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  1. Jets723

    Sterling Sheppard

    No you only trade down for a really good package of high picks
  2. Agreed. Like I mentioned a few times I truly believe Darnold has the type of talent that can excel without having a big name receiver. Robby Quincy Herndon and Crowder all seem to fit his style perfectly. Adding Bell also takes pressure off too
  3. Exactly. Criticizing Macc for his mistakes is absolutely fair but not giving him credit for anything is just agenda driven IMO
  4. Nobody is saying they are great but its ******* depth, they wont be used
  5. How? Its not like we are counting on them to be big contributors lol
  6. Taking a OL at 3 means passing up multiple impact players who are much better, thats not a smart thing to do. Obviously im all for trading down if we get a very good deal. Lastly like others have said this year isnt a very strong class for OL. Its not like in 2006
  7. Or disrespectful. Its fine have different opinions that cool but saying "I guess you cant read what you write" is kind of sh*tty. But whatever just agree to disagree and move on
  8. Not sure why you are getting nasty dude.
  9. Jets723

    OL Tom Compton signs with Jets

    If they do sign Wisniewski on a good deal and draft one in the 3rd round thats a pretty good offseason for the line. Adding a pro bowler, a couple versatile lineman for depth,and hopefully a good prospect
  10. Did I say that? Like I said im not defending him and not getting out of control with the bashing like many are. Lets give him a chance and see what he does this year with a new coaching regime
  11. Jets723

    OL Tom Compton signs with Jets

    Getting depth on the Oline is always a good move
  12. To be fair Herndon was a good pick. I like Cannon too
  13. Plus I think Darnold is the type of talent that doesn’t need a dominant C(although that would be great). As long as they can snap the ball to him cleanly and give him decent protection he will be fine just like we saw in the second half of last year. Osemele was a big get and despite what some say I do think we are addressing it in the draft
  14. I try to be fair. I don’t just assume someone will make the same mistakes. Believe me I’ve criticized his mid round picks plenty. But I try to give him a chance

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