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    OK so ive been trolling around this website for a month not being a member, and i had to join and atleast post up my concerns, and thoughts on some of the stuff ive seen on here, so lets begin. 1- Darelle Revis situation, if we realistically cant resign him we need to get as much as we can for him, either draft picks, or good players with an upside, or both, and no alex smith, or matt flynn, there's a reason smith isnt starting anymore, and there's a reason flynn was passed up for a rookie. now i do definatly think we should take, and use every option to resign revis because he is our best player and face of the franchise. 2- Mark Sanchez, he isnt going anywhere this year, cap situation. now here is my opinion, since we're stuck with him this year, he wasnt great his first two years statistically but his supporting cast was way better that the last two years, and we did get to the championship game in both years, i think we all can agree on that, so i believe we do pick up some fa qb to compete with him, obviously there's not going to be anyone out there thats a franchise type qb but atleast someone will atleast really compete with him for the staring job. 3- Draft, with the above statement, i think we take this draft with an almost all offense approach, first round BPA, is a must no reach pick, or jpp situation, ie has all the intangibles, size, strength, blah blah blah, BPA, i belive we look at Chance Warmack, Eric Fisher, or Kenny Vaccaro. Second Round i believe we have to target a legit skill position player, either Eddie Lacey, either of the two te's would be a good pick here, or BPA rule applies again, third round i think we should look at Quinton Patton, WR, Louisiana Tech, guy is a beast at wr, and can start tomorrow, or someother quality reciever, because the best on our team is 5'10 Jeremy Kerley, any Santonio Holmes fans can STFU guy has had one decent year and for the most part just sucked. thats really as far as ive looked at the draft because it is way to early to start the big debate on the whole draft. and if we do trade revis, or anyone on the team for more picks we can stock up on other positions of need ie olb, o-line, and skill position. 4- Rex, imo the reason we should focus this draft on O is if rex is half the defensive coach rob is, after watching him take guys that werent even on a team this year, guys off the street, and make that defense as competitive as it was( besides against RG3) rex needs to step up and STFU and take a few keys from Rob, and get his a** in gear, and get back to just coaching, and stay out of the media. Thats all i got for now, thanks guys have a good one.