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  1. 2015 Starting QB

    If Mariota is at 6 I think we take him ! We need a qb bad not sure how he grades out with the newcGM. ! What philly gave up fir Bradford they dont have enough to get to 6 !
  2. So after his play basicly got 2 guys fired do u really think they are going to let him get them fired also . Someone get this guy to just keep quiet !!
  3. Do you view Jets 2015 as a.............

    If we find a QB and sign some cbs 8-8
  4. Go go from 30 to six wil cost the Eagles ALOT ! More than they are willing to give
  5. Important Harvin Date

    Release him makes way to much money for what he does
  6. Bowles

    Jets have asked to talk to him . This is why marone isn't a done deal they are talking to everyone and trying to find best guy! I think gm will be in place this week prob by weds !
  7. I can't see them hire a coach before the gm with casserly and wolf there 2 guys that picked there own coach as gm . I don't think they will advise woody that way . I also like the way they are casting a wide net and seem not to have liked many of the gm candidates and are looking for the right one
  8. GM search process

    This is the most important hire we have ! Need someone that's going to be able to set up this organzatoln correctly . All depths needs to be redone ! We don't draft well especially offensive skill positions . This needs to be addressed ASAP. The coach needs skill piston players to win !
  9. Reports state Tom Cable being considered for Jets HC

    When AL Davis said he was a disgrace to the raiders. You gotta wonder lol
  10. He's a tough hire first not everyone wants a guy that talks nonsense all the time ! 2nd how do u sell a fan base on a coach that just went 4-12 and has had one of the worst offense for 6 yrs ! Some of this lands at Rex's feet it's not all the GMs fault
  11. If Rex is back, I am done

    If I go by Rex's own words ! I Heard all year how great this team is by rex then he can't be a HC anywhere cause he lacks the ability to judge talent !!
  12. I think by half time of the sun night game we will start hearing what woody is doing ! Since the players have a 8am meeting he has to tell Rex and idzik what is going on !
  13. This is what the jets need a total fresh start ! Hire some football people to reorganize the franchise ! This includes the scouting department!
  14. Why trade for him the niners will fire him or extend him if teams wait he will be avail to everyone which is what he wants
  15. Darrelle Revis: 'Sad' for Rex Ryan

    Yes but revis is in the top 2 in CBs some say the best man to man guy He matters a lot defensivly more tan Sheldon