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  1. 18 yrs ago was an awful day for the victims and the country. Hand Salute to those who served in the aftermath; continued vigilance and strength must be ensured.
  2. You did not give a third option....that he is worth an extension. Your second choice was, yes because the Jets are the Jets. He is a Pro-bowler, a cheerleader, a locker room presence. You are entitled to your opinion, but so are others.
  3. We can also look at his new supporting cast. The Jets may as well not show up if they have that attitude. "On any given Sunday".
  4. We fans can analyze ,offer suggestions, critique, etc. Bottom line, we'll be playing a second home game against a hype-stolen, wounded Browns team. It's almost a must win because the schedule unfolds very far away from favoring us. Let's hope we can turn things around ASAP.
  5. Been a Jet since Namath. We'll just have to "Parcells" the waiver wire to get an ILB. That or GW will reconfigure the D.
  6. Darren Lee is not a starter for KC. Shall we look to get him back?
  7. Good Morning... Two teams desperate for a win. May the Jets prevail and break that streak.

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