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  1. He’d never get called for holding.
  2. Also, JD didn’t sign Cory Davis, draft Moore, Wilson and Ruckert to run 4-5 yard routes. They are here to compliment what Zach’s was drafted for the medium to long downfield passing game.
  3. Not even close. The HC of the Chargers kept Herbert in the entire game of a28 pt loss playing with torn rib cartilage. That guy Staley is a complete jackass.
  4. Getting a little giddy with a 2 1/2 game lead I see.
  5. One of my favorites is ‘Still Valley.” It’s about a Confederate battalion that has a demonic book that has given them tremendous luck so far. At the end of the episode, one of the officers burns it in the fire, convinced it’s the work of the devil. As the episode is ending, Rod says their next stop is a quaint little Pennsylvania town called Gettysburg.
  6. It turns my stomach to ever root for any team from Philadelphia except Villanova. But as they say, any port in a storm.
  7. The signing bonus check cleared. Hope you took some good pictures.
  8. Take the Braves kids over Dodgers every day of the week. The huge advantage they have prospect wise over us is pitching. Other than Allen, we don’t seem to have anybody close to major league ready.
  9. Pete is beyond the hometown discount lockup unfortunately. I know it was a small sample size, but I think the first one that they will try to lock up Braves style will be Batty.absolutely love his swing. He looks very much like the real deal.
  10. Just an observation… adults who can’t tell time are generally not smart.
  11. This isn’t complicated. As soon as Zach is ready to go , he is playing .He knows it, the team knows and most importantly, Flacco knows it.
  12. The Bengals have the worst O line in the league. This is a good matchup for the Defense.
  13. Not to mention that the D has been on the field way too much. Need to eat up some clock.
  14. Two changes to make regular season really mean something .1) in a best of 5 series v division winner, WC gets only 1 home game. In best of 7 , WC gets only 2 home games. 2) only time a Division winner can play a WC from its own division is LCS.
  15. I think it was Saturday night and the guys were talking Marte. Sounds like maybe not till last series or two.
  16. We are Amazon Prime members. How do I get this game?
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