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  1. Jets: Why the Sam Darnold believers are ready to double down
  2. Mann punts a 64 yd. "piss missile" from his own end zone. Hope his talents transfer to the NFL. Click for sound Pat McAfee on Twitter: " AN ABSOLUTE PISS MISSILE #FORTHEBRAND https://t.co/lLqLYoiWhQ" / Twitter
  3. 1. I have not read in one instance where any one said Darnold will not improve. 2. Their line improved. 3. Their receiving corps improved. 4. Parts of their defense improved. Let the jets go 12-4, and who cares where Gase winds up?
  4. There's trouble in Paradise (One Jets Drive). Looks to me like a bad ending. Jamal won't be happy unless an extension is given. Now. Unusual for a defensive player to get his extension before the norm. JD, you either keep him , or make sure you get a king's ransom if you won't spend it on him.
  5. For the Jets good, and Gase's survival, Gase should make Bell-Gore work. No reason for it to be repelling forces instead of an offensive threat.
  6. You're welcome. I've been optimistic for the last 50 off seasons re:The Jets. Always am at 0-0. I just felt their 7-9 record should not have given them this schedule. Stay safe.
  7. -The Seahawks travel the most this season 29,600 air miles. -The Ravens, the least... 6,310 miles leaving the east coast once to go to Dallas. - The Jets play both Super Bowl participants this season. - The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have played just 15 prime time games in the last 17 years. This year they play 5. Wonder why? -The Jets and Dolphins play each other back-to-back weeks, never heard of that. Ever! - The Jets' schedule is brutal!
  8. Just yesterday regarding the signing of Frank Gore to the Jets, a poster here said, "The Jets and Joe Douglas are looking to add character to the team, not add characters." Can Antonio Brown be THE poster child for characters of team destruction?
  9. You need two yards, He'll get you three. You need four yards, He'll get you three. Regardless, as they say "it can't hurt".
  10. I was glad JD took a tackle in Rd 1 instead of the traditional "Jets sexy picks" of the past. Where did that get the Jets? Golf in January.
  11. Good luck to us and enjoy!
  12. Giving him a big time deal that kicks in NOW when he's under contract for a lower amount is throwing money away and no team does that unless it's a franchise QB. I pray not a Mo 2.0

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