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  1. How could they have waiver wire priority? Both finished with better records and the Ravens won the SB for Pete's sake. They are dead last in terms of priority.
  2. OK. Thanks for the info. It will be interesting to see what happens, but either way, I'll be surprised (and disappointed) if Reuland is back next year.
  3. I haven't been here long enough to know the story behind this, but even so, it's funny. I remember that someone used to post here that had that picture as his avatar.
  4. With Sudfeld showing signs of possibly being a keeper, I wonder if the Jets consider axeing Reuland at some point since he is #4 on the depth chart, and use the spot to bring back Miles or someone else.
  5. As long as Schittenheimer is their OC, they're only dangerous to themselves, they'll never make it far into the playoffs.
  6. Damn, did I accidentally send the tweets I meant for Tanny to Revis?
  7. What was I thinking? Sign this beast and ride him like a two-bit (w)hor(s)e.
  8. I don't think Allen is a true FS, but rather an in-the-box SS type. IMO FS types are ball hawks with speed and hitting ability.
  9. LOL Yeah. That could have been MUCH worse!
  10. What a dumbass! His team is on a great roll, they're playing one of their biggest rivals this Sunday and he decides to speed while smoking pot?
  11. I think that means that since his soph. year of college, he has started every game when he was healthy. He missed starting and playing several games in 2005, 2009 & 2010. Now he is healthy and not starting for the first time, and it doesn't sit well with him.
  12. No thanks. He's 35. He's slowing down and more injury prone. His production has fallen off a cliff. He has few tackles and has produced/gotten no TOs this year. If he could put the Jets over the hump and help get them to the SB, then yes, but that isn't the case. While it might be good to have him help mentor the young kids (I'm not sure he has ever done that or would), but at the same time, if he's playing and they're not, it's possible if not likely that it would hinder their development.
  13. Agreed. I think the same thing is true of Andy Reid. I was reading an article in SI about the Chiefs this morning in the doctor's office. It told how Reid has changed the culture of that team, and how players are excited to have him there and how they feel important and included. It gave the example of a play that the Chiefs ran against the Browns. In that formation, the Browns doubled Bowe (who was the primary target) and QB Alex Smith had to go to another receiver. As Bowe came off the field, Reid asked him what he saw, and Bowe told him how the defender near him had nodded his head at
  14. As my #1 WR I want a receiver who has the qualities you listed, but also one who has good speed and isn't lead-footed like Keyshawn was. I would also like having him be a team player, not someone who badmouthed teammates or was just about his stats. I liked his competitive fire and the fact that he wanted the ball in key situations, but he went about it the wrong way. I didn't say that I thought Tavon Austin was a #1 WR. Generally, I agree that if you take a WR that high, he should be a #1, but Austin is an exeption. He was ready made for the NFL. He is a dynamic playmaker and differe
  15. Re-sign Keller? Seriously? No way, Jose. With Kerley, we have no use for Edelman. I wouldn't be surprised if Finley retires after the scare he got this year. If he's healthy and committed to playing, sure, but doubt GB would let him go. Nicks is a possibility. MJD less so imo. He's getting older and has had some injury issues. I think I'd rather draft a RB in the 4th-5th round.
  16. Basically, I was speaking historically moreso than recently, but your point stands. I agree that we are more a product of poor decisions and poor management, and idiot GMs who traded away draft picks constantly (Tanny). It's karma. To a large extent, the team created its own bad luck. Still, with a little luck, we could have had Peyton and some other really good/great players over the years. Just this year, the Rams traded ahead of us and took Tavon Austin. That wasn't due to poor drafting on our part or any mistake. The Rams just traded up and took him before we could. I never liked
  17. Pretty much agree, but definitely want Cumberland back. Bellore is one of our best STs players, but not likely to ever see the field on D unless a player or two get injured. We probably need to keep both McIntyre and Bellore. The good news is that they shouldn't cost much.
  18. What else do you expect from the Jets? When there's no can't miss great players, we pick in the top 5 if not #1, when there are franchise QBs, pass rushers, and other great players at positions of need, we always wind up drafting in the bottom third-to-half of the round so we miss out on all of them. Only the frigging Jets.
  19. I think the Jets beat the Bills pretty handily. The Jets have a good shot at beating Baltimore this year if Rex can get over his phobia or being psyched out by playing them. If the Jets get blown out, then I think the consideration of Rex getting fired heats up again, because he has yet to beat them. I'd love to see the Jets sweep the Phish, but history says that's unlikely. The Phish always seem to play their best against the Jets even when they have plenty of reasons they shouldn't. I think they'll probably split, with each winning at home, particularly if winning in Miami means m
  20. I couldn't have said it better. Thanks for posting this Max, and to all you veterans who have served our country!
  21. I guess you're right about Thurman and Geno, but imo it's every bit as much a crime for Mornhinweg not to be a strong candidate for OC of the year as it is for Richardson to not be a strong candidate for defensive ROY. Most everyone thought Geno would need to sit for a year or so before starting. While he's been wildly inconsistent, Mornhinweg and Lee have him playing much better than expected and running a big part of the offense, not just a limited amount. The Jets do have 5 wins and the offense has been a huge part of that, but I guess sportswriters look more at statistics rather than the
  22. Denver's defense isn't great, and may not even be good (I haven't seen their ranking), but any D that has Von Miller doesn't stink. He was suspended and is just getting back into shape and the flow of things. Once he gets his legs back under him, they will be a lot better on D. Yes, Cincy has shocked me the last couple of weeks. Don't know what their problems are, but know they have a ton of talent on both sides of the ball and good depth at many positions. It may be that Andy Dalton isn't good or consistent enough to put up enough points on a regular basis.
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