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  1. What’s moron. This us when Saleh needs to get in his face and rip him a new a$$hole
  2. Disagree.throw was good in a tight spot. DB made a good play but Moore still should’ve got it
  3. Another drop. Not saying it was easy but still should’ve had it
  4. Low throw but it was a catchable ball. Breece took his eyes off it
  5. LeFleur needs to STOP those cute play calls they never work
  6. I do t think it’s the players because we have talent but the scheme is horrible. They needs to start making adjustments or blitzing schemes
  7. Too easy. This is where Saleh needs to prove he is a coach. He needs to make adjustments to get more pressure on Burrow like the Cowboys did
  8. It’s different I feel. This team now has some has legit talent on both sides of the ball. Not saying we’re a playoff team but I think we will surprise some people with some wins
  9. I’m excited to see what Garrett Wilson does for an encore. I expect the defense to bounce back
  10. I mean we’re coming off a huge win. Maybe some optimism isn’t necessarily a bad thing lol
  11. It’s perfectly fine. Like you said it was simply about the Browns game. I agree it was one of the craziest games I’ve seen and as a Jets fan it’s nice to have it end up going our way for once
  12. Exactly. Let’s give the kid an actual chance
  13. Only two games. I understand Conklin is off to a tough stat with the drops/fumbles but I think he will be good going forward and help Zach. Sooner or later teams are going to pay more attention to Garrett Wilson which will lead to more plays for Conklin and Uzomah
  14. This is hilarious. It was great seeing the transition from being cocky, to being in denial, then just hanging his head
  15. I don’t have an issue starting Flacco again if he beats the Bengals BUT you need to find out about Wilson. You cannot go into Year 3 still not knowing what he is especially after using a 2nd overall pick on him. I’ve seen a good amount of people write him off already which is kind of kind boggling since he didn’t even really play a full year yet. Plus we finally get to see him play with actual weapons around him.
  16. That’s very fair. Most of us expected him to sit most of this year and develop to take over for a FA that leaves it is Cut. Mitchell has shown some good things but also has shown that he is a rookie who needs to learn as well
  17. I definitely think we will grab a OL in the first 3 rounds. As for Becton we can’t assume he will be healthy like this year. Yes I get that we got Duane Brown who went down with injury too but we definitely need to make sure we are covered
  18. To be fair if we didn’t pick Adams then we wouldn’t have AVT AND Wilson. Plus if you out if you out Mahomes on the 2017-21 Jets he isn’t even close to the same player in terms of production because we literally had no weapons or oline
  19. If we can semi protect Flacco he can still move the ball. The OL is still not where it needs to be but playedalot better than the first game
  20. Honestly I never realized how bad Browns fans were. They’ve been so bad for so long I guess I never paid attention to them. However with the whole Watson table stunt they pulled and these reactions It makes me smile seeing them Implode in that game. Also @GREENBEAN mentioned something in his latest video about a bad run in he had with them in the 90’s. Didn’t go into specifics but I’m curious what happened
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