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  1. I think a trade back is more likely for JD. It’s possible he traded up in the later rounds but I doubt he would in the first round since we would have to give up a premium pick
  2. Next year we also have 2 firsts and 2 seconds. I think OL and corner are the biggest needs and where we will go early
  3. Honestly our WR group is pretty good. I’m fine with grabbing a WR in the third round but OL and corner is the biggest need
  4. OL or corner. Same with 34 depending who we get at 23
  5. We need to get a OL at 23 or 34. I also wouldn’t be opposed to going corner in one of those picks. I know fans don’t want any defensive picks high in the draft but corner is a huge need. You can grab a WR and RB in the 3rd round and 4th
  6. I agree. I think at 23 and 34 we will go OL and corner depending on who falls where. Then the rest of the way I have no issue going BPA. I rounds 3-4 I think you can grab another OL and WR/RB. The later rounds you can swing for the fences on guys who slipped like Bryce Hall did last year
  7. I don’t have an issue taking a corner at 23 or 34. However I find it doubtful both will be defensive picks. One of them will be a OL
  8. Corner is still a massive need. I’d be fine with going corner with 23 or 34. Let’s say we went corner at 23 we could still grab a good OL at 34 and go offense with our two third rounders
  9. Agreed. We still need a corner badly
  10. Absolutely. Even though I’ve always been a believer in him I have no idea how he will ultimately turn out. He could very well fall flat on his face which means our second rounder we got will be a high one which I would be upset at . But like you have said he is going into a situation that is ten times better than what he has been in here so that’s why I still believe he can be a good qb
  11. I think some are just used to be negative. We have a lot of picks at our disposal these next two years so it’s a totally different situation than 2018. If Wilson is indeed the pick we will be able to build around him. After pick 2, we have 3 firsts and 3 seconds the next two years. I’m not saying every one of those picks will be offense but some will.
  12. I respect your opinion. I think you make some fair points. At the end of the day he still needs to prove himself but he was put in as bad of a situation as you can be in. I’m not saying he is all of a sudden going to be lights out but I think he is a question mark right now. Personally I do think he can succeed but we shall see
  13. Agreed. Look Sam has his issues he needs to work out otherwise he won’t have a future as a starter BUT like you said for the past 3 years he has had one of the worst olines, supporting cast, and easily the worst coaching. I don’t care how good of a young QB you are you still need help to have success. The Chiefs are loaded with talent and a great coaching staff, same with the Bills
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