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  1. FED UP!!!!

    The only problem I have with Rex is that he talks too much off the field. Let his coaching, game plan, and how his players perform on the field do the talking. Leave the Super Bowl predictions to Namath. It was original when Joe did it.
  2. IMO Sanchez will be off the team in June. No need for the circus to continue.
  3. Yeah but the rest of us do it without the silent burps between sentences.
  4. Best Draft Coverage?

    I noticed that too. He was really in Drama Queen mode.
  5. Best Draft Coverage?

    What's with Rich Eisen of the NFLN? The guy was really giving the Jets a hard time. Almost to the point as if he had an agenda.
  6. Remaining Needs?

    If the drafted newbies provide a pass rush this season they can get away with an average Safety.
  7. Best Draft Coverage?

    LOL! Me too. It's the first year I decided to give the NFLN a try. That's why I was asking for input. I would like to choose one or the other.

  9. Rallying around Geno Smith

    Wouldn't have like the pick in the 1st rd. But Geno is a good pick for where he was selected. IMO, he should start only if he out plays all the other QB's in camp.
  10. What do you guys think? NFL Network or ESPN
  11. IMO, the Jets should draft LB, OL, and the best offensive playermaker available in that order.