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  1. It didn’t make sense to trade him UNLESS they got the offer they wanted. Yes Adams can be a pain but trading him for the sake of trading him for a lesser offer would hurt us more
  2. To be honest as positive as I am I thought we would get mauled so it was great to see. Yes you are right the field goal was tipped but Regardless he is pretty bad
  3. Yes very true. It’s a shame our kicker....can’t kick lol. Realistically the game should have been 21-13 going into halftime. The interception probably would have happened maybe either.
  4. That’s fair. Look I don’t think you’re wrong at all about Sam needing to stop those type of interceptions I totally agree and have stated that many times. However I do think that Smith play right before might have played a role. Not making an excuse because Sam needs to just toss that out of his mind and focus but I do think there are times that Sam feels he needs to overcompensate and force things since the talent isn’t exactly a strength around him right now. But yeah it was a bad decision i complete admit that. The good news is that despite that one throw he played pretty well against arguably the best team in the NFL right now
  5. Yeah I need to get AT LEAST a 1st and a 2nd for Adams given his age and coming off this year especially
  6. You are probably right. I doubt we can get better than a 4th considering his cap hit.
  7. He made a mistake. I’m sure smith screwing up the previous TD pass didn’t help. But I think we can agree most times he has very little protection. We got ourselves a QB man we just gotta build around him now
  8. Those things will be cleaned up. Just get the kid better protection consistently and we will all be very happy with the results I think
  9. I don’t agree. We have 4 in the top 75. You hit on those that’s a big win. Also if you can find one of those steals in the later rounds that’s terrific. This team has pieces. Injuries really hurt this year. We obviously need to fix the oline that’s the objective and I’m positive Douglas is gonna use at least 2 of his first 3 picks on that
  10. Agreed. Like I said it’s obvious I’m a big fan of Sam I always have been. He is the QB I wanted. I have no regrets. However I’m fair. There are things he does he needs to stop. The two main things are throwing off his back foot which many times leads to a pick. Also he doesn’t use his legs enough especially on a 3rd and 2 when he can pick up a first but throws instead. But despite that there other stuff he does well gets me excited for the future. There is no doubt the talent/protection around him compared to the other good young QB’s is much much less. That’s not an excuse thT just a fact. That Smith play was a perfect example
  11. Agreed. I’m ecstatic we have Sam The difference is all those QBs went do good teams and situations

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