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  1. Agreed. Although knowing the NFL they probably would let it stand. Tom Brady could literally **** The commissioner’s wife during half time and he would get a slap on the wrist lol
  2. Not sure what the issue is complimenting McCown for helping Sam but to each his own I guess lol
  3. Um... that’s not what I said AT ALL. I simply said Mccown helped him. Darnold will succeed because he is talented and mentally strong. I was simply giving McCown credit for giving him some pointers as a rookie who is new to the league
  4. We will look back and realize he played a big role in helping Sam
  5. To be fair Mahomes was going to a good team long before he stepped on the field Darnold despite being only 21 was playing like a beast in the second half despite no help. Obviously I wish we didn’t have to trade 3 seconds but that’s life I guess. My biggest gripe with Macc was obviously the offensive line.
  6. Agreed. I think he is gonna be a nice target for Sam especially the way Sam can move out of the pocket
  7. Again I’m not defending Macc but I try to be fair at least
  8. Herndon and maye were real good picks. Gotta be a little fair
  9. I’m still a bigger fan of Darnold even before the draft I wanted Sam here
  10. He was a favorite player of mine. He was a beast and he genuinely cared it seemed UNTIL the contract stuff came up. After that it was all over
  11. Look I wasn’t a huge fan of his but it’s way to early for this topic
  12. This wasnt a strong draft offensively its a fact. Im not saying there wasnt any good offensive players but defense clearly had the bigger impact players
  13. Exactly. Look I was a supporter of trading down but not for a big discount like it appears was the case
  14. Agreed. Lack of passion was a misinterpretation. I think you are right about starting immediately but I think he can help sooner
  15. I mean if you have no hope then why root for this team anymore.? I mean we have a franchise QB for the first time in most of our lifetimes.”, we have really good young piec s especially on defense, despite what some say we have weapons on offense as long as they stay healthy, and even though Gase was not my first choice he is an offensive coach which is what I thought many wanted. I’m realistic but I guess I’m not doom and gloom

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