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  1. It's been 30 years. Someone should tell Jerry that he's going on Mao's 7th 5 year plan. It must be nirvana being a senile billionaire.
  2. Bingo. That’s what makes them what they are. Best OL since the Aikman Cowboy teams.
  3. I am starting to feel this way too. And to be honest, would be ok with it.
  4. Looking at this list, there is no reason we can’t come out of the 1st two rounds with two starting OL.
  5. If Stephen A didn’t get fired for basically defending Ray Rice years ago, he’s got nothing to ever worry about.
  6. I know you despise Mosley, but that screw up was squarely on Quincy Williams and Whitehead.
  7. He beat Rodgers last year in the playoffs in a snow storm in GB.
  8. Coached against Wilson for years in SF. Maybe Wilson really is a diva douchebag, and he wanted no part of him.
  9. I'm sure the Chiefs and Chargers are shaking in their boots.
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