That's when it happens for most guys. And even some seniors, who coaches come back after if a couple of spots open up late.
  8. Good article, but this is absurd. He's the best player on their defense.
  9. Not technically a play, but the day Dennis Byrd walked out of the tunnel and onto the field vs the Broncos in our home opener. If you were there, you know what I mean. Chocked up just typing this.
  10. Most starting RT’s are on the roster. So I vote yes. 😎
  11. If this doesn't prove that the Seahawks are all in, what will?😁
  12. That was a great day. 😁One of my most memorable games in the era of Shea season tix.

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