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  1. I know people like to make fun of the Jets BUT last night nobody can say anything negative. Giants and Ravens did well but the Jets crushed everyone. We got 3 top 10 players and still have a good amount of picks left including a high second
  2. Depends who is there but I think we may trade back a little to recoup another 3rd like a couple years back
  3. AVT and Garrett Wilson for this asshat. Douglas fleeced them So bad
  4. Honestly don’t really care what other teams gets praised for. All o care snout is that we had a Great first round
  5. No way we take another edge at least that high
  6. Maybe. Depends who is there. I could see us doing a similar trade back we did with Mims a couple years back
  7. Some fans would still bitch about not overpaying for deebo or green
  8. No offense I wouldn’t exactly trust your insight on this
  9. We didn’t pass. As far as I know he was never an option.
  10. So that means have no positivity is fine? Gotta move on sometime
  11. Dude you keep burying yourself in a deeper hole. Look it’s fine if you wanted different players but we got two very talented kids
  12. Fans complain about every. We could have literally drafted Hutch if he somehow fell to 4 and there would be fans biting that The Giants got Thibs
  13. Just ignore him. He’s miserable about anything we do
  14. A lot of Our fan base(not all) but a lot just love being negative no matter what we do. If another team makes a trade they immediately blame us for”dropping the ball”
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