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  1. I wonder if Joe Beningo regrets saying he wanted to trade Darnold. We have a ton of issues...our QB is not one of them
  2. Imagine if Sam had a decent OL and more weapons. I mean he already proved last year he could play well without either but today show just how good he is especially coming off a bad sickness
  3. He wasn’t great but he honestly wasn’t as bad as some think. Yes he missed some deep passes but to be fair there were a lot of drops too. The oline sucks so much that anybody would probably struggle at QB. But yes he was sick as well so although it’s fine to say he didn’t have a good game I think there were some legit reasons why
  4. I don’t get it...I thought Joe loved Sam. The kid gets mono and all of a sudden we should dump him? That’s just crazy
  5. Exactly. Sam is gonna be good, he is already good. Unfortunately he got bad luck with mono and has been saddled with a brutal offensive line and talent since he has been drafted. The second half of last year he looked like a beast. The bills game he wasn’t great but he wasn’t as bad as some say. He was obviously dealing with the illness
  6. Who cares. We have our QB who unfortunately got mono. Honestly it might be a blessing because we need to rebuild the OLINE before we put Sam in a bad situation again
  7. That’s the only positive with Sam getting mono. This OL would of killed him eventually. This offseason I expect us to draft OL in the first two rounds and free agency. Sam has shown he doesn’t need superstar receivers as long as he gets protection
  8. Honestly I can’t blame him too much. He came into the job in May so all the top free agent center were gone.
  9. The media did a hatchet job against McCarthy for reasons I still don’t understand. I also blame Peyton Manning. Apparently he called Johnson and put in a good word about Gase since Gase was his coffee boy....oh I mean his OC lol. It’s funny because Manning had two chances to be a Jet and he turned us down both times now all of a sudden he is the guy they listen to
  10. I don’t think it’s a surprise what our weaknesses are. I’m sure Douglas planned on drafting oline with our top picks this year. The only silver lining with this current disaster is that we might get another top 3 pick and should be able to trade down and get more picks to plug in holes and get more depth which we desperately need
  11. I doubt it’s about being unprepared or some type of conspiracy....it’s simply bad luck. The odds Of Darnold getting mono is probably slim yet it happened
  12. Of course. Unfortunately some don’t understand that or just like to troll
  13. It’s fine to be critical of the QB as long as it’s fair. You seem to just want to blame Sam for everything. I mean Allen had 4 turnovers but he had great protection. If Sam even half the protection Allen had we win
  14. Agreed dude. That was the killer

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