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    Jets OL 5th highest paid, ranks 24th

    Agreed. Even a middle of the pack oline and we are in much better shape.! Sam has made some rookie mistakes for sure but if you review the season all the terrible snaps and terrible protection has put him in bad situations and cause at least some of his turnovers
  2. Jets723


    Excellent Post
  3. Agreed I hate kearse. Last year he had more fire
  4. I agree it not fair to put it all on spencer. I feel for the guy BUT let’s be honest he has sucked. I’ve never seen a center **** up so many snaps in the course of one season
  5. I agree. This coach has to go. Honestly I would look to trade down and grab more picks
  6. Nobody is denying he stinks today. However I think he will be fine in the long run. Obviously having no center is a killer for any qb
  7. Well let’s be honest dude you say the same thing every week. You say scout the 2019 QB class. If you honestly give up on a 21 year old rookie after 9 games how much leash will you give the next QB?
  8. Not even close. That jet team had much more talent
  9. Has any QB had to deal with kind of inept play from their center? I’m not excusing sam for those two bad throws but holy crap they make it 10 times harder especially for a rookie qb so young
  10. Look I understand sam has been bad but he literally has no center. How can you be a good q.v. when your center can’t snap ever?
  11. Sam will be fine. These games were bound to happen. It’s all about growing pains
  12. Holy Crap man. Yes he is having a awful game but giving up on him at 21 is a bit stupid
  13. It also doesn’t help that we have no ioline and our center literally can’t snap a football correctly
  14. He is having a rough game but he is a 21 year old rookie. Games like this will happen. Sam will be fine

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