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  1. Be prepared to get attacked by the Anti Darnold crowd 😂
  2. Agreed. Some are really grasping for straws 😂
  3. No way Houston is letting him go for two firsts. I agree with you we should drive up the price though
  4. I think some are misinterpreting. It’s not that we don’t like or want Watson. In a perfect world we would love to trade for him. But the cost is going to be astronomical and we have the worst roster in the NFL by far. More than likely it will cost 4-5 premium picks. We don’t have the luxury to lose that many picks with all the holes we have and still build a winner. My trade prediction was all OUR first rounders the next 3 years AND a second rounder. I think that’s pretty close to the actual cost if not more. So we will only be left with number 23 and the 2022 Seattle pick which will be between 23-30. You aren’t getting an impact player at those sports most likely. You could get a good player hopefully but the odds go down. Plus you have to hit on every 2nd and 3rd rounder pretty much which is unlikely even for the luckiest GM.
  5. Anytime you give up 3 firsts is a HUGE price. Plus the cost will likely be higher anyway when all set and done
  6. Look let’s say we do this. Let’s say in order to get Watson it cost the #2 pick, our own 2022 first round pick, our 2023, And a 2022 second round pick. So basically we will be left with the 23rd pick this year and Seattle’s pick next year which will be in the 20’s most likely. IMO that puts even more pressure on Douglas to hit a homerun in those late round picks which is far less likely than having the number 2 pick and the other two first rounders. Not only that he would also need to get lucky and hit a homerun on the second and third rounders. Don’t forget in my scenario we gave up an additional 2nd rounder. Plus FA would still have to overpay on top of taking on Watson’s contract do we would have less cap space. Point is it will be far harder to rebuild this team and you would need a lot of luck to hit a homerun the last round d picks. I just don’t see Douglas doing it for that price
  7. Agreed. Nobody is downgrading Watson. We all admit he is very good and in a better situation we would love to bring him on board. Sadly we have too many holes to fill and we can’t afford this huge asking price
  8. Awesome Post!!! I think some think we are being difficult for petty reasons but that’s not the case. This will cost probably double the Adams trade which we all agree was a Kings ransom for yes thankfully. The problem is we have such a lack of talent and I’m not talking about just a few holes but pretty much everywhere. Giving away 3-4 first round picks don’t help that get any better. I know some don’t want to hear this but if you don’t surround a QB with talent you arent going very far no matter how talented they are
  9. Obviously I don’t know what Douglas Is thinking but based on what I’ve seen I dont see him throwing away that much draft capital especially a top 2 pick.
  10. Well Seattle was already built to be a contender before Adams. Yes they overpaid and I’m glad they did but much different situation. We have easily the worst roster so throwing away 3 first round picks including a top 3 pick won’t help build a team. Yes a proven QB is great but if you don’t have talent around them it’s not going to work. That’s just a fact of the NFL

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