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  1. It may be nothing more than an anomaly or flash in the pan, but freshman S DeVon Edwards had quite an auspicious debut yesterday. Playing in his first game as a Safety, he had 10 tackles by the 3rd Qtr. Duke was ahead of NC State 10-0 at halftime. Early in the 3rd Qtr. State got 2 FGs sandwiched around a punt return TD to go ahead 13-10. On the kickoff following State's 2nd FG, Edwards returned the kickoff 100 yards for a TD. Following the kickoff return, on the first offensive play for State in the 4th Qtr, he allowed his man to get behind him and score an 80 yard TD. Duke then marched
  2. I thought you all might be interested in what Barry Wilner, an Associated Press sportswriter, had to say about who would get his vote at this point of the season for Coach of the Year and several other categories. He seems to have little respect for the Jets. MVP Peyton Manning. Runners up Justin Houston and Tamba Hali, Andrew Luck Offensive Player Peyton Manning COACH No Contest right now: Andy Reid. Runners Up: Rex Ryan, Bill Belicheat, Ron Rivera IMO These three aren't surprising. Some of the rest are. Comeback Player He said he is leaning towards Knowshon Mor
  3. Nah, can't be right. He's a bust. He did nothing last season. Everyone knows that rookie players who don't light up the NFL from the first time they set foot on the field are busts (sarcasm).
  4. I love the looks of this kid, but have a couple of concerns. One, he's going to have to adapt to the new hitting rules in the NFL or he will be a penalty magnet. Two, while he looks to play fairly fast, his timed foot speed isn't that great. I know the 40 yard dash is greatly overrated and not that important, but on one of his picks, the QB on the other team ran him down, and the QB didn't look that fleet of foot. Where that will hurt will be in covering/keeping up with NFL receivers. Victor Green had the same problem...great hitter, but not that fast.
  5. I agree that it's silly to blindly follow some rule like "draft a QB every year" or always draft the BPA on your board. That said, there is validity to both much, if not most, of the time. Unless one's GM & scouting dept. is totally inept, it shouldn't take that many years of drafting a QB to find at least a serviceable starter. As 80 said, they wouldn't be just drafting warm bodies, either. They'd have to actually like some of the QBs available in the draft and either be in position to draft them or be able to move up or down in the draft to get one they liked. Those kinds of trades d
  6. The lead in for this article is absurd. If a doctor never picks up a scalpel, he isn't a surgeon. If a person never picks up a pen and writes anything, then he isn't a writer. Talent or facility with a certain craft is important, but even more important is the desire to do it and the willingness to work hard and be disciplined. I've met a lot of people in my life who had the talent to become professional, or at least high caliber amateurs at something and they didn't give two hoots about it. They would occasionally play around with that talent or ability, but never seriously study it, wor
  7. There's absolutely no way the Skins would have cut Cousins. If anything, they could have traded him to a QB needy team and probably done pretty well, but they wouldn't have traded him. He's their backup.
  8. I made it because they haven't played a topflight QB yet or a team with a winning record yet (I think). I know how good Cincy and Denver are. I also explained my other reasons. I don't think that Smith can keep playing at this level, nor Sutton's D. My opinion would probably change if they beat a topnotch team or two, but for now, it's what I think. But hey, I could be wrong. It's happened many times before. I just don't think KC is that good. It's basically the same team that went 7-9 in 2011 and what, 2-14 last season? While I never thought they were that bad last season, I don't
  9. That was because it was a direct response to me. I clicked on the notifications button without paying much attention who had responded to one of my posts. When I saw who it was, I saw what he said, and since it was funny I responded.
  10. As someone said, barring a collapse, I think Reid has it hands down, but if the Jets go on a roll and say lose only one more game the rest of the way and KC loses a few, anything could happen. As far as the SB, I can't see KC making it. I haven't seen them play this year, but I have seen both Denver and Cincinnati play and I think KC will have a very tough time getting past either one. KC may be for real, but I know they haven't really played anyone this year and no one with a topnotch QB. In addition, I have a hard time believing that their D is that good considering that Bob Sutton is
  11. You don't know that. You're being totally ridiculous in your stance. I'm done reading your crap.
  12. Those Duke lacrosse guys may have been scumbags, but they didn't rape that lying skank ho.
  13. ROFLMAO!!!! Been meaning to say that I enjoy your sense of humor. Thanks for keeping me laughing. True, you can't legislate morality, but you can make people who do those things that a civilized society finds unacceptable rue the day that they decided to do them.
  14. Huh? When has Cam Newton been horrendous? Even when he was pouting and not being a confident leader, he was lighting up the scoreboard and racking up the yardage and TDs. This year Cam has been pretty consistent and playing at a very high level, especially in terms of being the leader of that team. I wouldn't count on the Jets seeing anything even remotely resembling a horrendous outing from Cam when they play the Panthers.
  15. What's really funny is that I hadn't thought of the last SOB for 40 years and two weeks ago he sent me a friend request in FB. LOL
  16. Until I see facts to the contrary, I'm believing Martin. I know what it's like to be bullied. I put up with a lot of crap, abuse, and bullying starting in late elementary school that continued in middle school and high school. I've always tried to get along with others and am not a violent person by nature, but I have my limits. Even though I tried my best to avoid them, three times during those years I wound up in physical confrontations with a bully. The first two times I clocked the other guy and he never bothered me again. The last time, I was working construction and this guy h
  17. Answer this...Did NFL & collegiate football players learn to not make rude comments to female sportswriters and reporters? Are we learning not to sexually harass others in the workplace? Bullying is no different. People can learn that it's not acceptable, and those who continue to do it can learn that there are severe consequences (fines, being suspended, being sued, jail time, etc.) Human nature can be difficult to change, but not so much when there's adequate motivation. Take away those neanderthal's opportunity to make millions of dollars playing a game and instead have them face
  18. Who are these "they" to which you're referring? It isn't some outsiders or society. "They" is the players. "They" are the ones who demanded that in the last CBA and now they're all getting injured. Karma, baby!
  19. Scapegoat my hairy ass. Philbin may have asked/told Incognito to do it, but Richie didn't have to, or didn't have to go as far as he did. Philbin is definitely culpable if he asked Incognito, and because he's the HC, he's held (or should be) to a higher degree of scrutiny (and punishment), particularly if he knew about Martin's supposed suicide attempts and mental instability. Incognito could have said no is the bottom line, and he needs to pay for what he did.
  20. Hey, I totally agree with every point you've made in this post. I understand why Idzik didn't/couldn't make a heavy investment in the LB position this year and agree with his not doing so. My main points were just that 1) Our LB corps (particularly the OLB unit) is way below average talent and speed-wise and 2) that the moves Tanny made were either bad or non-existent, so there is no "heavy investment" in the LB corps on this team. I trust that Idzik will address this in either FA and/or the draft this year or next at the latest. Harris will probably be replaced by 2015 or 2016 at the late
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