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  1. Honestly I can’t believe there are still many who fall for this clown’s crap 😂
  2. My prayers are going out for you Buddy!!! I think you are one of the Best posters on here. Get Better 👍
  3. Did you even read my post? I said both times I rather have Anderson. I simply said we tried to keep him but he chose to leave which is his right. All I said is that I personally like the signing and let’s give him a chance
  4. It’s a two way street. Anderson wanted to leave even though the Hets offered him a contract. Like I said I rather have Anderson but I’m not broken up over it and I think Perriman should get a chance considering he ended the year strong
  5. Look I was a Anderson fan and I wanted him here. If I had a choice I would pick Anderson BUT let’s not act like he is vastly superior. He was a terrific deep threat but he would disappear for games at a time too and couldn’t do anything other than running deep routes really. I like Perriman even though he has bounced around but I’m interested to see how he connects with Sam
  6. Obviously judging by your posts you’re a big fan of big money signings. That’s fine I guess but speaking from our own experience many times that doesn’t work out. Douglas made a lot of solid signings without hampering us for years to come. I wish you would see that lol. Look I’m not saying you should bow down to the man but you act like his FA signIngs were awful
  7. I mean every signing he makes you dislike or say it’s a “rookie mistake”. At least own up to it.
  8. You can’t improve every thing in one offseason. He redid the whole offensive line pretty much. I’d say he focused on offense more. Just because he didn’t dish out huge contracts doesn’t mean he didn’t make upgrades
  9. More than anything is his constant negativity is irritating. Every move JD made was a “rookie mistake” and every big money signing another team made was a missed opportunity by us 😂
  10. Agreed. FidelioJet likes to make sh*t up and assume his word is “gospel”. 😂
  11. Your track record of being right isn’t too good 😂
  12. I agree I expect a big year. Look I understand that many fans are down on him because he didn’t have a monster rookie year but it’s not like he was bad. He did good things despite not getting a lot of sacks. Was he great? No but I do think injuries had a lot to do with it. Kid is really talented
  13. Look I admit I was not a supporter of signing bell. I would have rather used that money to fill other holes. However I don’t think he is washed up. I think there were two issues. First off he sat out an entire year which definitely affected him. No matter how much you prepare when you miss an entire year you are gonna look a step slower especially as a RB. Secondly is our offense line was horrendous. I expect Bell to have a bounce back year
  14. He couldn’t fix everything in one offseason. Years of bad drafting and signings can’t be fixed at once. I think Douglas did a great job so far fixing the oline and adding an many as he could. Obviously I love the Mims pick and think he is gonna be a great weapon for Sam. But it’s gonna take another good offseason most likely

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