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  1. Agreed. Get a real GM, one with a true personnel background. And PLEASE, PLEASE let him pick his own coach.
  2. DeCosta would be great, but agree with you. Won't leave Ravens. Unfortunately, we got the wrong guy from the Ravens .
  3. Did you really write this at 2:25 AM?
  4. Tx....we went there 2 years ago. If you can't have fun in Nashville, there is something seriously wrong with you. As usual, only thing that ruined trip was the Jets.
  5. Guy can coach, no doubt. Love the aggressiveness and attacking nature. But one thing seems odd. I swear I saw a stat last night that said the Cards are 26th in NFL vs the pass. With guys like Cro, Petterson and good safeties, that seemed strange. The Jets have basically walk-ons in our secondary and are really not much worse. He is a very hot name as far as potential head coaches next year, but wouldn't this at least raise a small red flag?
  6. Since this is fantasy land, here goes. ' Good morning. 2-14,3-13(fill in final record) is not acceptable, and I want to apologize to all Jet season ticket holders for the disgrace we tried to disguise as a football team this year.You are the best fans in the NFL, and it's time I started acting like an owner that is worthy of your passion and loyalty. That said, John, Rex and the coaching staff will not be retained going forward, and we will begin immediately to hire a GM , who will then hire his own head coach. I know I don't deserve it, but please give me the the chance to fix this. We will get it right. Thank you."
  7. Then next weeks game plan should be to let Geno throw it 45 times. That should get the desired results
  8. It would have been if Woody had done the right thing two years ago and fired both of the nitwits together. If both Rex and Idzik don't go together at the end of this year, we will be having this same conversation in another 2 years. Book it.
  9. Correct, he's not THE problem.,But he never has been,, nor ever will be part of the solution.
  10. If the queen had balls she'd be king. Wilson sucks, period.
  11. It was a great game plan, and Geno couldn't even do that. Fumbled a handoff, overthrew Percy twice, took a sack to push a FG back 10 yards,and game ending Int. He is beyond terrible, he's useless.
  12. Shaq Evans will turn out to be a very good player,much better than Lee. You heard it here first.
  13. Don't disagree with you, but to be fair, Buddy and his Defense won that Super Bowl for the Bears. Ditka wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, either.
  14. Tx....what would it take to get you to leave Texas and be GM? Happy Thanksgiving
  15. At this point, does anybody give a rats ass who QB;s this Sh*t team?
  16. It looked to me that Vick would have rather been any where else in the world than playing QB the other night.From the beginning of the game he looked like he could give a rats ass. That should be his last game as a Jet.
  17. Other than Mangold, this whole line stinks, and has for 2-3 years.
  18. The only three guys who would be pissed if Rex was out of the division are Belichik,Marrone and Philbin. Who's kidding who?
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