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  1. Than ban me, go ahead tough guy, if that makes u feel better about your self, do it. Than tell me what for, I'd love to hear it, u were the one who told me tong off.
  2. I'm happy too! I'd be happier if Jet fans stopped embarrassing themselves in the process.
  3. Again, jet fans need to stop embarrassing themselves, be happy the Pats lost , but stop talking moronic sh*t about a coach who has done more than our coach could ever dream of doing .
  4. Funny, your one yelling about how much a genius Belicheck is, yet laud Rex. Ok, shrugs again.
  5. Lol, I'm trying to help my fellow Jet fans stop embarrassing themselves, bashing Bellicheck after getting Wrex a contract extension, it's a joke. It's why our ass clown owner can be an ass clown and get away with it, our fans eat sh*t and brag about it, and laugh at other fans who are eating good food.
  6. Yeah, let's give him twenty five years to have the QB lottery call Rex's number, it's coming, I can feel it. Clown.
  7. Uh, ok..... Contract extension Rex! We're golden!
  8. I'm stoked, I can relax and enjoy the SB. But the stupidity that comes out of jets fans mouths is baffling. It's embarrassing.
  9. Like trying to criticize the HC for a bad offense? That kind of stupid criticism?
  10. Rex gets lifetime immunity after 2, what does Harbaugh get?
  11. I'm as happy as the next Jet fan that the Pats Lost, but man, Rex Gets to AFCC game and he is immune to criticism for life. Bellicheck loses on AFCC G with Three SB wins and two more appearances and he sux, Ok. Shrugs
  12. Manning don't know squat. If it weren't for Mo Lewis, Bellicheck would be homeless on a corner begging for change and sitting in his own pee and poo!
  13. This was fan driven, plain and simple. Rex has the fans bamboozled, they want him back , Woody wants PSLs=pragmatism baby!
  14. I know. It's much worse, he is really dumb is the reason... You can win being cheap if your smart. It's really hard to win being dumb.
  15. Imagine how good they taste if I was actually wrong? Which I'm not.
  16. How bad of a team do you have to be for your fanbase to literally celebrate extending a coach who has not had a winning season in 3 years?
  17. Of course not, but this is clearly a we want to rebuild with Rex move. He will be here at least through 2015, maybe longer.
  18. You don't think that the fan base love for Rex is the only reason for this? I see literally no other reasons. He could have been extended one year, or brought back. This was idiotic and senseless.
  19. This is worse. This is dumb no matter how you slice it. Coming off of 3 years without a winning season, to reward that is not only unnecessary, but asinine. They could have easily let him play out his last year, or given him a one year extension. This is so typical moron Jet franchise it's not even funny.
  20. So excited! Can't wait to hear the details so I can finally be freed from this POS franchise and the moron fanbase that made this happen! Enjoy the mediocrity! Hey, it's better than being horrible right, have that going for you!
  21. personally, I don't think any of the FA WR's are real difference makers. They are upgrades over what we have, but none of these guys change our offense. The only possible exception is Nicks, based on talent, but he scares me more than he excites me.
  22. Partly agree, what they really get paid to do is field a great football team. Being a prisoner to BPA is a luxury you don't have when you have tremendous holes on your team, such as our passing game. I don't like the FA WR group at all, so what do we do, skip WR for the first three rounds if they are not one ranking point above a DL'men? Its a dumb premise.
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