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  1. I think some want a big name splash for the sake of doing it. When another team makes a move I’ve noticed the reaction on here is “Joe is asleep at the wheel” yet he brought in two good TE which like you said we had none, we drafted Elijah Moore, Michael Carter, signed Davis, we will most likely draft a WR at 10 so he us acquiring weapons without overpaying
  2. Rebuilds take time that’s just the reality. The Jets are in a much better position than a year ago. We added a lot of talent in FA in smart moves, our 2021 draft looks really good, we have 4 picks in the top 38. I know some fans want to be awesome right away but forage Patient. I do think the team take a nice step forward this season
  3. Ok but we can’t control other teams moves just focus on us. Right now you gotta be happy what we have done this off-season so far. We also have a ton of picks to add good talent on rookie deals which will help us cap wise in the long run
  4. Last time I checked we signed two good tight ends. We will also draft a WR most likely at 10. I also would be surprised if we drafted another weapon in the second or third round
  5. We’re rebuilding that’s how it works when you are rebuilding
  6. Joe has been awesome in FA. I know our fans are never happy but come on
  7. This is the problem when fans solely look at QB’s. At the end of the day it’s a team game. Now the teams that build a frat team around their QB are very tough to beat I agree. But some of those teams have a lot of holes so there is no reason why we can’t win. We also did beat Cincinnati with basically a third string QB
  8. Exactly. I don’t care how talented a QB you are if you have no supporting cast and give up a ton of assets it’s going to be very difficult to succeed
  9. Getting a “star” is not the most important thing. The important thing is how that “star” fits both on the field in terms of helping the team win and salary cap wise. You could call Jamal a “star” but he made no difference when it came to helping our team win, he wasn’t worth the money he wanted, and we got great assets for him in a trade.
  10. Agreed. Jets need to continue building through the draft while making smart FA moves like we have done this week
  11. When did I ever say we would get a second rounder? I simply said we would get something for him
  12. I also think Joe would rather draft another WR on a rookie deal. At 10 we would have the pick of the litter most likely. Hell even at 35 you could get a good one I think
  13. They are going to draft a WR probably at 10
  14. I think teams still see a lot of potential in Mims so I wouldn’t be surprised if we got something decent, probably not a second but I think a third is possible based on his age/ potential upside alone
  15. Joe d sure knows how to get teams to overpay. The Jamal trade was a kings ransom for us, the Chris Herndon trade was awesome, and now this. I like Cashman but the guy can never stay healthy
  16. I wouldn’t say he made no effort. I just think he didn’t love the options and rather get a good young WR on a rookie deal. At 10 we should have pretty much all options available for WR
  17. I think WR is a lock at 10,35, or 38.
  18. We have gone offense with our top 6 picks in the past two years. One of our first rounders will be an edge which is a big need. I wouldn’t be shocked if we get a safety or LB with one of our top 4 picks either. I think with this signing we will grab a WR at either 10, 35, or 38 along with a TE
  19. Probably but If we went that way out secondary would be much more dangerous in a good way
  20. Both sides of the ball should be focused on which Joe is doing and will do in the draft
  21. Our top 2 picks will most likely be defense
  22. I’m pretty positive both 4 and 10 will be defense. I think round 2 it’s more likely we Grace a TE or WR
  23. Agreed. I do think a WR or TE are possible round 2 but yeah think we got defense at 4 and 10
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