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  1. Seems like there is nothing legit up this just another speculation blog
  2. Doubtful. I think if Joe were really willing up give away 10 the deal would have been done by now. It’s more likely we draft there or possibly trade down
  3. I’m fine with trading 35 and 38 but not 10 and I think that’s probably JD’s outlook as well
  4. It’s definitely possible he trades down with one of the first four picks
  5. No way. I’m on with trading our two second rounders for a premium WR but not our firsts. Remember the Tyreke trade offer was accepted so that is a pretty fair offer
  6. I think our firsts are off limits which is think is smart.
  7. I’m ok trading for Metcalf but not for either of our firsts unless the Seahawks are looking to trade up and he us part of the deal
  8. I don’t see us picking a WR back to back but other than that I think that’s a very good guess on the way it goes. I think it’s possible JD traded back into the first with his two seconds
  9. Honestly I’m not really upset. I would not have hated it all at all but I’m happy we still have two high second rounders which we can fill key holes on rookie deals and we aren’t paying a massive contract to one guy
  10. Exactly. Too many fans focus more on other teams than us. JD has has a great offseason so far and we have 4 top 38 picks
  11. I can definitely see a LB too. Edge,WR, Lb/S, LB/S is definitely the way I can see the top 4 picks going
  12. You may be right but I don’t think they would go oline
  13. Oh come on. Their top 6 picks in the last two drafts have been offense
  14. They don’t NEED to take two WR in this draft. They will draft one but not two within the first 3 rounds
  15. I think the problem is fans immediately bring up Adams whenever the subject of possibly drafting Hamilton comes up which I feel is unfair. Now Hamilton wouldn’t be my first choice but I would t be upset if we did take him there
  16. It’s pretty clear they will. It’s not like they have ignored offense. Over the past two drafts their top 6 picks have been offense, they signed two TE and like I said it’s pretty clear they will go WR at 10 or at the very least 35
  17. Like I said I’d be fine with it. I know a lot if fans in here are not but I agree he is a bigtime prospect. We also have the 10th pick and extra second rounder to fill out other holes so I’d have no issue with it
  18. We arent drafting OL high in this draft. Maybe in the 4th round I could see it but not with our first or seconds
  19. I would be fine with Hamilton but I feel we grab a safety in the second round
  20. The only two things I’m pretty positive are that we will draft a WR and safety within our first four picks. I still feel we get an edge at 4 but who knows
  21. Disagree. I’m open to it if it makes sense but I think he is doing a good job and the plan is evolving.
  22. I think both positions will be addressed in the draft in the second and third rounds.
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