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  1. WTF is your problem?     My opinion? My writing?  My spelling?

    Sorry, kiss my ass if you don't like my opinions.

    1. peebag


      Relax Charles. It's a discussion board, not popularity contest.

      If you can't stand the heat, the buck stops here or something like that. 

  2. Some want wins AND Trevor. Not in the same year, this year! Win for Trevor, Never!
  3. Leave it to the Jets to screw it up and win a couple of games.
  4. Never say never re: the NFL. Well, yes, Jets stuff is pretty much predictable.
  5. If the Jets are in the position to pick Lawrence, they will lure him by hiring the Clemson coach Dabo Swinney to come here.
  6. For the "Trevor Trackers", these are the New York Jets. They'll screw up losing when they should. Watch!
  7. Durable, Diligent, Dependable Super Bowl III Namath to Mathis
  8. Not that confusing. My opinion as well as Namath's and many others. Trevor would be a "monster" pick. What part of this opinion is difficult ? Operative word is "opinion".
  9. The least the team could do for us long suffering fans is get the #1 pick. Whatever it takes- Win Never For Trevor!
  10. Rex is lovable-but we need to win!
  11. Although I am a long suffering Jets fan, the names brought up are irrelevant to the fact that there were different coaching staffs (personnel) in many of the cases mentioned above. Just say the Jets are snake bitten, as a better than apples and oranges reasons.
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