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  1. Absolutely. I’m not taking anything away from Mahomes he is excellent. But as a QB you need talent around you and KC has elite talent. When you compare their weapons to our weapons it’s like comparing a 5 star restaurant to McDonald’s lol
  2. So basically you are saying Kelce , Hill, and their Oline had nothing to do with it? That Mahomes could carry even a crappy team? Look nobody is knocking Mahomes...he had been terrific in his career so far. But saying that the talent around him makes no difference is a bit misleading. It’s not a knock on the kid. If anything it’s a compliment to KC in how they built this team so well on offense
  3. Exactly dude. Can’t look at the past. It’s not just Mahomes...KC is loaded everywhere on offense. Give credit to KC for building a great offense around their QB
  4. Good things are on the horizon for the Jets have faith man. Let’s Go Jets!!!
  5. Tennessee really screwed up at the end. They were playing almost flawless until the last 4 minutes
  6. We do he is very good but KC is absolutely loaded everywhere too
  7. Their blocking on their last drive and their tackling on this KC drive might very well have cost them the game. They played so well until these last two drives
  8. Their last drive killed them. Too predictable and didn’t block well
  9. Maybe. KC is just had way too many weapons and their OL gives Mahomes all the time in the world difficult to defend
  10. Tennessee’s needs to hold them here at least
  11. I’m really rooting for the Titans I just like their style. For the most part they have been great but that last drive was bad
  12. The last thing you wanted was a three and out especially with KC getting the ball back.
  13. That was brutal blocking by the the titans on that drive
  14. KC is just loaded with weapons tough to defend
  15. I hope we have an oline like these two teams have soon
  16. They deserve praise. Coaching has been great and they don’t make mistakes
  17. If they can slow down the KC offense even just a little bit they will be in pretty good shape
  18. Such a great game plan. I’m rooting for them
  19. These long drives are awesome. KC defense is gonna be dead by the half
  20. Not a good play he was left out to get smacked

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