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  1. Your link is a bit sketchy and problematic, as is my Copy and Paste. This roster is depressing apart from the DLine..... Thanks New York Jets Depth Chart HC: Rex Ryan | OC: Marty Mornhinweg | DC: Dennis Thurman | ST: Thomas McGaughey Offense LWR 11 Kerley, Jeremy 11/5 84 Hill, Stephen 12/2 86 Nelson, David SF13 18 Hazelton, Vidal SF13 87 Jones, Dwight SF13 RWR 87 Decker, Eric U/Den 19 Gates, Clyde W/Mia 17 Salas, Greg P/Phi 15 Hakim, Saalim SF13 18 Campbell, Michael SF13 WR 00 Ford, Jacoby U/Oak LT 60 FERGUSON, D'BRICKASHAW 06/1 71 Ijalana, Ben W/Ind LG 66 COLON, WILLIE CC/Pit 67 Winters, Brian 13/3 C 74 MANGOLD, NICK 06/1 72 Schlauderaff, Caleb T/GB 63 Freeman, Dalton CF13 00 Ashworth, Jacolby SF14 RG 65 Campbell, William 13/6 RT 75 Aboushi, Oday 13/5 68 Giacomini, Breno U/Sea 00 Ford, Patrick SF14 TE 85 Cumberland, Jeff CF10 88 Reuland, Konrad W/SF 82 Sudfeld, Zach W/NE 44 Pantale, Chris CF13 00 Anderson, Colin SF14 QB 7 Smith, Geno 13/2 00 VICK, MICHAEL U/Phi 5 Simms, Matt CF12 FB 40 Bohanon, Tommy 13/7 RB 29 Powell, Bilal 11/4 33 Ivory, Chris T/NO 25 Green, Alex W/GB 23 Goodson, Mike U/Oak 24 Griffin, John SF12 Defense LDE 96 Wilkerson, Muhammad 11/1 78 Douzable, Leger SF13 92 Finau, Tevita SF12 NT 94 Harrison, Damon CF12 93 Ellis, Kenrick 11/3 99 Barnes, TJ W/Jax RDT 91 Richardson, Sheldon 13/1 OLB 98 Coples, Quinton 12/1 55 Cunningham, Jermaine SF13 57 Fugger, Tim W/Arz WLB 56 Davis, Demario 12/3 58 Davis, Troy CF13 MLB 52 HARRIS, DAVID 07/2 54 Bellore, Nick CF11 OLB 97 PACE, CALVIN U/Arz 50 McIntyre, Garrett RFA 95 Barnes, Antwan U/SD LCB 27 Milliner, Dee 13/1 20 Wilson, Kyle 10/1 00 PATTERSON, DIMITRI CC/Mia 00 Rose, Lowell SF14 00 Patrick, Johnny W/SD SS 26 LANDRY, DAWAN CC/Jax 32 Bush, Josh 12/6 FS 39 Allen, Antonio 12/7 37 Jarrett, Jaiquawn SF13 45 Miles, Rontez CF13 00 Hardin, Brandon SF14 RCB 30 Walls, Darrin RFA 34 Dowling, Ras-I CF13 00 Taylor, Nick SF14 00 Reeves, Jeremy SF14 Special Teams P 1 Quigley, Ryan SF13 PK 2 Folk, Nick SF10 LS 46 Purdum, Tanner SF10 H 1 Quigley, Ryan SF13 PR 11 Kerley, Jeremy 11/5 KR 19 Gates, Clyde W/Mia
  2. JetsTwit ‏@jetstwit · 27m The Jets will welcome @BrandinCooks for a visit in April... #Jets #1 Receiver? Available at 18? pic.twitter.com/7KrgQbje3z
  3. Agree on both statements. Attachou (GT) could sneak into bottom 1st/early 2nd. Murphy is stout at the point of attack, can set the edge and could be perfect for Rex's system
  4. That can also be phrased this way. " With our current defensive backfield, this is a 4 win team" I think that is a more accurate sentiment.
  5. I'm curious as to what we'll all be saying if our Offense is just above "Flat Lining" again and we miss the playoffs by a game or two? Meanwhile DJ is putting up 1,300 yards and 10 TD's with Wash., no locker room drama and an NFC East crown. Woulda' ; Coulda' ; Shoulda'
  6. Most Defensive players improve if they buy into Rex's system. Turning into a Suggs has a lot to do with work ethic, smarts and a sheer will to win. These are the things that separate the few from the many. All these day 2/3 players are within a physical whisker of each other talent wise. It's those intangibles that separate the JAG's from the very good players..
  7. And they made you a Moderator on a Jets Fan site? That's like making the "UniBomber" the Post Master General.
  8. Prototypical size for an OLB in Rex's system. Needs to set the edge better. That's 1st priority in a Rex system. James Gayle DE Virginia Tech 6'4"Height 32 3/8"Arm Length 259LBS.Weight 9 5/8"Hands Overview 2013: Third-team All-ACC pick . Started all 13 games. 2012: Second-team All-ACC selection. Played in all 13 games with 11 starts. 2011: Second-team All-ACC selection. Started all 13 games he played in. 2010: Played in all 14 games and made two starts. 2009: Redshirted. Analysis Strengths Excellent height-weight-speed ratio. Looks the part and has weight-room strength. Explosive athlete with rare leaping ability for his size. Good balance and edge burst and enough flexibility to turn the corner. Dogged in pursuit and ranges all over the field to make tackles. Fllattens and crashes down the line. Strong wrap tackler. Durable three-year starter. Has NFL bloodlines (uncle, Shaun, was a Pro Bowl safety for the Bears). Weaknesses Average eyes and instincts. Questionable football intelligence. Short on bulk and anchor strength to play with his hand in the dirt -- soft edge setter. Not equipped to shadow in man coverage and is unnatural playing in reverse. Limited scheme versatility. Could require short leash and extra reps. Bottom Line Explosive, high-motor see-and-go reactor whose calling card is his ability to pressure the edge. Does not play to his weight-room numbers against the run and lacks desirable length and smarts, projecting as a situational 3-4 rush linebacker.
  9. Agreed. I'm a huge ND fan and have been surprised how little Shembo is discussed as a quality Day 2/3 pick. High motor and character. If he ran in the 4.6's I think he'd be discussed more. A little short at 6'1" but that could be a reason he falls to us in the 4th if Hubbard is gone
  10. Sorry! Adrian Hubbard OLB Alabama. His size is very intriguing. Needs a guy Like Rex to make him into a star.
  11. Now, I'm not trying to complain.... I'm patiently waiting for the draft and have purposely toned down my criticism, but do you think, if we get 5 starting caliber players from this draft in say the next 3 years, when can we compete for a title? We will assume Geno & Milliner cont. to improve each yr. Would you say in 3 years? I'm just curious. I'm very excited for this Draft as well. It kills me I'll be on a plain to Spain during Rd. 1 Remember, this is an honest, no agenda question.
  12. I'd also add Trent Murphy, DE/OLB, Stanford Height: 6-5. Weight: 250. 40 Time: 4.86. Projected Round (2014): 2-3.
  13. The thing I like most about CJ1K is the scheme balance he brings. When Ivory or Powell are in the game, the LB's don't have to worry too much about covering them out of the backfield, and they certainly don't cause a mismatch against the LB's. CJ immediately creates a problem for opposing OC's. He can run the rock, play action while slipping out into the flat for an easy dump off. He is also able to take 1 defender away in coverage which will open up the middle of the field more for Decker & Kerley. Let's get a veteran "offensive weapon" in here before the draft. I would feel a whole lot better than hoping a rookie can make an instant impact.
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