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  1. Yeah cuz Bowles has a real background of winning game.
  2. Seattle losing again-Thanks Macc!

    Well, it is a TD, as long as you can complete the catch. How can you score a TD on an incomplete pass?
  3. Seattle losing again-Thanks Macc!

    I’d wet myself when we cut Mo. Even though I know it’s inevitable.
  4. Same bs people said about Mo n Revis.
  5. They all say the same old nonsense. He’s gonna sign whoever pays him the most, and no one will break the bank for Mr. Butterfingers.
  6. So if we went 0-16, Bowles would’ve been judged on something else? If you’re not winning, which Bowles isn’t, then I don’t care how much progress youve made, you’re just not good enough b
  7. Reading between the lines, he’s expecting a paycut. He knows he hasn’t played like an 8.5mil CB. Else he would’ve just said “why would the Jets even ask me for a paycut?”
  8. How did u have the patience to go through that sh*t show? Kudos nonetheless.
  9. ******* piece of sh*t!!! That always pisses me off! But hey, leadership innit?
  10. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    Well I certainly hope so. I'm sick and tired of hearing how Mac drafted Adams and Leo. Did u see how that garbage Semen looked like Manning in his prime? Mismanaging resources. And some folks like to call it "BPA". Yeah, like thats worked for us.
  11. If you think that’s a joke, then wait till both of these buffoons get a contract extension.
  12. Jets picking 10th right now: Merged

    It’s amazing how one week, we talk about how to sneak into the playoffs, and then the next week we talk about how we wanna get the higher draft pick. Only Jets. Not good enough to compete, not bad enough to draft a stud QB. **** you Peyton manning for staying an extra year in college!!
  13. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    Petty looked sh*t. No other way to put it. And when you think about Hack being the 3rd stringer, do you really think Hack is worth trotting out there? He’s only on the team cuz he was a 2nd rounder. If he was a 7th rounder, he would’ve been first in the unemployment line long time ago.
  14. Lee on being suspended last week.

    But hey, leadership. So I’ve been told.