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  1. No, it's just that there haven't been that many great LBers in each of the last 5 drafts (or more). There's usually been 5 or fewer good OLB prospects in a 3-4 and a couple of good 4-3 OLB prospects and maybe 1 really good MLB/ILB prospect, but then a bunch of middling prospects. If the NFL is that way, it's not by design or choice. That's one reason why TEs have become so dominant. Most DBs can't cover TEs. The TEs are too big and strong. There just aren't that many LBs who are good in coverage with more teams passing, especially to TEs. It may take a few years, but the LBers will catc
  2. I don't have time to look up every team right now, but can say right off the bat that SF, Denver, Carolina, NE, and probably 2/3 of the teams in the NFL have better LB units than we do. Davis is a good young players, but still learning the game. Harris is good, but limited and way overpaid. Pace is pretty good against the run and pretty awful as a pass rusher. Barnes is still pretty good but he's on IR. After that we have the likes of Nick Bellore, Troy Davis, Ricky Sapp and McIntyre. You really want to say that that unit is better than most?
  3. Thanks for bringing some solid facts/stats to the table in this discussion.
  4. The RB position yes, the LB position hell no, you're totally mistaken!!! Nobody has great LBers anymore???? ROFLMAO. Sorry, but you're totally clueless on this.
  5. It's fine that you disagree. That's what makes the world go round. I agree regarding the DL being in the top 3-5 in the league. If our OL is in the top 1/3, then it's at the very bottom of that 1/3 imo, and I think it's actually probably in the middle 1/3. Even if you're right and it's in the top 1/3, it still needs to be upgraded. When we can't run the ball against a very good Cincy DL and Geno is sacked and harried all day by their D, when they are in our conference and we have to be able to beat them to get to the SB, our OL isn't good enough.
  6. Yes, invested heavily in the past, but the past doesn't matter one whit right now. Vilma doesn't count because that was even pre-Tanny and he has been on the Saints longer than I think he was the Jets, and until Davis was never replaced with a quality young drafted LB. With the exception of Davis, Harris and Gholston, all the other players you mentioned were either older FAs (Scott & Pace) or, like Thomas, have aged off the team. Pace shouldn't be here this year, but is for vet minimum. Hardly what I'd call a big investment. I was speaking in terms of the present team. Aside from Har
  7. I didn't say it was "terrible" just that it's below average. I think it's in the bottom middle or bottom 1/3 of the league. They have some good young players, and a few good vets with more than 3 years experience and then a bunch of castoffs and second- or third-tier players.
  8. Huh? I didn't say that we needed a big time RB. I said our RBs are average and that we needed to make a lower investment. If Goodson comes back, we may not need one at all. I disagree that our OL is better than average. Against teams that can't stop the run, yes our OL looks better than average, and in fact looks pretty good, but against teams with stout defenses, we have been unable to run the ball. Have you forgotten the Cincy game? Things have definitely gotten better since Winters replaced Vlad, but have you forgotten how often Geno has had to run for his life and had no chance t
  9. No but after them their talent level drops off a lot. Geno isn't that far behind Eli and Wilk, Big Snacks, Richardson and maybe Coples pretty much cancel out Pierre-Paul and Tuck.
  10. How do you think the phrase, "On any given Sunday..." came about? Bad teams can and do upset good teams frequently through great game plans and execution, career days from players on the bad team, the good teams not taking the bad team seriously until it's too late or their having an off day. Sometimes too, for whatever reason, matchups at key positions can actually help a bad team vs a better team.
  11. Basically a very good post, but I don't get where you or jacked get that the Jets have invested heavily at the LB position. It simply isn't true. In the past, yes, they had a lot of money tied up in Pace and Thomas, but no more. Harris is overpaid as you say, but he's the only one making much money at LB. Davis is the only mid-round or higher draft pick on the team other than Harris. Barnes may have been, but he's older and on IR now. One of the reasons the Jets D hasn't been any better than it has is because by and large Tanny ignored the LB spot for the Jets. He drafted Gholston and D
  12. Aside from maybe Cutler, no one on that list is a quality starter. There would be little to be gained from starting any of those guys over Geno. Cutler is just as inconsistent as Geno, and isn't half as smart,and doesn't have the athleticism and ability to run that Geno has. Cutler would cost a lot of money and in the end would kill the team with stupid picks as much or more than Geno would. The thing with Geno is that he is smart and has shown the ability to learn from his mistakes. Cutler's been in the league how many years, and has shown little or no ability to learn from his mistakes.
  13. Hill, Derek Anderson and Josh McCown are probably the only ones I'd consider.
  14. Anyone hoping that the Jets sign a FA QB this coming offseason should probabl forget that. Here's the list of potentially available FAs according to http://overthecap.com/freeagents.php?Position=QB&Year=2014 : Jay Cutler Bears $14,668,750 Michael Vick Eagles $7,500,000 Chad Henne Jaguars $3,375,000 Josh Freeman Vikings $2,833,334 Shaun Hill Lions $2,750,000 Charlie Whitehurst Chargers $1,525,000 David Garrard Jets $1,000,000 Rex Grossman Redskins $960,000 Dan Orlovsky Buccaneers $905,000 Kellen Clemens Rams $870,000 Josh McCown Bears $865,000
  15. Of course, but Cutler isn't an upgrade in any way, shape, or form.
  16. I disagree. I'm not saying that Hill will be Megatron Lite, but the truth is, we don't know what this kid will develop into. He's got all the physical talent in the world, is supposedly a good kid, wants to learn and is a hard worker. I always wondered about his hands, but it's looking more and more like it may be a matter of focus and perhaps being a bit mentally overwhelmed. He's still young and raw, and hasn't had that many reps due to injuries. The other day I compared Peyton's rookie season stats with Geno's. Peyton had the great bloodline and of course, more experience playing
  17. Wow, interesting comparison. Thanks for sharing them.
  18. I don't know that you do, either, but this is only his 3rd year as Panthers' HC, and if the team finishes something like 12-4 and goes deep into the playoffs, it will be hard not to extend him. Similar to the Jets, they have a lot of young players, and a new GM. He had a rookie QB, lack of talent issues (glaring holes behind Steve Smith at WR, at DT, and in the secondary), and lost his OC after two years. Both in 2011 and 2012 they suffered major injuries on their defense and offense, taking out key players. His GM was fired after last season (rightfully so). In 2011, his rookie seaso
  19. Thanks. Whoa. If that's true (both about Martin) and that Incognito's father said that, Incognito and his father (as could the Dolphins) could get in a lot of trouble for publicizing what should be very private info.
  20. Knock me over with a feather. Can't believe Cimini said something so positive about Rex and the Jets. Definitely a great game plan by Rex, Mornhinweg & the Jets' CS (and great execution by the players). I want to see more of this.
  21. LOL Methinks you have a point. Through the haze of my memory, I think I remember his getting in trouble while in college for smoking pot. Does anyone else remember that?
  22. Wait...so I'm confused, is Incognito's father saying that Richie is a druggie and tried to kill himself 3x or is he saying that about Martin?
  23. True dat. You'd also think that he'd be smart enough to give a list of the banned substances to all his doctors so that they'd know what NOT to give him.
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