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  1. Cant wait for this motherfvcker to be fired. ******* sh*tbag with sh*ts for brain.
  2. Benefit? Makes Bowles look like Bowles while we progress towards a high draft pick.
  3. Honestly, I want Todd to play out 2018. It’s our best bet at losing out and getting the first or second overall pick. Interim coach will grind out a couple of improbable wins and fvck us up for the long term.
  4. “I just wanna kiss you, Suzie Bowles”
  5. Considering we invested two extra 2nd round picks in this draft, it better produce a few starters to be considered a win.
  6. Those fans giving up on the Jets after suffering decades of misery, will come back. It’s the nature. You get Divya Ted but you always want them to do good and once they are good, you come crying for them. Kinda like the ex wife that all of a sudden dropped a few inches of the waist and is now smoking hot again.
  7. Jamal Adams? Revis? Bowles when he claims team is pumped up?
  8. Sanchez >>>> Colt McCoy i guess we’ll be seeing threads of “sign sanchez” in the off season when he throws for 300 yards and 3TDs before ultimately failing to post a 55% completion rate and burying his head into the OL.
  9. I can’t imagine a single team not wanting in on that sweepstakes.
  10. 1. Our GM sucks and can’t scout. 2. We have money to waste 3. Macc will suck regardless 4. I don’t care about Bell anyways.
  11. You’d think how does one become a Browns homer.
  12. Yeah he sounds like a loud mouth that is yet to make a game changing play. Definitely need more of that.
  13. Never thought I’d say this, but I hope we lose out. Would get the HC fired for sure but I want the GM gone too. And frankly, after 5-1, 5-1 and 3-13 seasons with 10 straight losses, I don’t think the Johnsons have any reason to keep Macc.
  14. With the left over cap getting moved forward, it’s not about just one off season anymore. Just because we have 16 mil in space doesn’t mean we could’ve picked up a special teamer for $26 mil without being held accountable for the signing...even if you win a SB.
  15. Mark “Bankrupt” Brunell turned Sanchez into Buttfumble. Or do we blame that on Geno smith?
  16. Did you know that had we not signed McCown, we would’ve had 10 extra mile next year? Of course not. And do you know that nobody was paying McCown anywhere near the 10mil we paid? Of course not. And did you know that one legged Teddy was a million times better and cheaper than McCown, yet we traded away Teddy cuz Macc wanted to draft another bust in the 3rd round? Of course not. McCown isn’t the problem, however. He’s part of it. He didn’t pay himself all that salary. Macc did. Macc is the issue here.
  17. Unless he was accounting for 8% of the entire team’s salary cap as a backup QB nobody wanted to sign last off season. Kinda like how nobody in the league wanted Fitzpatrick but a Macc thought he was worth $12 mil. The guy needs to go and I’m not talking about just Macc.
  18. It was sarcasm. However, GMs don’t get a break for a sh*t roster, regardless of how the HC is.
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