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  1. Happy Birthday. Thanks for all you do for the board!!! Hope you and your loved ones are doing well through this tough year. 🎈🎈
  2. As great as Mahomes has been that team is just loaded with talent around him too. Gotta give credit to their FO for building around him well. Douglas is following that same blueprint
  3. I’m fine with different opinions. Nobody is saying Sam has been great. We simply have faith in him and like the flashes he has shown despite having so many obstacles like a awful oline, no weapons, injuries, etc
  4. You still dont get it. We used to spend millions of dollars in FA and would always regret it. Douglas is playing it smart by building through the draft while keeping flexibility for when it makes more sense. Also you seem upset that we traded Adams. This was a guy who publicly said he wanted to be traded and was a cancer. We were able to dupe a team into overpaying for him.? Shouldn’t that make you happy? I know you are negative for the sake of being negative but you are supposed to be a Jet fan correct?
  5. I’m all for those who like to have a little fun. It’s good to have some laughs and stuff but Trolly/14inGreen goes too far Most of the time.
  6. Douglas did a masterful job. Not only did he get a team to overpay with pucks but got a good respected safety too
  7. Absolutely. It comes down to wins and having an impact on the game. Russell Wilson has proven he can do both. The other guy has not despite all the “praise” he showers on himself
  8. Honestly not as excited as I usually am for obvious reasons. Personally it’s been hard I have had some family members with COVID(one seriously but thankfully she pulled through). Like another poster said sports seems trivial now. Obviously i still want to Watch because I have two so sons who are becoming sports fans and I want yo enjoy it with them
  9. I think we have been pretty fair about Sam. Nobody had said he has been great. We have all said the things he needs to work on like stop throwing off his back foot, stop forcing Some throws, and to run for a first down when he had room. However we have also seen good things too like his ability to extend late and making good plays despite a lot of obstacles. I mean it’s no secret he had played behind one of the worst olines in football his first two years, has had little no no weapons, and had had some injuries/mono. That doesn’t mean I’m absolving him of any blame. I’ve pointed out the things he needs to fix but at the same time I don’t care how good of a QB you are if you have no oline or weapons you arent going to excel it’s that simple. Thankfully we have a GM who knows what he is doing and will continue to bring in help for the kid
  10. I guess I struck a nerve 14inGreen/Trolly McTrollface/Bakersmanservant 😂
  11. Agreed. Another great thing about the Adams trade. Great Timing!!!

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