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  1. Just heard shutting Jake down for 3 weeks. Inflammation
  2. We got a pitcher in deal too.Can Baez play 3rd?
  3. Would think that Dom would have to be part of any deal with the Cubs since they traded Rizzo.
  4. Only if we’re filming Longest Yard 3
  5. They have a deeper system than we do. Just don’t want it to be Baez. We already strike out a ton.
  6. Sounds like the rumor now is Bryant and Zack Davies?
  7. Agreed. We take 2 of the next three, we would gain a game on Braves, and knock off 5 more games on schedule. Darling made a funny, but good point last night about these bullpen games in the 7 Inning DH’s. You can pretty much pinch hit for the pitcher every at bat.
  8. I think Walker has hit the wall. If Jake is ok and we can add another starter, I would be ok going with Jake, Stroman, Hill, new guy and McGill, and giving Walker a few weeks off.
  9. Yes, SS are a dime a dozen.Plus we have Lindor for ever. #1/2 starter, corner Inf and Catcher with power, priceless.
  10. #10 in your program, #1 in your hearts.️
  11. Just horrible. No other way to describe it. Terrible. to his family.
  12. Of those 4, only one I would even think of moving would be Maricio.
  13. The story a few weeks back was Berrios and Donaldson, but then Donaldson got nicked up. Supposedly Mets advance scouts were basically living with the Twins.
  14. If it’s the Huskies, no doubt to scout the TE’sStay well.
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