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  1. Agreed. Watson isn’t coming here. We arent giving up on Wilson after 6 games. We arent giving up a ton of picks/players when we still have holes to fill
  2. I think saleh is the bigger issue. So far he has shown nothing at all of being even a decent coach. He is trying too hard to be their buddy it seems
  3. We arent giving up on Wilson after a few games. If we get a top 3 pick we should be reading down to gain more assets
  4. I think you are being a bit over dramatic. I said it kind of tongue in cheek
  5. It could be years. I am a bit more of positive fan. What I meant was that if they have a monster off-season/draft that maybe they might be able to sneak into the playoffs next year if things go absolutely right
  6. I’m not into conspiracy theories. No matter who wins tomorrow the Jets are probably still a year away from being in serious playoff conversation. It’s a young inexperienced teams that still has holes to fill
  7. It would cancel out in Free Agency so we might as well see what we get in a trade
  8. Honestly that might be the best thing. We could trade back one of the picks and get more assets to build the team
  9. Never want to see anyone hurt but that pick is going to be much higher. Even before the injury I felt that Seattle wasn’t going to be as good
  10. I’ve always loved Crowder. He is probably going to be traded at the deadline but has been a clutch receiver
  11. They have a lead for the first time this season!!!! I’m happy but it’s kind of funny too
  12. I’m happy fir the kid. Great kid who obviously is talented. I think Wilson is also going to be real good for us when we learn to protect and help him
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