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  1. j4jets

    Bridgewater trade-market; DEN

    Yeah that was when Teddy was a ‘one-legged Teddy’. 3rd right now wouldn’t even make the Jets think twice before hanging up. The only way TBs trade value diminishes now is if he does a 180 degree turn on the field. All he needed to prove was he can throw, be accurate and be able to run.
  2. You hear that, LaVar Ball? My son is an ANGEL. For real though, I am dumber for having read that, and I will be dumber for having watched Sam Darnold turn the ball over 87 times this coming season. Darnold, by the way, has already defied Jeff Pearlman’s character study by holding out of camp like a GLORY BOY instead of the supposed tape monk he’s being portrayed as above. Every other team in the world drafts a QB high and signs him instantly thanks to the rookie cap. Somehow the Jets failed in even this most rudimentary task because of course they did. The good news for you Jets fans is that, even if Darnold stinks, you no longer have to pretend that Bryce Petty was worth a sh*t. He’s with Miami now, and Christian Hackenberg is out of the league entirely after the Raiders needed just three weeks to figure out what the Jets needed two whole seasons to learn. Both those men were sunk costs from the beginning, and they have now been replaced by glass-boned sweetheart Teddy Bridgewater and 72-year-old man Josh McCown. I fully expect Josh McCown to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame once his career ends because he will talk to any NFL writer at any time about anything. We could learn a lot from this … [checks notes] career 80.8-rated passer. If I read one more story about what a great mentor he’ll be to Darnold, I will sh*t in Fireman Ed’s hat. What’s new that sucks: The Jets exist in a perpetual state of building for the future but also making a handful of token WIN NOW moves so that the tabloids stay interested and no one involved gets fired. So say hello to Trumaine Johnson, who will get $26 million this season to have MetLife patrons hurl beers at him and tell him that he’s no Revis. Terrelle Pryor is also here. You have to work very hard to regress as a player after LEAVING the Browns, but I saw it happen with my own eyes last year. Pryor played like the ball was made of ******* anthrax. They also brought in free agent running back Isaiah Crowell, but I promise you that they’ll still manage to throw the ball 50 times a game anyway. Matt Forte retired, hopefully to take courses in graphic design. After spending years inexplicably feuding with their own defensive tackles, the Jets divested themselves of both Sheldon Richardson and Muhammad Wilkerson and now have a Goatse-sized hole in the front seven to show for it. HOORAY! I know the cooler Johnson brother is currently housesitting the franchise, but trust me, they will still find a way to Jets all this up. Mike Francesa quit and then un-quit because no one else would hire him. Mike Francesa has a mouth full of veneers and a head full of soup. What has always sucked: I think it’s time we all admitted the truth, which is that New York sucks. This isn’t an opinion. It’s supported fact now. Everything that used to make the city good—the people, the food, the energy—has been wiped out. The subway doesn’t work. All the interesting people got priced out of the tri-state area entirely and were forced to relocate to, like, Detroit. The restaurants are boilerplate high-end Vegas garbage. Linebacker Dylan Donahue got loaded and drove the wrong way through the Lincoln Tunnel because that is now, by far, the most efficient way of getting around town. Everything is soaking wet ALL THE TIME. Nothing works. The only people left are billionaire dipsh*ts and angry men in construction helmets. All the new real estate in town consists of 71-story luxury condo towers with one apartment per floor, each occupied for three weeks a year by the hideous nephew of some Uzbek cobalt magnate. New York City, itself, has become the Jets of cities: an expensive, boring wreck. What might not suck: This is the first time in a very long time when you Jets people could say, “Hey, at least we’re not the Giants.” Savor it. It won’t last. Let’s remember a Jet who sucked: To me the quintessential sucky Jet will always be Browning Nagle, because he was someone who clearly had NO potential and yet Jets fans expected the world of him anyway. Without Browning Nagle, there is no Bryce Petty. The man was a trailblazer. HEAR IT FROM JETS FANS! John: Jennifer: Anthony: Bryan: David: Ethan: Scott: Mathew: Peggy: Sean: John: Al: Rico: Rob: Kyle: Mike: Patrick: Oleg: Connor: Anthony: Lee: Adam: Rory: Gabe: Craig: Jason: Steve: Ephraim: Sean: Art: Christian Hackenberg Bryce Petty Tajh Boyd Geno Smith Greg McElroy Mark Sanchez Erik Ainge Kellen Clemens Brad Smith Brooks Bollinger Chad Pennington Chuck Clements Glenn Foley Jeff Blake BROWNING NAGLE Troy Taylor Bill Ransdell Mark: Thomas: Raymond: Richard: Evan: https://deadspin.com/why-your-team-sucks-2018-new-york-jets-1828127277 Is it wrong to quote a long post?
  3. Is there a single soul that would still take the then unproven Brady over the uber hyped (for better or worse) Chad Pennington? Its called hindsight. Answer is obvious. But no one thought he’d end up a Jet at #6 (we hadn’t moved up yet). There was a chance ALL 4 QBs would’ve been gone by our turn. Between taking that chance and signing Kirk, the answer in that case is also rather obvious (unless you’re a flat out Kirk hater).
  4. j4jets

    Bridgewater trade-market; DEN

    1st and a 2nd AND a MOnstrous contract? 1st alone should be enough else no thanks.
  5. j4jets

    We doing a JetNation fantasy football league?

    Guys, I also want to start a keepers league. Just one keepers league for JN. Only join if you plan on playing it year after year.
  6. j4jets

    We doing a JetNation fantasy football league?

    Will do. I’ll be on a vacation until the evening of 25th. So I can do it on the 26th. Maybe like 4pmEST (3pm cst). Maybe we can have people pick their dates for the draft and assemble the league rosters accordingly.
  7. Part of me agrees with your post. However, a small part of me believes TB has no clue what he’s doing so he downplays every thing.
  8. j4jets

    Hackenberg signed by eagles

    Shaq’s brother Hack.
  9. j4jets

    Case for Teddy?

    About the same difference as there is between a QB and an RB.
  10. j4jets

    Case for Teddy?

    Just for you...
  11. I hear Sanchez would love to play with the scrubs in the 4th preseason game.