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  1. 49ers wanted too much. I’m happy we didn’t go that route
  2. I’d rather that we drafted our own WR on a rookie deal
  3. To be fair the jury is still out on your picks as well. We shall see
  4. That’s fine. But being objective you should be happy we got two talented players even if they weren’t your picks
  5. I’m happy with what we got. ACL injuries scare me and KT seems to have a low motor
  6. No actually we have done pretty damn well so far
  7. It’s amazing how our fanbase loves to be negative
  8. Good. Never a big fan of trading a top 10 pick for a guy who really had had one good year. I’m stoked for Wilson plus have him on a rookie deal
  9. I thought you were pissed that they hit another “midget” in your words
  10. Exactly. Especially since Deebo has only had one real good year
  11. I’m not. They wanted 10 plus more not worth it
  12. Not giving up 10 for him. The tyreke hill offer is a more fair offer I’m fine with
  13. Sadly our Fanbase would rather bitch and Moan as usual
  14. Takes two to tango. Only trade if you get a cant say no offer
  15. I’d be fine with that. Not interested with trading 10
  16. Yeah I think it’s very possible we trade up into the first round
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