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  1. Stay a cat, or you won't make it to the court house.
  2. No, and I will sing you the cuppy cake song.
  3. I'm not the biggest basketball fan, but I agree. They look like a total cluster **** this series except for in game 2. I did not think they would win this series, but they gave me hope when they blew them out to tie it. If there was a better option, I would fire Woodson unless they show some heart and get this series back. Do you think age is a big factor? The Knicks look old and slow, compared to the Pacers who are all younger.
  4. I hope they can make this a short series though. Game 6 was giving me chest pains, I am so glad they blew them out in game 7. I can't take another 7 game series of 1 goal games. I was thinking, if I was 40 in '94, I would not have made it. The Rangers are going to be the death of me.
  5. You know where Jerome Ave. 17th St. and Sheepshead Bay Rd. all meet? There is a concrete triangle, and on the base of it, there is a headstone for the man.
  6. I have thought since yesterday when you were asking for PK, that you did something to him and BD. I'm not saying it was foul, maybe they wanted it to happen.
  7. The Rangers should be able to block allot of shots and play a smothering game. Hopefully they can goat the Bruins into taking allot of penalties without retaliating. I agree with you on Rask, he has been their future, they were just riding Thomas while he was hot. Lucic can be a very dangerous player IMO, I hope he has another stinker.
  8. No, he was from Brooklyn.
  9. They better do something, because the last 2 games were unbearable.
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