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  1. 4 PSL For sale or Trade

    yep, that's where I'm at, I've tried to sell everywhere, no luck - I can' do it anymore
  2. 4 PSL For sale or Trade

    PSL payment is paid if you or any one is interested in any or all of the upcoming season
  3. 4 PSL For sale or Trade

    good for you not so much for me - it is a bad April fools joke
  4. 4 PSL For sale or Trade

    I am in ths same boat as you, I can't afford to renew - nor can I find anyone who wants tickets for this year, so i will probably not renew,and take my chances. Really sucks because i have had tickets since the '70s when I got out of the service. oh well nothing I can do - good luck
  5. 4 PSL For sale or Trade

    I had a lawyer look at the contract, and it is very solid, can't see a way out - but I can't keep losing money. I am paid for this year on the PSL payment, still don't kniow if I will pay for and keep the tickets. I still don't know if they will come after me for the remainder of the money, but I may not be in a position to keep the tickets. So...............I may just default and takle my chances, what are you going to do?
  6. 4 PSL For sale or Trade

    keep me posted with what you do, i will do the same
  7. 4 PSL For sale or Trade

    can you give me his name? perhaps we can do something or I will probably default I am still debating what to do also
  8. 4 PSL For sale or Trade

    what broker?
  9. 4 PSL For sale or Trade

    I don't know what will happen, but i am at the point where the cost for a season is the problem, now that I do not go to hardly any games. What have you heard?
  10. 4 PSL For sale or Trade

    I will probably do the same
  11. Seat license

    I have paid the seat license, would sell any or all of the next season games -

    Own seats 9 & 10 section 134, row 16 - will sell all or any games for this up coming season. preseason at a discount.
  13. Seat license

    yea I get it, funny
  14. I have seat license paid three years (15 year plan) would like to sell for the remainder owed $13,000- section 134 row 16 seats 9 & 10 or I will pay the seat license if someone is interested in buying the tickets and the parking pass for this year.