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  1. They should try sharing a stadium with the Yankees.
  2. When are they going to make him a robot?
  3. I never glazed one, and I don't like the flute.
  4. I like the cake ones, but we've been over that too.
  5. But you can screw a doughnut, we've been over this.
  6. Individual/overall grade monkey. 1st Round: CB Kyle Wilson - Wokka 2nd Round: G Vladimir Ducasse - Wokka 4th Round: RB Joe McKnight - Wokka 5th Round: FB John Connor - Wokka LMFAO
  7. Serves you right for staying with Mr. and Mrs. Ape.
  8. Deuteronomy is Devarim Numbers is Bamidbar Numbers is the 4th, and Deuteronomy the 5th. Here in Greenland.
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