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  1. In the last 8 years, Jets have had 9 first round picks. All defenders. I can't remember the last time we selected an RB in the first and I believe Santana Moss was our last WR picked in the first. He has now retired. There's a reason why we are content with Bilal Powell, a barely average RB, to be our lead back. It's because we hardly invest in the position. And we think Robby Anderson is more like Robby Gold because again, we don't invest our premium pick on skill offensive positions. Our expectations are just extremely low. When we drafted Sanchez, two years later, our expectations went through the roof. Outside of Penningtons noodle arm and Vinny's one season, which Jets QB has played better than sanchez in recent memory? And he's the joke of the league. We've been begging to go either offense or a QB hunting LB in the first round the last 5-6 years but it seems like every new GM prefers building the same old effing DL or secondary. And we still have an average at best DL and secondary. I can't put on Mac to draft offense first. We probably will draft a corner this year and Mac will be hailed as a great BPA guy. And that will piss a lot of us off. Macc also likely gets an extension. It's the only Jetsiest thing to be done. Overpaying for below average talent.
  2. Why can't we just pick one higher up? You get great leadership trait, I've heard.
  3. I believe that is the assumption the OP is making and then posing a question to you whether or not the Jets will trade up.
  4. Jets very alive in playoff hunt

    Played Hack. Would've guaranteed 3 things. 1. No. 1 overall pick. 2. Firing of Mac 3. Firing of Bowles. Now, we'll have like a top 10 pick, and Mac n Bowles to deal with for another year, or most likely multiple years. Worst way this season could've played out. Only way this season is a success is if we make the playoffs. At 6-10 (my prediction), we won't be getting a high enough pick for Mac to pick the QB of the future. He'll fail again like he has for 3 years.
  5. The good: Mac The great: Bowles The best: HC of the year consideration for Bowles, lololololllllool
  6. Just when everything started clicking for the Jets... Is Namath available? Might be an upgrade anyways.
  7. I don't see the leadership abilities in Watson. Plus you can build a franchise around a safety, not a QB.
  8. You use the words "Super Bowl" a bit too loosely for my liking. I think the first step is to have a winning record, which Mac isn't even close since his 2nd year. Just because he's in his 3rd season doesn't mean he gets a pass, something his ball washers give him.
  9. Or just draft the best available QB prospect and let it play out
  10. I don't get the Mac's ball washing part. Please explain why you're on your knees?
  11. Like I said, when Mac drafts a Brady, all his incompetencies can be masked. Until then, he's no better than a Belichick pre-Brady era.
  12. And Tom Brady says **** you to the Jets every Sunday. That's the only pick that defines Belichick. If Mac ever licks into drafting a Brady, his **** ups can be forgiven. Until then, he needs to have a solid track record of the draft, where his expertise apparently lies.
  13. What did we give up?
  14. Because we trust Mac to find gen of a QM late?