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  1. Don't like remaining a Jet.....just go to Twitter and pull an "Adams". You'll be gone!
  2. The Jets are in a re-set year. Their 52nd consecutive one.
  3. Teddy Bridgewater was a Jet. We should have...oh well. We need to go 0-16. We need a good early pick in 2021. Let Sam start off fresh somewhere for a high pick for us.
  4. If both teams go 0-16 who wins the tiebreaker for the 1st overall pick? Darnold plays Jones in a best-of-three Hit The Penny
  5. Joe Douglas, appears to be building this team for the future when Darnold’s time is now. The Jets’ continual rebuild resembles a hamster on a wheel — it never stops and there’s no destination.
  6. One Johnson is sipping tea in England, while his brother is ruining a football team.
  7. They are so bad, the cardboard fans left early.
  8. Him and Q seem to be the bright spots on this soiled team.
  9. Some teams went to reset and it's working. The Titans, Bills, Raiders, etc. We seem to always be on reset and we stumble backwards. As a long time Jets fan, i still cannot figure it out? I bet it's a history of crappy owners!
  10. The Jets played so badly yesterday, the cardboard fans left early!
  11. The Jets played so badly yesterday, the cardboard fans left early!
  12. Last year's offense was like the '67 Packers compared to what will be out there tomorrow. Sad situation once again.
  13. For us long suffering, loyal, green-bleeding Jets fans! Who the efff cares about the owners money? We go out of the way to strategize the draft with the luck that the 2018 consensus top pick quarterback fell into our hands. Do we spend the money to weaponize him to the best of our ablity? So we save a few sheckles. Does that make anyone feel better at 4 p.m on Sundays? Anyone else ever think if they'll live to see another Super Bowl?
  14. I stand corrected! At the time of my posting, I did not realize McCarthy's blunder, and he is a bookend to Gase.
  15. I'm re-visiting the regret we didn't hire Mike McCarthy. Gase is not the best game caller. JD needs to get his own H.C. Lack of success from the Jets can be exhausting for long time fans.
  16. At one time two of New York's greatest arms . Sadly we lost Tom Seaver the other day. Competitor, team player, and the true Tom Terrific! R.I.P.
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