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  1. Anybody know a team that has pretty nice depth at DT? A team who has a large number of fans who are always interested in acquiring certain 49rs players?
  2. Probably the hardest thing for a young, fairly mobile QB like Zach is to learn to go through your progressions and give the play a chance to develop, not run at the first sign of trouble. From the early returns, it sounds like that is what he has learned and has started going through the progressions faster.
  3. Ohtani is the target.
  4. Interesting quote from the Reds GM last night, something to the effect that " this was the best return we could get for Castillo." Looking at the two big deals so far, teams that are buyers don't seem to be willing to part with the "gems" of their systems. You know the Yankees had to be in on Castillo but wouldn't budge on either top SS prospect. Mets did trade with Cubs last year, and gave up Pete Crow Armstrong for that Bum Biaz, but that wasn't Eppler, I believe. Wonder if the Mets would include McNeil in a deal in lieu of a prospect? I have a sneaky feeling the Yanks may try to get Ohtani. In that case, doubt any prospect would be off limits.
  5. Defense will be much improved, but the offense has way more talent.
  6. La Greca and Rothenberg are the only two on that list I would even consider listening to. Don't know how the FAN is still in business.
  7. Happy Birthday @Lith. All the best. Really looking forward to seeing you and Chris and some of the other guys on opening day.
  8. I agree with you here......you just never know about 18-22 year old kids. These two moves remind me of the 2015 moves bringing in Uribe and Kelly Johnson....two professional hitters and good teammate type of guys. Also shows the trust Cohen and Eppler have in their analytics team....both guys have over career .800 OPS vs righties. FWIW...Vogelback was on base 3 times in both of the last two games. As Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) said in Moneyball...." why do we like Hatty? Because he gets on base." All that being said, feels like they are still working on the "big one." The Cub deal for Contreas and Robertson makes sense, buy think it will be something else. Also, how far has Kelenic fallen? it would have been inconceivable a year ago for Seattle to get Castillo without him being in the deal. Unless he is still untouchable ( highly doubt it) it just shows that as highly touted as these guys are, you just never know.
  9. If you look back at their first 2 years, Elway and Aikman would have fit that bill too.
  10. After the spread you guys hosted two Jet trips ago to Charlotte in the corner parking lot, never.
  11. You may have a visitor who is currently in Cleveland that will probably have a bunch of free time come September.
  12. I've posted this before, and the highlighted part made me think of it again. At Alabama's pro day, the NFL network sideline guy was standing with a bunch of scouts watching Jones throw. The brought him up and asked what he was hearing. Said the scouts he was with were having a very deep conversation with each other asking if they thought Mac Jones was going to get any better than he was right now. Surprisingly, more than one thought he had hit his ceiling. Found that to be pretty interesting.
  13. Really? I thought they were MLB's. If so, this is highway robbery by Cashman.
  14. That would make our annual Zoom much more fun. I am planning on meeting up with you and @Paradis and others for the Raven game. We tailgate on other side, but will definitely stop by .
  15. He's just keeping a roster spot for Wil Anderson next year.
  16. I hope he can do to this offense what Freeman McNeil did back in the day.
  17. Is this going to be an episode on South Park, or is Comedy Central giving them their own series?
  18. Rutgers consistently has the worst QB play of any power 5 conference, but he sets an even lower bar. Maybe the worst college QB I've ever seen.
  19. Worth way more than holding out for a 3rd or 4th rd pick.
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