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  1. This won't happen. You do remember who their coach is, right? And his hatred of the Jets? Going for 2 pts late in the game last year when they were up double digits? No shot this happens.
  2. I thought that guy was really gonna be great. Think pretty good for both. You know Mayock loves the 3rd...his "sweet spot" of the draft.🙂
  3. Wonder if they were in on Sanders, too?
  4. Wonder if they would want Crowder?
  5. Agreed, but it's much the same as trying to trade down on draft day. There has to be a willing partner.
  6. And we aren't even close to rock bottom yet, that's what is even funnier.
  7. One of them should be wearing green.😏
  8. SAR.....this current Jet team couldn't win 7 straight in the SEC .
  9. The league did what they did because the Giants are one of the flagship franchises in the sport. The NFL could give a rats ass about the Jets. They probably wish they would just go away.
  10. Gonna be depressing watching him live in our backfield this next game.
  11. You're kidding, right? Paid $750mm for a team now worth $2.5 billion(or more) and print money every year for a product that absolutely sucks? I'd love to hear who you think is a good business man. Have to buy that stock.

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