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  1. Romo might be avail.......goodbye fitz... Hello Romo
  2. Like the rest of the JETS fandom....Enough. Truely the Football Gods have abandoned the JETS. Nothing goes right...Vick plays decently, but we still lose. Blame whom you want: Bad Owner, Bad Coach, Bad GM....BUT things can't ALWAYS go wrong, yet for the JETS it does. This is a list of things we can do to win back the Football Gods: 1. Change the color back to the original green. 2. Dig up Jimmy Hoffa from the 50 yard line and give him a proper grave...like in the parking lot. 3. Lower the beer prices, and everyone gets free beer for the third quarter. 4. Tie Sexy Rexy, Idzk, and Woo
  3. Whatever hope,I had is gone.....8/8 would be a miracle . Sorry geno .....you tried .....Tebow Time,,,
  4. things can't get worse....he can only get hurt.... Bring back Tebow.........
  5. Let's not go that far,,otherwise Sanchez will come back.
  6. I am out on a limb here, but Sanchez. Not living up to any kind of potential and leading the jets down a hole for 4 years.
  7. Solid pick if not what everyone wanted.....next is get some WR.
  8. I think this a brutal schedule....
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