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  1. Jets723

    Le'veon mistake?

    Look I wasn’t a huge fan of his but it’s way to early for this topic
  2. Jets723

    Gase did NOT want LeVeon Bell-Cimini

    This wasnt a strong draft offensively its a fact. Im not saying there wasnt any good offensive players but defense clearly had the bigger impact players
  3. Exactly. Look I was a supporter of trading down but not for a big discount like it appears was the case
  4. Jets723

    I love Chuma Edoga

    Agreed. Lack of passion was a misinterpretation. I think you are right about starting immediately but I think he can help sooner
  5. Jets723

    Gase did NOT want LeVeon Bell-Cimini

    I mean if you have no hope then why root for this team anymore.? I mean we have a franchise QB for the first time in most of our lifetimes.”, we have really good young piec s especially on defense, despite what some say we have weapons on offense as long as they stay healthy, and even though Gase was not my first choice he is an offensive coach which is what I thought many wanted. I’m realistic but I guess I’m not doom and gloom
  6. Jets723

    Gase did NOT want LeVeon Bell-Cimini

    I feel some are trying to make a issue of everything now. God forbid we can ever be excited for the year lol
  7. Why do we always have to find a negative? Let’s see what happens. We have a franchise QB now and a offensive head coach. Let’s see what happens
  8. Jets723

    Daniel Jones vs Sam Darnold

    Yeah I dont think he is a bad QB but they certainly could of got him at 17 and maybe at 30. If they got josh allen at 6 and him at 17 this is a completely different outlook for giant fans. This is why I say id rather take the better player that high in the draft even if he is on defense.
  9. I still don’t agree that we “neglected” the offense. Do we have a high powered offense like like Kansas City. Hell no but I really like the moves we made on offense. I think many criminal underrate the Osemele and Crowder moves. Osemele is really gonna be a big addition to the oline. Crowder may not be a “sexy” name but he had proven to be productive and he is a good type of receiver for Sam. As for Bell everyone knows that I wasn’t s big fan of his but I can’t deny his skill set and he will take some pressure off Sam. We already know Sam has great chemistry with Quincy Robby and Herndon. I think Sam is the type of talent that doesn’t need bigtime offensive players he just needs guys he clicks with and will catch the ball. At one point last season Sam was playing with nobody after all the injuries and still looked good. We just gotta make sure Quincy stays healthy that’s a key. As for Center I understand the concern. I wanted Paradis I made that clear but he didn’t want to be in a big city. Personally I felt Harrison did a pretty good job when he took over. Do I think he is the answer? No but I think he deserves a shot plus we can still acquire a center before the season starts stranger things have happened. I guess I tend to be more positive but I feel I’ve been pretty fair. I would of liked to add a center lik Paradis but I’m not gonna say we neglected our offense because that’s not true
  10. Absolutely. Wesco wasnt my first choice but he is gonna help Bell bigtime getting to the outside. Plus I see him and Sam forming a decent threat together
  11. Exactly. I dont get why many in their own words would pass up a superior player and reach for an offensive player just because they are "sick of" drafting defense. Look I was all for trading down IF we were getting a big return but obviously that wasnt happening.
  12. Jets723

    Prove me wrong

    Damn you should be our GM lol
  13. Jets723

    Prove me wrong

    Yeah I wasnt a huge fan of Bell mostly because of his personality but there is no question he is a major upgrade and the deal was pretty good. Mosley was a good signing although we overpaid. Barr was not our fault but I wonder if it cost us other free agents like Morse who would of been a good get at C. I wanted Paradis but its clear he didnt want to be here. Obviously if the Jets dont take a big step forward this year Macc is gone.
  14. Good Fair analysis

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