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  1. New Mafia Games

    Hello All, I am going to start this thread to know about the latest Mafia games released in this month. Please share the latest mafia games that can be played on both iPhone and Android phone.
  2. Mafia Season Mod Queue

    Sound great! Really a great Idea!
  3. Best Android games comes in 2013

    I already played pocket mafia what other games I can try?
  4. Western Mafia Sign Ups

    I like Young guns mafia! recently i played Pocket Mafia and looking for more!
  5. As 2013 begins 1.5 months ago, lots of games has been released for android phone. What are the best games you have been played this year.
  6. Which is your favorite Games?

    I like Mafia games, the last one I played was pocket mafia!
  7. Latest Mafia Games for Android Phone...???

    I just installed Pocket Mafia into my Android phone. Has anyone tried this game...?
  8. New York Jets Mafia Game Thread

    Jet Mafia........Really a great Mafia game!!
  9. Hello friends! I have been bored by playing old mafia games on my Android phone. Please suggest me some latest mafia games that makes me busy....???