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  1. Totally agree with you. Think the same would hold true for us at #3, as well.
  2. section314

    2019 Center Prospects

    Speaking of which.....saw a clip the other night of one of your studs, Dexter Lawrence, pushing McCoy from A&M about 10 yards straight back towards the QB. Looked like the scene from the Blind Side when Mike pushes the kid all the way into the dumpster.😎
  3. Heard a cool mock on NFL radio...Pat Kirwin and Jimmy Miller. Like you, no trades. First 3. Bosa, Q,Allen. Has Giants @6 taking Christian Wilkins. Bills take Hockson. First QB is Murray @11 to Bengals. Dolphins take Haskins. Redskins take Lock. Giants@17 take Jones.
  4. section314

    Shane Ray visiting Colts

    Agreed. We have guys that are as good, if not better. Tells you all you need to know about Ray.
  5. section314

    JetNation 2019 Mock Draft DISCUSSION

    This is gonna be a fun couple of weeks. As someone said a few years back, "can't wait."🍺
  6. section314

    Villain's Post-Combine 2019 Mock Draft w/trades Rds 1-3

    😁 One of your better lines.
  7. section314

    Houston to the Colts

  8. section314

    Houston to the Colts

    Ed Oliver? Christian Wilkins?
  9. section314

    Pass Rush Help?

    And you know this how? Any chance Houston just saw the Colts as being closer to winning it all than the Jets?
  10. That's a losers mentality. If the Raiders wanted to get to #2 for a player, and offered Lynch #4 and #27 to move, do think Lynch won't do it because the Raiders might get the better of a trade? I doubt it, he's trying to do what is best for his team.
  11. section314

    Houston to the Colts

    Probably, but you can't blame Houston. After literally being so close to going to the Super Bowl, the Colts make way more sense than we do right now.
  12. section314

    Some clarification, please.

    Tnx. This sounds like Bryan Thomas.
  13. section314

    FA CB Darqueze Dennard

    Wasn't he the guy that most of mocks had us taking, but we took Pryor instead?
  14. section314

    Second Day Potential Starters at Center

    You're right, and that's being overly kind.
  15. section314

    Some clarification, please.

    I guess. Just can't think of anything off the top of my head that he excels in. 13 career sacks, can't cover, etc.

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