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  1. I'm surprised Tanny did not extend him.
  2. They will keep him, just to piss off Smash.
  3. But I like green too.
  4. What's your favorite color?
  5. T0m Shane's bowling in the bloody halls of Florham Park? Sign me up!
  6. He needed clarification, it's very confusing. Please stop staking, and yelling.
  7. I quoted SayNoToDMC, you quoted me, please stop stalking.
  8. What came first? The suck or the no weaponz? The no weaponz or the suck?
  9. 'I Wouldn't Let Mark Sanchez Throw Me A Paper Bag Sandwich' NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Anonymous rip jobs? That’s so 2012. Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith has a message for embattled Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez: You stink. “He sucks,” Smith said Wednesday while co-hosting “The Drive” on WFNZ 610-AM in Charlotte. “I wouldn’t let Mark Sanchez throw me a paper bag sandwich.” The Jets are scheduled to face the Panthers on the road in Week 15. That should be interesting. That is, if Sanchez is even the starter. The 26-year-old regressed for a second straight season in 2012 as headlines swirled about his job security with Tim Tebow behind him on the depth chart. Sanchez was benched twice late in the season, but it was third-stringer Greg McElroy — not the recently released Tebow — who got the snaps under center. Promising a true training camp competition at the position, New York signed David Garrard and selected West Virginia’s Geno Smith in the second round of last month’s draft. Garrard now plans to retire due to lingering knee issues, leaving the starting job up for grabs between Sanchez, Smith, McElroy and Matt Simms. Sanchez threw 18 interceptions last season and couldn’t seem to hold on to the ball when under pressure, lowlighted by the infamous “Buttfumble” on Thanksgiving night. http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2013/05/16/panthers-wr-steve-smith-rips-mark-sanchez-he-sucks/ http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000201089/article/steve-smith-fires-away-at-mark-sanchez
  10. Woody probably reassured him, but he should know by now, the Jets lie. Sometimes.
  11. He was a game show host.
  12. It's simple, his favorite color is green.
  13. New York Rangers 2013 Semi Finals Schedule Wallpaper
  14. Does anybody know the contract terms of any of Rex's assistants?
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