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  1. Ha....Methinks you should know. I've been a Jet when Namath sat on the bench in his rookie year until Game 4 when he replaced Mike Talafiero. That long enough?
  2. I appreciate all the reactions to this post. Let's go Jets!
  3. True, and Dalton has had good games against the Jets. Better Jets teams have lost games they shouldn't have. "Same Old Jets" is not a myth.
  4. I've been a Jets fan for a long time. Those of you know how this team has lost games they should have won. All I'm saying is do not take any team for granted since we are 4-7. Execution has sometimes been lost on this team.
  5. A team that's ahead 16-0 mid fourth quarter and loses. ok?
  6. Uh Oh.....Trap Game? The Jets, (knowing them) could face a winless team and bungle the Bungles. They must treat this game with "NFL respect". Williams should have a plan, Gase should continue with calling good plays, and Sam hopefully will feel crisp to play a heads up, quick game. A win would be warm and fuzzy.
  7. For decades, not years, 4 p.m. on Sundays were not pleasant.
  8. Ya just cannot win! What happened to BPA? (at #3 overall, Q just might have been)
  9. After Spygate, the Patridiots were calling Mangini, every name under the sun. First of all, he never reported it, he was too busy coaching. It was reported by a security person And if he did, the Jets were his team. 2014 AFCE Championship Ring
  10. Been a Jets fan since Namath was drafted, so who knows?
  11. Bring Rex back to his team, the Jets! signed, Rex, me, a good OC and others.
  12. Jets fans’ lack of patience is understandable. This is the ninth straight season without a playoff appearance. The last time they had a home playoff game on Jan. 4, 2003, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook did not even exist. The last Super Bowl appearance came six months before man landed on the moon.
  13. The Jets looked fluid on Sunday against the Giants. Darnold to me is back as the franchise! Execute and you shall win!
  14. Release Winters and see if we still have the rights to Damien Woody...
  15. Maybe for this week. If he's number 1 in N.Y. , some dreams of ours are shattered.
  16. Last week Edelman was jarred after a hit. There was about 3 minutes in the game. Pats up 36-3. Announcer said, "Edelman is finished for the day". BB put him back in!! Does BB think about injuries? Points for 73 Points against 3
  17. Jets +22.5 Belicheat keeps his players in. They were up by 36 Sunday, edelman gets jarred with under 3 minutes. Goes off the field. Returns after sitting for one play.
  18. 18 yrs ago was an awful day for the victims and the country. Hand Salute to those who served in the aftermath; continued vigilance and strength must be ensured.
  19. You did not give a third option....that he is worth an extension. Your second choice was, yes because the Jets are the Jets. He is a Pro-bowler, a cheerleader, a locker room presence. You are entitled to your opinion, but so are others.
  20. We can also look at his new supporting cast. The Jets may as well not show up if they have that attitude. "On any given Sunday".
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