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  1. We fans can analyze ,offer suggestions, critique, etc. Bottom line, we'll be playing a second home game against a hype-stolen, wounded Browns team. It's almost a must win because the schedule unfolds very far away from favoring us. Let's hope we can turn things around ASAP.
  2. Been a Jet since Namath. We'll just have to "Parcells" the waiver wire to get an ILB. That or GW will reconfigure the D.
  3. Darren Lee is not a starter for KC. Shall we look to get him back?
  4. Good Morning... Two teams desperate for a win. May the Jets prevail and break that streak.
  5. I've been warned? I never knew about your "one person in red" privilege. I spent 38 hours pinned down in Viet Nam, and your warning should scare me? Screw you.
  6. Good post! Let's face it, Sanchez is a Jet ony because of his fortunate contract situation. Peyton and Troy Aikman won only 3 games in their rookie year. After so many years of suffering, I'd rather see the crash and burn just wind up this year rather than winning 6 games. Follow the Colts example of 2011. Not many wins, not many expectations.
  7. Things were going so well as a "circus", now the Jets have to meet the NFL Police Blotter ?
  8. The Jets haters were trashing the Jets for having so many quarterbacks. Now we're down to four with Simms at the exit threshold. Watch us acquire another quarterback. I think Sanchez with some good weapon options can fare satisfactorily while Geno is in the wings. He admittedly has seen a lot in his four seasons. Pressure games (his first two years) Cold weather Starting players out Tebow
  9. If any team drafted him but the Jets, he'd be "the steal of the draft".
  10. Most don't realize that Jets fans could have rooted for the Giants while still not band wagoning as they are the other home team, showing the fortitude and spirit other fans could only dream of.
  11. Brandon? I'll take Brandon Moore. Still a FA without a team. Bring him back.
  12. At least when the Jets visit, Ross doesn't have to buy up tickets to avoid a blackout.
  13. Florio is a Jets-hating instigator. His lapdogs are in line for his blogs. Love how Steelers fans and Dolphins fan troll and trash the Jets. Both think they're winning the Lombardi this season.
  14. I agree the NFL is a business. But not once did the Jets apply the "human factor" in the Tebow equation. Everybody knew Rex should have started Tebow (most called for him after week 4) at the end of the season. Rex et al would then have to admit a huge mistake if Tebow succeeded. Been a Jets fan before Namath and understand the dynamics of the sport, and especially the Jets.
  15. The Jets did their final injustice to Tebow. They misused him, humilitaed him, and just released him knowing the recently ended draft had all other 31 teams addressed their QB needs. Lost 15 pounds, first to enter facility, last to leave. A true man whose head was always held up high. Good luck!!
  16. I thought this year would be a complete rebuild combining this year's draft with next year's. Meaning: Sanchez/Garrard would play out the string of games and get a QB from 2014. Now with Geno, who knows? Maybe he could be the man?
  17. You didn't burst my bubble. The Jets did. Often.
  18. Chris Ivory is better than any 4th rd. DP. Little tread used. Saints fans are unhappy with the trade. They would have preferred losing Mark Ingraham. Jets will definitely have exciting positive moments in 2013. Watch Ivory, a beast! I'm new here...but a long time suffering Jets fan. Informed posters I see. Appreciated.
  19. Oh then you just enjoy trolling for the heck of it? Gotcha!
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