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  1. What do you expect the jets to do? I mean they get rid of everybody and didn't sign anybody. They clearly were lookin to rebuild and be bad this year. They're probably more surprised than anybody that this team has won 3 games already. Unless you ask the jets to literally lay down during kickoff there is not much that can be done. I mean nobody expected Miami to play so crappy and the Jaguars gave the game away as well. Also getting a top pick doesn't necessarily mean you are getting a franchise QB. The Manning brothers are the only top picks that won anything. Luck obviously is a great talent but he never led the colts far and he is hurt all the time. I mean look at the browns they've always had top picks and they're still a dumpster fire.
  2. Francesa is a diehard Giant fan so he will probably find some way to downplay it
  3. Only if he is blown away by a trade. yes I do think he wants more picks but he wants high picks. So if someone is offered 2nd and 3rds Mac will be interested
  4. Most Jet fans wanted him back to be fair. In fact they were complaining when he wasn't resigned right away
  5. I hate this guy. His whole career has been about his "contract". I understand players look to get paid BUT he has never shown any love of being a Jet....ever. he held out all the time, he hasn't cared that his play has dropped off the past 2 years, and he didn't care when he played for the Bucs and Pats as long as he got paid
  6. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY is Fitz starting ?

    Why is Fitz starting? For many reasons. Petty is hurt, geno is hurt, and the season is over. Also more importantly when he gets clobbered because of our inept offensive line it will mean nothing for our future. We cant risk putting Hackenberg in there and him getting seriously injured.
  7. I don't want to hear excuses. Injury or not he hast had a good year on or off the field.
  8. I lost a lot of respect for Mo. Yes he played great since being drafted UNTIL he got his big contract. For 2 years he bitched and moaned about getting disrespected by the Jets and then he finally got what he wanted and he plays a very lazy terrible season. He has A LOT to prove next year
  9. Cant control him....he is a loose cannon. Very talented but way too troubled
  10. True its a tough task BUT they need to do their job sometimes. So far they had one good blocking play and that's it
  11. They're gonna get him killed . I mean very very soft
  12. Doubtful. I cant believe some are defending the o-line. I mean my daughter could block better than them lol
  13. Exactly. There are a few people who I guess I wont give Petty a chance even though he has been good tonight
  14. We may have to draft o-lineman with our first few picks. Its so soft
  15. Again the dolphins were on top of his in half a secod. Even Brady would be sacked in that situation