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  1. section314

    Schefter: Rex in consideration for KC DC

    Andy Reid's not that stupid.
  2. section314

    Rams are winning the Super Bowl

    The Alpha and Omega....like it.😎
  3. section314

    Rams are winning the Super Bowl

    The Rams can get pressure up the gut vs Pats. That has been the key to all teams that have beaten them.
  4. Great , great job. Just one criticism. We are trying to improve the team, but you bring back Claiborne? Don't get that one.
  5. section314

    Sign Tony Romo to Off Coordiinator

    How about this? Take Romo and Joe Buck to a deserted island, bury them up to their necks in the sand, and let them drive each other crazy with their incessant drivel? 😎
  6. section314

    2019 Senior Bowl News and Invites.

    That's what they said about Hack, too.😎
  7. section314

    Imagine being a Boston sports fan

    I am the same age as you, and I repeat what you just said all the time. I thought it would go on forever. This is a great post!
  8. section314

    NFL = WWE?

    Sperm......to see how much the game has changed with these selective roughing the QB calls, just go back and watch the Jets-Pats playoff game in 2011 and see the many times the Jets laid the wood to Brady and there wasn't a call. The one I'll never forget was the hit that actually made the cover of SI the next week, with Calvin Pace clobbering him. George Orwell said it best in Animal Farm..."all the animals were created equal, but some are more equal than others."
  9. I think with Gregg Williams as our DC that there is 0% chance that this happens.
  10. section314

    Let's go Chiefs

    Here's hoping for the Chiefs to win so we can all root for the AFC again in the Super Bowl.🍻
  11. section314

    Why no OC announcement yet?

  12. section314

    Why no OC announcement yet?

    Did Gase and Bates work together with the Bears?
  13. section314

    Daniel Jeremiah wild mock draft

    Yes....and a great decision for the OT's as well. Will put $ in their pockets by not getting abused every day in practice for a week.😁
  14. section314

    Daniel Jeremiah wild mock draft

    If the Eagles get Wilkins at #25................
  15. section314

    Happy Birhday Janis Joplan

    Yes...Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix in the same year, I think.

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