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  1. Jets Sign Pryor

    Good signing.
  2. Giants trade JPP

    Guys, stop with the Giants not selecting a QB at #2. All I know is #2 selection will be a QB. Bank on it. May or may not be made by the Giants. If they don’t go QB, it’s cuz they received a nice package to move down the draft. My only hope is, if our guy is gone by #2, I hope Mac trades back and recoups more than he gave up. We don’t need a leftover QB. We also don’t need Chubbs or Barkley as we’re not a ‘one-superstar away from being contender’ team. Trade with the Giants is a very good possibility if they are willing to.
  3. Giants trade JPP

    Shocking. He didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Just a finger.
  4. Tell us how you really feel, bruh!
  5. That just means he’s just a sh*tty coach that hasn’t produced an nfl ready QB.
  6. Darnold #1 after pro day

    If their guy is the consensus #1, then they wouldn’t take a 2nd. Plus they’re risking Giants drafting their guy in a trade down, regardless of what the Giants say.
  7. Darnold #1 after pro day

    If one 2nd rounder was enough, why would you propose to offfer two 2nd rounders? If Darnold is a sure thing, which most analysts feel comfortable justifying, then draft value goes out the door. Imagine if there was a QB as good as Brady coming out this year. Do you really think Browns would let such prospect go with just two 2nd rounders? Did u happen to see what Redskins offer was to pick RG3? Draft value chart only works after the first few picks have settled. Until then it’s all about the prospect and supply and demand.
  8. Darnold #1 after pro day

    There should’nt be a click for the first pick. Draft should begin with the announcement of the first overall pick. I mean, they have what like 5 months to decide, starting back in early December. Such nonsense giving an extra 15 minutes. Use em to get your pics in and some PR stunt by the team and then give the 2nd team 5 minutes to decide. It’s not like Giants had dozens of scenarios to cover. But first pick should definitely be untimed.
  9. Darnold #1 after pro day

    I’m 100% sure Browns would’ve laughed at us for offering 2 2nd rounders. Would’ve had to offer that, plus next years 1st and 2nd just to get a conversation started.
  10. Darnold #1 after pro day

    Is it sad that I’m happy the Browns might actually become a team now? I kinda like the underdogs, being a Jets fan forever.
  11. Some pundits had Geno Smith going 1st overall as well
  12. Meet him in TX if you’re that serious. Weather shouldn’t stop anything.
  13. Future Cap Room

    Save for one game, how was Amari last year with a 3 straight year pro bowl QB? And ones an all-pro. The other is not. Can’t really call him a dud. Off the field is another story, which is why it’ll be a high risk high reward signing with a very low guarantee and not much at stake. I like Amari too, but only when he’s not dropping passes.
  14. Future Cap Room

    Josh Gordon = Low guarantee Cooper = inflated salary n guarantee.
  15. Can’t be. Internet came out right when JFK was shot, in 1944.