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  1. He had his first sack against Baltimore or at least half a sack
  2. I don’t see anyone saying he was terrific. I do see many admitting he made some bad decisions and had obvious rust which was true. but the most important thing is coming back down 10 in crunch time. Fans are excited to see that and they should be
  3. He was massaging White’s thighs lol
  4. I love how the OP’s of these threads have ghosted lol
  5. Why would you be considered an apologist? Nobody was saying he was perfect. In fact most said he was going to be rusty and he was. But it’s ok to be happy that in crunch time he was great and we won. That’s what fans have been wanting for a long time. If that’s being an apologist then this is truly the Twilight Zone lol
  6. Well he missed the first 3 games as well as a huge chunk of preseason so of course he had rust. Like Jim Mora once said “Woulda Coulda Shoulda doesn’t matter” at the end of the day Zach came up big in the 4th quarter and helped win the game
  7. I admitted he made some poor decisions in particular the first pick. Select QBs make no mistakes. I think Wilson will clean those up with more experience but hey if he ends the games like he did today then I could give a rats ass if he has a couple mistakes in the first half lol
  8. Sure but again he has missed a lot of time and trying to gel with a lot of new guys in offense and with no tackles. Made some poor choices but when we needed him to be really good he was that’s progress
  9. I mean he made a big play when needed. I’m glad that we got Moore back in the flow with the way he needs to be used. Don’t worry GW will be used a lot
  10. But again I think rust played a big factor too. Made some bad decisions but he also showed better decisions that he didn’t show last year. Missing all our tackles the my main concern
  11. I agree something he fires it too fast especially in those short passes. However I give him a break considering the rust factor as well as the OL being held together by scotch tape. The first pick was very bad but I saw a lot of things he cleaned by from last year. Biggest thing is in crunch time he won the game
  12. Skepticism is fine but there are certainly those who seem that they are afraid of the possibility of maybe being wrong about him so they just keep saying that he sucks
  13. Yeah but you have to take into account the rust factor. If anybody thought he was going to be mistake free after a lower body injury and not really having a preseason then they’re not being realistic. The most important thing is that when we needed him to be better and win us a game that’s what he did. Do we want him to be lights out? Of course any fan wants that but it’s reality hard especially with no tackles
  14. Look I have zero issue if a Jet fan says “Look I’m not sold on Zach being the guy but damn he really stepped up in crunch time when we needed it and im happy we won”. I think most have done that but there are certain people who refuse to give the kid any credit/positive outlook even for a day
  15. True. Definitely some bad decisions but given the rust, having no tackles, and still trying to gel with the offense I’m happy he got the job done when it was needed. Look I’m not saying he is 100% the guy but it’s really crazy that some seem so terrified of the possibility of being proven wrong that they won’t give him any credit or show any happiness
  16. The fans that have made up their mind about him are pissed but will simply say “the defense and Carter won us the game”. They’ll basically ignore the fact that Wilson did what was needed to get us 14 unanswered points in crunch time to win the game which is ironically what they’ve been screaming about for a while now
  17. The first interception was bad so no argument there. Other things I think are rust and getting into the flow since he hasn’t played in a while. The most important thing is the 4th quarter. If he got off to a monster start then sucked in the 4th quarter then I would be more worried
  18. Zach haters have diaper rash right now. He was Rusty for sure. His first interception was horrible so that was in him. The second was on Conklin. In the 4th quarter when we needed him most he made plays…that’s what matters
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