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  1. Is he black? Cuz I don’t see how else we get this trash.
  2. When u (OP n others) say we have the worst GM, of course you have to see how other franchises are doing. It’s all relavant. No one complained in 2008-2010. Oh yeah cuz we were winning n the owner was spending every penny he could can’t blame the owner if three of his GMs can’t find a QB.
  3. Jets have had some really good years under Woody. Yet, we b*tch about the owner. Try being a Brown fan. Or a Bills fan post SB losses. Or even a freakin Cowboys fan that have won 1 playoff game in like 20 years after having a PB QB play most of those years. Woody isn’t nearly as bad as the worst owner but we definitely have the worst fan base.
  4. He won’t have Jordy in his prime and he certainly won’t have ARod. He would have to be extremely lucky to have the same success he did in Green Bay.
  5. Dude, I had to unbold the post and then rebold the bolded sentence above. Why would you bold your entire post? Smh. Having said that, reading the bolded part, he will fit right in to the NY locker room. Might as well bring back Geno. Then Geno, AB, Kearse and TruJ can become best buddies and play a game of soggy bread every night.
  6. If we spent a top 6 pick on a safety that can’t win games, and it was a BPA at the time, maybe it’s the safety that’s not living up to his hype. Safeties do win games.
  7. Winning more than a handful of games a season would be a good start.
  8. So the Jets won 9 games out of 32. I’d rather he stfu and win a few more games before running his mouth off as if he’s been making impact plays after impact.
  9. My starting lineup (no moves made after wk 16: QB Watson RBs: Cohen, Mack WRs: Julio, Schuster TE: Jaylen Samuels (Pitts) Flex: Sony Michel Kicker: Gostkowski Def: Patriots
  10. @Patriot Killa game time. Let’s post up starting lineups QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, TE, Flex, Kicker, D 1 point per 25 yards passing, 2 points at 200 yards, 2 points at 300, 2 points at 400, 2 points at 500 yards. 6 points TDs. Negative 2 on Ints, negative 1 at sacks rushing and receiving: 1 point at every 10 yards, 2 bonus points at 100, 2 bonus at 200. 6 point TD, 0.5 PPR. Kicking: 2 points for PAT, negative 1 for missed PAT. 3 points for FGs upto 39 yards, 4 points from 40-49 yard and 5 points for FG 50+ Defense: yahoo standard. Not sure what they are.
  11. Absolutely! His 1600 yards in 39 games (avg of 656 yards if he ever plays another 16 game season) is a major bargain at 9mil per.
  12. Not like they drafted a bum.
  13. All that and three straight 5-11 or worse seasons. Yeah, we are a playoff team!
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