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  1. Look Adams is very talented BUT he does not impact the game in a way that results in wins. Also he is a huge headache to deal with. The fact that we got two firsts for him will always be a win for us
  2. Exactly. There are no excuses for Wilson. We failed Sam but JD has Built a better oline, actual nfl weapons, and most importantly competent coaching. So JD is going everything in his power to help our young QB
  3. That’s fair. Although he came into a dreadful situation. He came in after the offseason was done and had as bad as a coach as you can have and probably the worst roster in the league his trades have been very good so far and his signings have been ok. Now there are no excuses anymore because he has completely rebuilt this roster and coaching staff in his vision
  4. No way we cut him. Either this is resolved and he is back or he is traded
  5. I’m fine with that. I agree edge is a big need as well. But if we go corner with a high pick I wouldn’t be surprised or upset
  6. Agreed. I think having 2 firsts and 2 seconds we will trade down with at least one of them. We know Joe loves having extra picks and he will probably want more high picks on 2023. Personally I think the Seattle pick is going to be much higher this year. I think we will be better but probably in the lower teens. Good spot for us to be in
  7. I agree. No way he cuts him when he can get something back for him
  8. Exactly. Plus his stats were pretty good considering he missed a good amount of time with the injury
  9. Not much you can do but to move on and hope the next QB is the answer.
  10. Yeah I don’t get it. Sam is gone so we should move on. We have a new QB we should be focused on yet many still have our old QB on their minds it’s weird
  11. I was perfectly fine with trading up. Did it sting to lose those third rounders? Of course BUT the luxury of having a lot of picks is that you can sacrifice a little bit to get your guy. We still had 10 picks. Next year we have 11 with 4 of them probably in the top 50
  12. Over the past 2 years our top 6 picks have been offense. Next year will most likely be a mix of offense and defense for our first two picks. We still need a bigtime CB. Plus I think most of us would love to get a very good edge. Point is I just want the BPA no matter which side of the ball it is
  13. It all depends on the player of course. I liked Leonard Williams but I was fine to love on from him since we drafted Q. Jamal was talented but a cancer and we got a haul for him. I do t think Joe D plans on selling off again anytime soon but it depends on the player, their attitude, their contract demands, etc
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