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  1. This draft is deep enough to do both. Woody is 100% right on.
  2. What's next, go out and sign Antonio Brown?
  3. Dick Tidrow, Charley Smith,Bobby Abreau, Jay Johnstone, Hoyt Wilhelm
  4. I believe it was JD that passed on him.
  5. Agree. Think he had the three QB's going in the top 5. I have a feeling the Giants can sit at #4 and get Chase Young. Think Burrow will go 1, Skins trade out to Dolphins, who take Tua, and Chargers panic and trade up to 3 for Herbert.
  6. Had our shot last year when he was a FA and passed. No way, would not be an improvement.
  7. You mean something like this........."hey Moose and Maggie, thanks for taking my call. I've got a trade proposal.....since the Angels lost out on Cole, the Yankees should send Severino, Gardner and Stanton to them for Mike Trout. The contracts will balance out, and Severino is great. "
  8. Hmmmm.......the Vikings are very close to being a Super Bowl team, yet they may be willing to part with a 26 yr old, productive wr, who is an integral part of their offense. What could possibly be wrong with this picture? Maybe just a guy who is a problem? Maybe the fact that this may be the most loaded WR class in a long time, and they can get a better guy in the draft?
  9. Don't think that's the splash Jerry had in mind.😁
  10. Hr off Ron Davis....Del Unser?
  11. lefty from Brooklyn.....John Candelaria. Guess on 3rd baseman.....Ed Brussard? OF Gotta be Lance Johnson again. Bill Sudaikis Burt Hooten
  12. Totally agree. I think it must have been the SOJF in me coming out.😁
  13. section314

    Mock Offseason

    Somebody from the Govt. ran his numbers?😎
  14. We said that when Idzik's replacement got here. The answer, unfortunately, was yes, way worse.
  15. Also puts them in a nice trade spot, especially if say 2 of the top 3 OT's are gone, and one of the top 2 wr's.
  16. What's the good word on Saloman Kindley, OG for the Dawgs? Walter Football(Charlie Campbell) has us taking him with our 1st 3rd rder. Has us taking Wirfs with #11, an LSU cb in the 2nd, and An Edge guy, Uche, with the 2nd 3rd rounder.
  17. That would be ideal, but don't think will happen. He may go in top 5 if he has a decent combine.

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