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  1. j4jets

    Darnold’s best game?

    Thanks Todd.
  2. j4jets

    Grade the Jets Coordinators

    F- for all. Yes, all.
  3. j4jets

    Todd vs Rex

    Actually, no. No Jets coach has had as much success as Rex in the 50 years since SBIII. So yeah, Rex surely didn’t embarrass us the first 2-3 years while Todd has been pathetic day one.
  4. j4jets

    Just imagine?

    I guess Sam Darnold has already booked his spot into the HoF.
  5. If we lose out, we might get the 4th overall pick. Then we can move into the teens to pick up a 2nd this yr and 1st next year.
  6. Very confident he WONT be fired and very disappointed as well.
  7. My unpopular belief: Neither Enunwa nor Anderson are WR2. WR2 don’t vanish from games for long stretches. Those are your WR3 and WR4. We don’t have a starting caliber WR on the roster.
  8. Cuz now we are tied with a bunch of other 4-9 teams m, including the Bills. We are not beating the Texans, Packers or Pats. Bills was the only winnable game out of our last 4. You lose that and you are guaranteed the worst NFL record and possibly the 1st overall pick depending on tiebreakers. You trade down and accumulate as much as you can cuz we aren’t 1 player away from contending. I still hope we trade down couple of spots from the 5th or whatever spot we pick in and get the 2nd rounder back. Knowing Mac, we’ll probably draft another average player even at 1st overall.
  9. Bowles somehow produced some guts to put the game on the line on the 4th down TD. This man does everything opposite. We would’ve had a clear path to the first overall pick (without the rare 0-16 designation). A trade down would’ve set this organization up so handsomely. Now we are sitting at #5 and would take a miracle to hit the top 3 pick. Thanks Bowles. Can’t wait for Black Monday.
  10. Todd Bowles would love to be in the bottom 10. Better than being #32nd.
  11. That wouldn’t be the dumbest comment/statement then. It would be an unchallaengable fact.
  12. I’m so happy we have Macc n (toilet) Bowles. Guarantees us the first overall!
  13. Jets hit paydirt with Macc n Bowles
  14. The battle for first place...in the draft!

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