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  1. Not sure why you are so down on Becton? Yes it’s frustrating he got hurt but he was a beast in his rookie year
  2. I think we will draft a TE in Round 2 or 3
  3. Yeah and I had dinner with Marilyn Monroe last night
  4. That’s a recipe for disaster. I can understand doing it in FA but we can get a good player on a rookie deal at 35 or 38. 4th rounders are much more if a crapshoot and if that’s the price for cooper then that’s fine. But overpaying is not good asset management or smart
  5. That’s not good asset management
  6. I’d do it for a 4th definitely. If it cost a third I probably would because our first four picks are high. For me I’m not trading the 4th, 10th, 35th, or 38th. Those are all good positions to get good players to fill in holes on rookie deals
  7. It’s not fair to call it a poor draft until at least a couple years down the line. Right now it’s just your own speculation. I’ve heard people in the past say that the upcoming draft class was “weak” but it actually turned out to be a rather strong class. There are a lot of prospects that I think will be real good players in this draft class and we have 4 picks in the top 40
  8. Agreed. Plus the likelihood of us trading one of our firsts for a WR is very slim. It’s more likely we trade back and maybe get a player in a deal instead of a future pick but we aren’t trading 4 or 10 straight up for a player. Possibly one of our second rounders but not one of our top 10 picks
  9. I very much doubt our top 3 picks will be all offense again
  10. They have an agenda against ZW. I mean it’s previous obvious and ridiculous.
  11. Agreed. He won’t trade back twice. If a team is desperate for a QB 4 is a good spot to be in
  12. I like the direction we are going. I know we only had 4 wins but two were against. Playoff teams and we nearly beat Brady. Keep in mind that we got decimated by injuries which obviously hurt. The important thing is that our draft class was really good
  13. I still think a trade down with one of the picks is very possible. There are still a lot of things that could happen.
  14. I mean it depends on what player is there. If both players are too good to turn down and fill a need you can’t just say “oh we can’t draft two defensive players back to back” you know what I mean. Last year we drafted 4 offensive players in the first four picks and that worked out great. I trust JD
  15. Of course I’d rather have 7 but in the beginning of the year none of us thought that pick would be anywhere near the top 10
  16. That’s fine. But we did use our top 6 picks in the previous 2 years on offense. If JD feels his top 2 picks are impact defensive players that fill a need then so be it
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