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  1. Other. Two for me, actually. Losing the Mud Bowl in 1983. Second, watching right in front of me the collision between Merserau and Byrd, and Dennis being carted off the field, weeks after the Mike Utley episode. For the rest of that game, it seemed everyone, fans and players on both teams,wanted to be anywhere else but there.
  2. Great clip. Maybe the best written show ever. That kid looked too much like Sam.😩Charles is Gase.
  3. Agreed. Even if you are not an all pro, it should not be hard to practice and play hard. Usually you read that guys complain that coaches push them too hard, not this kind of stuff. Just when you think we’ve seen it all with the Jets, we realize that we are not even close.😩
  4. Maybe, but the Niners were gashing our D. I could see why GW made a change.
  5. Huh? This offense is so damn basic a HS freshman coach would get fired if he ran it.
  6. Guy is also coming off a major knee procedure, and had limited practice time. This is nonsense.
  7. I didn't know Frank Burns was still practicing.
  8. I know. Maybe our guys all have Kyle Wilson ball finding skills?😁
  9. I read this AM that McDougald said that they haven't had a full week of good practices, that there have been days when they haven't even had a good full practice. Not good. Doesn't take guys who come from real coaches long to see the crap that goes on at Club Jet.
  10. πŸ‘ Yes, the gunners have been bad. I think it was Mann's first punt sunday when he kicked a beautiful one, bounced about 4-5 times inside the 5 yard line, finally went into the end zone, and there still weren't any of our guys near it. Should have had them pinned in. How many times vs Buffalo was our first guy in perfect position to bring Roberts down, but missed the tackle, then he got 15-20 yards? Hope this guy can help.
  11. In the late 70's, I used to blame my drinking problem on disco. Then, those two showed up. Today, it's just the Jets in general. Much easier.😎
  12. Love it when the Cliff Notes version is equally brutal.😁 We all laughed at him at the time, but Herm was right...."you play to win the damn game."
  13. You do remember Mike Haight and Dave Cadigan, right? Sorry, couldn't resist.😁

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