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  1. A few more....Miracle on 34th ST., Arthur, Desperately Seeking Susan, Big.
  2. "Hello Tess." "Hi snake." Great flick.
  3. When he was serving his suspension and wasn't in shape and got hurt and missed another 3-4 weeks. That's a disgrace, and something your teammates should never forget. The guy should have come back looking like Drago.
  4. No love for Kyle Wilson., Ron Faurot, Quinton Coples? I'll chalk it up to time constraints.😎
  5. You're right.! I did notice him making quite a few this past year. Good catch.😁
  6. You would certainly hope so. It would be like watching somebody hit 25 balls on a driving range, and then make a decision about whether they can play golf without ever seeing them on a golf course.
  7. Forget top 5, we would struggle to put more than those two guys in a top 10 list.
  8. Of the 3 you highlighted, only the Michigan guy seems like a possibility. Think we may look for a guy like that as a C. The Throckmorton guy from Oregon seems like that type of guy also.
  9. Herndon will be on the shortest of leashes this year. Forget distracting the team, what he did was 100x worse, he let his team down twice because of his own selfish, immature decisions. The future is entirely in his hands...let's see if he's man enough and smart enough to accept the challenge.
  10. Funny how the Nats won all 4 games in Houston, but losers like the Yankees and Dodgers are complaining on how they were cheated.
  11. If he's willing, bring Terry Collins back for one year. Wait till Cohen gets approved, have Stevie show Brodie the door, and get the people in charge here that will bring the Mets back to where they belong.
  12. Not saying that....just asked who your favorites are. I voted for the guys I saw hold the Colts to 7 pats in our Super Bowl win. 😁
  13. Only went with the defense. Held the Colts to 7 points.
  14. 7) just thought of it ....Robin Ventura to Yankees, Justice to Mets. 5) Rube Walker is one. Tomatos in bullpen as Pitching coach?

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