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  1. Mac Jones, Micah Parsons, Landon Dickerson.
  2. The Broncos want to thank @Lith@Dcat@New York Mick@NYJetsVets91 for a great job running the show this year. It was a blast. If any GM has to drop out, I'd love to pick up another team.
  3. With the 152nd, and our last pick of the JN Mock, the Denver Broncos select Shakur Brown, CB, Michigan St. @oatmealis OTC @kdels62is on deck.
  4. Union would never allow it. Teams would only need 5 starters, max. 7 innings, 80 pitches, guy could pitch every 4 days. Plus, could knock off 3-4 bullpen guys. Owners would love it.
  5. Agreed. Besids,, we're only starting rd 5 in our mock. You can't get banned for another week.
  6. Totally different topic......saw in paper today that some members of the Senate are going to introduce legislation to remove baseball's anti-trust exemption because of them moving the All Star game from Atlanta. Just keeps getting better.
  7. You need to put this in the proper tense.....Manfred has ruined the game.
  8. Good pass rusher. 6'1", 280. Have to be as a DE?
  9. He actually said that about Richard Todd a few days before the “Mud Bowl.”
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