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  1. The Jets, Adam Gase, and Sam Darnold are scrambling (no pun intended) to enrich a cupboard is bare wide receiver corps. Can JD pull off a miracle?
  2. Remember, most of the time the ground is as hard and frozen as the tundra. Not good for Brian.
  3. With Jamal gone, who is the best Jet to wear #33? This distinction falls to Curley Johnson, who played punter and running back for eight seasons in the 1960s.
  4. Keep it up, Jamal. You're on your way of going full blown AB!
  5. Excellent trade! We got rid of a potential malcontent for 2 #1s etc. I hope Bell is angry because Adams left potentially a promising team, not a feeling of abandoning him.
  6. Why can't we win....gives us more hope than.............Why we can't win. Let's do it!
  7. Mangold brought out a good point about the NFL is a business and Jamal should understand any GM will take calls on any player. The Jets are into Adams for $14MM over the next two years. He wants $20MM a year now? Yes, the Jets have been beaten in the past. JD will do the right thing I hope.
  8. My biggest complaint about Mangini was keeping Favre's torn bicep from all. The media, the fans, the world. They were 8-3 at that point and finished at 8-8. Should not have happened that way. His misstep cost him , the team, us!
  9. I think the Jets-Adams relationship is well, over. Next season headlines...
  10. They say a player should get what he can get while he can, but the Jets are within the rules. Would Kraft or BB give in?? We gave Mo "Mo money" as the fandom cried. Where is he now? Let Jerrah give the Jets a ransom for him and good riddance Jamal.
  11. Weeb won a Super Bowl. Rex broke out in a rash when discussing offense. Would be the best if there were no offense. Parcells brought some good players then split too soon. Pete Carroll was fired in December of his only year. No clear-cut answer.
  12. The Jets will probably keep Adams and get rid of Maye, who did have a good season in 2019. The monies for both will be too much for the safety position.
  13. Talk about weakened rosters. I hope the Jamal-itude doesn't worsen or spread. He knows football is a business and the economy of sports will be and already is damaged. As good as Jamal is, the Jets are taking advantage of the window they have in not extending Jamal if they don't have to. Once again, we poor Jets fans.
  14. I live in south Florida, but my heart is New York. I'm in Dolphins Country. We Jets fans could have had 4 Lombardis as Giants, and we remained loy I'm a Jet, and like a previous poster, lost some interest in the Knicks and Mets, but never to switch to Fla. teams NEVER!
  15. Jets: Why the Sam Darnold believers are ready to double down
  16. Mann punts a 64 yd. "piss missile" from his own end zone. Hope his talents transfer to the NFL. Click for sound Pat McAfee on Twitter: " AN ABSOLUTE PISS MISSILE #FORTHEBRAND https://t.co/lLqLYoiWhQ" / Twitter
  17. 1. I have not read in one instance where any one said Darnold will not improve. 2. Their line improved. 3. Their receiving corps improved. 4. Parts of their defense improved. Let the jets go 12-4, and who cares where Gase winds up?
  18. There's trouble in Paradise (One Jets Drive). Looks to me like a bad ending. Jamal won't be happy unless an extension is given. Now. Unusual for a defensive player to get his extension before the norm. JD, you either keep him , or make sure you get a king's ransom if you won't spend it on him.
  19. For the Jets good, and Gase's survival, Gase should make Bell-Gore work. No reason for it to be repelling forces instead of an offensive threat.
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