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  1. Absolutely. FWIW, the Mets have the #2 and #20 MLB prospects, Alvarez and Baty, plus two more in the top 100, and that's not including P Matt Allan, who is one year removed from Tommy John and was our #2 prospect before he got hurt. It would probably take 3 of them plus taking back either Strassberg or Corbin's contracts. Cohen has said many times that he wants us to be like the Dodgers, and just keep bringing up guys to play in the bigs. I can't see him destroying the farm system to get Soto., although taking a power hitting C with their 1st pick in the draft does make you think twice.
  2. I agree with you. For the record, Brissett is a pretty good QB.
  3. @Lith......are you on the compensation committee? Actually, with a Naty and 2 trips to the game in 5 years, probably underpaid.
  4. When the Giants took Barkley, I was 100% sure Rosen was our pick, and I would have been ecstatic. To quote a phrase "please sir, may I have another?"
  5. I think it's safe to say that the #2 QB is not on the roster at this time.
  6. I'm with you, but he's a shoe in for all the money he's made for the league by negotiating the TV deals. Sad, but probably true.
  7. Klecko belongs. I can't believe that Ken Riley and Otis Taylor aren't in. Tommy Nobis was a great MLB, but he had the misfortune of playing when both Butkus and Nietzsche were in their prime.
  8. You do realize you saved that young lady's life, right?
  9. Other than Diaz, the rest of this bullpen is about as reliable as New Jersey Transit. Has to be addressed.
  10. Same with Bryce Hall the year before. Seems like most guys had them as 2nd rd guys if they were healthy.
  11. Not that he would stop JD from acquiring another LB, but I really believe that that think Nasirildeen is a player.
  12. Both these guys showed pretty well last year. Can't see them moving either one of them.
  13. It would not shock me if he is a starter at some point this season, and not because of an injury to someone else.
  14. I have to think that his teammates would be far more pissed off with Becton than any coach would be. They're the ones who are busting their butts to get in great shape and ready for what we hope will be a good season. When you see a guy not pulling his weight like the rest of the team, it's very hard to care about him. That for me would be the biggest issue.
  15. 1) Namath 2)Klecko 3)Toon 4)Mangold 5) Dennis Byrd......talk to any of us who were there the day he walked out of that tunnel, and you'll know why.
  16. I didn't know the NFL network had a studio in the Betty Ford Clinic.
  17. Would be position that would make the most sense. The wildcard is the OT situation if Becton/Fant not ready to go.
  18. Then you will love this ......heard on radio this AM that Nets are close to trading dirt bag Kyrie to Lakers and getting back Russell Westbrook. I really think Macc is working for the Nets.
  19. I think you nailed it here. If Zach's Comp. # is anywhere close to this, we should be fine. Actually, lots more than fine.
  20. What was the Bengals # this time last year?
  21. Justin Fields and Lawrence were horrible. Analytics are for losers.
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