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  1. He was good. I'm partial to Darrol Ray.
  2. 12 years later he brings this up? Was he in Dr.Evil's f**king space capsule?
  3. You must remeber what was even more memorable about that announcerless game for the Jets? It was week 16, we won, Giants lost, and they picked 2nd, Jets 3rd. They took a guy named LT. Games with no announcers still make me shake, as this post proves.
  4. Only the Jets could have a guy pull a hammy on a bye week.
  5. As well as Dave Caddigan at the other G spot, David Williams at a OT spot, and Ron Faurot at DE.
  6. As what? Devil's advocate here.....if he loses his job at LT, and can't play RT, what is the value? My point is, Becton will play LT here for years.
  7. I'll add.....Don Maynard, Winston Hill, Joe Namath, Al Toooooooon, Joe Klecko.
  8. My main takeaway from last night's game......Beane and McDermott have to be very concerned about how their front 7 was physically dominated by an undermanned Titans O line.
  9. Thank you. Not easy explaining that to the fantasy football/ madden nerds.
  10. Looks like both Beane and Stearns are out as President of Basebsll Opps.candidates.
  11. A bit smaller, but exactly what Rex envisioned for Quentin Coples.
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