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  1. I take it you are not counting being able to post on Jet Nation?😀
  2. Fair point. Schotty keeps getting jobs, but is never really successful. Seems like a true Catch 22.
  3. Good point, but you could probably make the same case for the 50-60% of corners drafted every year who stink that they had the same evaluation.
  4. I am convinced that Bowles could take the 1985 Bear defense and make them mediocre.
  5. section314

    Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    For those of us who didn't like the wildcard to begin with, and really despise the 2nd one, having one of the two top teams play in a one game playoff, and lose to a team with 88 wins, might just be the tonic to get rid of this farce once and for all.
  6. So I take it that Cespedes is still missing?😀
  7. Stop listening to Joe and Evan. For starters.
  8. "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."
  9. Steve Mclendon is a good player. He's the kind of a player that helps a team win. The famous clip of Belichek imploring his players in a huddle to "do your job" summarizes Mclendon perfectly. He does his job every week. I wish we had 8-10 more McLendon's on this team.
  10. section314

    ok,so, who's already had a Colonoscopy?

    Just had my 2nd one 2 weeks ago. The prep is definitely the worst part. In fact, a colonoscopy is kind of like a microcosm of a jets season in 24 hours....you drink way too much, you lose your appetite, and somebody sticks something up your ass. I did get good news, came back totally clean.
  11. That's the beauty of it...you don't have to.
  12. section314

    Rotoworld: NFL's Best GM's 2018

    Ya think?
  13. Can't wait for the segments when it's just the coaches in their meetings and seeing the faces of the assistants actually trying to pay attention to a head coach that is 1-31 in the last two years.
  14. section314

    Draft Redo: If they never made any trades

    I know he did...the post was hypothetical in that we are playing make believe here. Jets didn't trade up, etc. In this world of make believe, Scarborough could have played for Oklahoma.😊
  15. section314

    Draft Redo: If they never made any trades

    Well, this was all hypothetical.😀