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  1. I’d rather have Wilson so I’m glad it was rejected
  2. Nope. Honestly can’t complain about anything in Round 1.
  3. Personally I wanted to draft our own WR so I wasn’t unhappy when we didn’t get Deebo. I’m not going to bash HD fir not overpaying. He had his final offer and I respect that
  4. It’s impossible to give an answer now. Check back in 2-3 years for a better idea
  5. That’s fine. Haven’t gotten there yet with you
  6. Honestly they mostly gave up the fifth rounders which I’m fine with. They traded 69 but we at least got a third back albeit much lower
  7. This is the benefit of having so much draft capital. What I like about Douglas is that when he is aggressive and trades up he dies it without overpaying. He has his price and it’s final.
  8. Jets723


    I don’t agree it’s a joke. I do think it’s possible we draft one today for the future and we can still sign more depth
  9. God forbid fans get excited right? Nobody is claiming a super bowl we are simply ecstatic over our draft so far and pretty much everyone else(including critics) are impressed
  10. Both picks are pretty high so we are definitely getting two potentially good players down the line
  11. Maybe it’s a Bryce hall situation where he somehow falls to the 4th
  12. I’m surprised but not unhappy. Got the best RB in the draft
  13. Too early for a RB. I feel we can grab a good one in the 4th
  14. Agree although I dont see us double dipping in WR unless they are moving on from Mims
  15. I’m just not the tile to say “Hell No” to any sort of trade down. I trust Douglas
  16. Still possible he could move down and still get his guy
  17. Of course if their guy is there then take him. However like I said you can Nederland have d ouch picks especially if you feel you can still get what you want some picks later
  18. That’s silly. You can never have enough picks especially if you are getting great value in a trade down
  19. We got 3 impact players last night. As we have seen every year you can find gems in the middle rounds. If we can get another third without moving too far I’m game for it
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