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  1. You're welcome. I've been optimistic for the last 50 off seasons re:The Jets. Always am at 0-0. I just felt their 7-9 record should not have given them this schedule. Stay safe.
  2. -The Seahawks travel the most this season 29,600 air miles. -The Ravens, the least... 6,310 miles leaving the east coast once to go to Dallas. - The Jets play both Super Bowl participants this season. - The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have played just 15 prime time games in the last 17 years. This year they play 5. Wonder why? -The Jets and Dolphins play each other back-to-back weeks, never heard of that. Ever! - The Jets' schedule is brutal!
  3. Just yesterday regarding the signing of Frank Gore to the Jets, a poster here said, "The Jets and Joe Douglas are looking to add character to the team, not add characters." Can Antonio Brown be THE poster child for characters of team destruction?
  4. You need two yards, He'll get you three. You need four yards, He'll get you three. Regardless, as they say "it can't hurt".
  5. I was glad JD took a tackle in Rd 1 instead of the traditional "Jets sexy picks" of the past. Where did that get the Jets? Golf in January.
  6. Good luck to us and enjoy!
  7. Giving him a big time deal that kicks in NOW when he's under contract for a lower amount is throwing money away and no team does that unless it's a franchise QB. I pray not a Mo 2.0
  8. We will fare better in the NFL Basketball Tourney. Football? Not sure.
  9. The Jets have had too few players were really considered elite. Hopes? We had those aplenty. Fizzled? Happened far too often Here's the formula...and results below Keep Jamal! K
  10. Eli is one of the few athletes married to his team. He is a N.Y. Giant, and will remain a Giant for life. He earned $252 MM if football.... not going across the field to be a QB coach for the Jets. His intangibles are not coachable, and what's coachable in the position can be be taught by many others.
  11. I was thinking/hoping QW is not Leonard Williams II. Someone beat me to it with less optimism.
  12. I thought he'd want about 12MM per year for 5 years.
  13. Well, here we are...a during the season "Jetless" Sunday. Would this help?
  14. His talent is exceeded by his malcontentedness. No.
  15. I wasn't taking credit. The Jets were pathetic and knowing them, they rested on the fact that last week they played decent, and had no respect for the Bengals. Too much wasted bandwidth on you.
  16. Yes at 4-7 how could it be ? I heard it from many fans....it's ok. True, but again how can they lose to the Bengals? Pathetic.
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