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  1. I really thought that this game was gonna get flexed.😎
  2. No, they are now an environmentally sensitive organization. Will will get credits for Nat.Gas.😁
  3. No argument. I was just debating with another poster as to why I believe Douglas would never even consider Rex in any manner whatsoever.
  4. No, I got the "facts" from the horse's mouth, Ozzie Newsome, in an interview he did with Mike Francessa years ago on WFAN. I'm sure it is available in their archives somewhere if you want to fact check. In the interview, Ozzie was asked point blank why he didn't hire Rex for the HC job. He said that there was always too much of a sideshow with Rex, and that he could never have him be the face of the Ravens. Since Douglas learned much of what got him to this position from Ozzie, I would say you have a better chance of being the next Jets coach than Rex does.
  5. And he's not even going to the hoop!😁
  6. You see Tisch credited legalized gambling in a big way as to why NFL ratings are up +5% year over year? That is downright scary. Every other commercial on the FAN now is gambling related.
  7. Like the great Branch Rickey always said, "better to trade a player one year too soon than one year too late."
  8. Just the opposite. Douglas was there when his mentor, Ozzie Newsome, bypassed Rex for the HC job, and chose Harbough. He knows Ozzie passed on Rex because he's a clown show, and probably would never even consider bring him back.
  9. This brought back memories of an interview Francesa did years ago with Ozzie Newsome. Mike asked why he never hired Rex as HC, and Ozzie basically said that Rex was a clown show, and it was always something with him. Said he just couldn't have a guy like that be the face of the organization. Obviously, the right call.
  10. Max....it was 2018 as we were leading up to the draft. He either started, or commented in a thread about what QB the Jets should take, making the case , I believe, for Rosen because of him being Jewish and how that would play well in the NYC area. He started to get pretty heavy into it, and a bunch of guys responded to him, not in a positive way. You told him to cool it, that we don't allow politics or religion here, and he kept going. I think you gave him a few chances to stop, he didn't, and he got the boot, never to be heard from again.
  11. I don't blame him. Evan is gonna take over Mike's show, and Joe will probably get stuck with Maggie in Midday. That would put me over the edge.

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