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  1. I mean outside of one game he sucked his whole second year with 3 different QBs
  2. The truth was that he was pretty good in his rookie year and sucked ass in his second year. Also yes when you demand a trade while your team is 6-2 and has a lot of positive vibes I’m not exactly Something that you want around anymore. He proved he was selfish
  3. OBJ is certainly a major headache so not thrilled with the possibility unless he had some sort of personality swap and becomes a team player
  4. I get that. For me I lost all faith I had I. Him. What he did was beyond selfish and he sucked to boot. He had a nice rookie year but let’s not act like he was amazing in his rookie year like GW was
  5. His value dropped certainly because of his sh*tty play and off the field issues but still I’m fine getting a 3rd with that baggage
  6. I’m just a little confused as to what some fans expected we would get for him? He was pretty bad last year. I mean you a blame MLF and the QBs all day but Moore deserves a lot of blame as well. Also some have short memories to when he demanded a trade while we’re were 6-2 and riding a real high of positivity for a change. Plus I never remember him apologizing for that crap he pulled. I mean we were never getting a 2nd rounder up after his sophomore season in and off the field
  7. Agreed that’s about right. After his season on and off the field last year I’ll take it
  8. Probably pretty soon. I think Green Bay has finally realized that they need to take the best we offer. A second is pretty good considering they have no leverage
  9. I am laughing at those who say we got “nothing” for Moore. Did they think we were getting a first or second for him after his sh*tty play and attitude? Let’s be honest even before last year we would’ve gotten probably a second at his highest value. His rookie year was good but let’s not act like he had 1000 yds or even 800 yds
  10. Maybe he does but maybe he doesn’t. At the end of the day his crappy play and attitude led to this. Nobody to blame but Moore himself
  11. Moore sucked last year that’s the bottom. Maybe he bounces back who know but just blaming everybody but him is not accurate. Plus his baby antics putting himself above the team isn’t really endearing. I like pad him in rookie year but that went to sh*t his second year
  12. Eh Moore wasn’t good either. Its easy to blame MLF or the QB but Moore also wasn’t doing well like he did his rookie year plus the selfish antics
  13. I mean Garrett Wilson didn’t seem to have a problem despite all the issues at QB. The biggest issue with Moore last year was well…Moore. That’s why his value dropped
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