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  1. Jets aren’t scoring 42 a game every week. Nor will they give up 34 a week.
  2. j4jets

    Speaking of classless...

    If a player did that to a fan, you be assured a multi million dollar lawsuit would’ve already been in motion where the fan would have been going through a mental breakdown and stress and depression levels sky high. Why not the same if it’s the other way around?
  3. I’m sure Burnett is better than Kearse, Anderson and Pryor all combined.
  4. Watch him punt it from the midfield on 4th n short , down 2 scores with 5 minutes left in the game.
  5. I thought this was known all along.
  6. So they net out. Someone told me he was a bust, never mind his recent transition into ‘sack mode’. This asswipe doesn’t need to practice. Football practices Crowell.
  7. If he was any better on first and second down, he wouldn’t get third downs. And we all know you’re only a good QB if u can convert on third downs. It’s all mind games! He just wants to be known as Mr. Third Down. Wayne might not like that.
  8. Are referring to that unbelievable 2nd half comeback or like 30 odd points? Just didn’t know which game u were referring to.
  9. j4jets

    What Games are the Jets Supposed to Win?

    Well we have Bowles!
  10. j4jets

    What Games are the Jets Supposed to Win?

    Packers? Yeah we’re not winning that. Texans? They needed an OT to beat the lousy Cowgirls. If we don’t beat them, we might as well mail it in.
  11. Yeah well we had to hand out an extension to the All-World HC Bowles. We were in a tight spot really. Do you sign another promising HC candidate or do you stick with the gutless, ballless, mindless, headless, everything else-less HC?
  12. Given the timing and his recent production/play, a conditional 7th is about all I’d give up.

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