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  1. I forgot to add that this drill would be run in shorts, T-shirt and NO helmet.
  2. You have a point, but every team has to do that both because of the salary cap and because they don't have that many high draft picks. Lower round draft picks are much less likely to pan out and about as many UDFAs wind up becoming NFL players as low-round draft picks. Even the high ones are a crap shoot. I saw an article a number of years ago about the two deeps (1st & 2nd stringers) at every position on every NFL team. It was VERY surprising how many UDFAs were starters or the first guy off the bench and at some positions, more UDFAs had made it than 2nd or 3rd round draft picks.
  3. +1 I'd like to see the Jets develop a drill just for Wilson. They could have a receiver run a 5-15 yard route with Wilson covering him and then instead of Geno trying to complete the pass, he could drill the ball into the back of Wilson's head on every single one of them. Wilson would soon learn to turn his head around.
  4. Wow! Based on how he's played so far, if he's the best, I'd be tempted to ask Rex if Milliner is the ONLY rookie CB in the league this year. Seriously, I trust Rex on judging DL and DBs. He hyped Gholston, but I think he was just trying to help support and motivate him. He may be doing the same with Milliner, but Milliner is no Gholston. He didn't disappear in big games in college and has been playing football a long time. We all have to hope that Rex is right.
  5. Definitely on both accounts. I had forgotten this, but was reminded not long ago that it took Moore 2-3 years to develop. He played a year or two in NFL Europe. I hope that Campbell can develop without playing regularly since NFL Europe is no more.
  6. Yes it was a great draft for OL. I liked the draft, but would have been happier if he had drafted Winters and then a S rather than Aboushi. They still could have drafted Campbell and brought in some UDFAs. But as you said, there were so many holes/needs, and his hands were so tied in FA, that I can't complain too much.
  7. Bingo. IMO that is just insane. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much money invested in that position. If they're going to invest that kind of change in the CB position, both starters better be perennial All-Pros. I wouldn't mind that kind of money invested in the QB, WR, or OLB positions if the players were of suitable quality, but I think that amount at CB is absurd. That figure needs to be cut by at least a third, if not a half.
  8. Yeah. I agree that Aboushi hasn't looked very promising so far. I think I remember reading that he needed to get a lot stronger, and that could be the source of many of his struggles. He's supposedly pretty smart if I recall, so that shouldn't be the issue. I think Campbell is probably the better prospect, at least in terms of natural body size, strength and athleticism. I think he played OL in HS and maybe his freshman year at Michigan. My concern with him is perhaps lack of intelligence and/or work ethic/drive. He was considered a great prospect coming out of HS and did absolutely
  9. I agree, but my only problem with this was this past draft was considered a GREAT draft for safeties and very deep, the best one in years, and Idzik totally ignored the position. IMO this was not the year to ignore the S position in the draft. IMO good GM draft to the strength of the draft, and it concerns me a little that he didn't add a S via the draft. I think he could have even used a 6th or 7th round pick again this year on a safety and the player he took would be better than either Allen or Bush.
  10. Campbell is the former DT who is now the G prospect. I think they're hoping that Aboushi will develop into their backup swing Tackle, but he could wind up at G or out of the NFL.
  11. First of all, I didn't say or even think I had magically solved anything. It's the designer of the 3-4 D (whoever that was) that came up with the magic. All I was doing was pointing out the way the system is designed and supposed to work. Second, I guess I wasn't very clear and didn't go far enough in my comments. Please notice in my earlier post that I said "Supposedly" and "according to some Jets fans." I didn't say that I agree with those fans, and for the most part, I don't. It's quite possible that Tanny was just guy shy about drafting another OLB after missing so badly on Ghoul
  12. He's not perfect and above question. If he goes against the grain of the way the defense was designed to work, then yes, he deserves to be questioned, particularly when until this year his D has had little or no pass rush without an all-out blitz, and even that rarely works any more. You can choose to mindlessly accept whatever he does if you want, I, OTOH, have a brain and choose to use it.
  13. Looking at it from the opposite angle, can you imagine how depressing our history would be if in the 1965 AFL draft the Jets took WR Larry Elkins of Baylor instead of one Joe Willie Namath?
  14. The problem with restructures is that often you have to either guarantee big chunks of their remaining salary or structure the contract such that if you later decided to cut them, they cause big hits on the cap. I'd rather they not restructure any of those guys unless they can do it in such a way that they could cut them at a later date and not result in huge cap hits. After seeing the WR and TE FA lists I'm just not sure that there are any FAs that will be available for which the Jets will need all that money.
  15. Since I don't keep up with the rest of the NFL very much, I can't speak one way or the other with any degree of certainty for any of the WRs or TEs on those lists, but I do think that there are some decent options on those lists that would upgrade the talent around Geno. I agree that there aren't any real #1 WRs on that list, but did you really expect there to be? How often do teams just let their #1 WR walk away unless they are older and want too much money, have serious off-field issues, or have injury issues. Idzik may decide that there's no one on either list that he cares to spend any o
  16. Drat! Now my secret is out and everyone will know. Boo Hoo
  17. When has our scouting dept. ever let us down? Seriously, good post. Hopefully, those WRs will drop and we will snatch one of them up.
  18. True, but I've always heard that ILBs in a 3-4 alignment are not generally considered 1st round picks anyway since they have to take on OL, plug gaps in the run game, and aren't real playmakers.
  19. No, but based on your comment, I must assume that Bit does.
  20. Have you ever known the media to be a voice of honesty, integrity, of character, high morals or about anything positive? I sure haven't. Are you really surprised that they slurped Ray's dick?
  21. I have a mind of my own, thank you. I don't need someone at PFF (using whatever metrics they use to come up with their decision) to tell me which game is Geno's worst game of the season. Further, it doesn't even matter which is his worst game or that he has had some awful games. He's a rookie with a mediocre OL and little or no real offensive weapons to work with, all while he's adjusting to the NFL, the WCO and working on his fundamentals for Pete's sake. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who knows a whit about football and playing QB can see the talent that Geno has and the progress he's m
  22. How was it his worst game? He completed 66% of his passes (or something like that with no rushing attack. One of the pick 6s was on Kerley for running the wrong route, and on the other Nelson didn't even fight the ball. He comes back for the pass, knocks it down or fights for the ball, and it's quite likely a different story. Conversely, he had games earlier where he had a safety, fumbled the ball made really bad throws that led to picks and completed a lower percentage of his passes (under 60%). You're so blinded by your disdain for him, that you can't even think rationally any more.
  23. And that's why the OLB is more important than a CB. Even the best CBs can only stay with receivers for something like 4 seconds (maybe less) and then coverage breaks down. Yes, the Jets are getting better pressure this year, but still not enough. How many passes have they batted down? How many interceptions/errant throws have they forced? How many strip sacks have they had? Barnes isn't even that good any more and he shows how important having speed at the OLB position is. It disrupts timing of pass plays, makes QBs have to move , take their eyes off of receivers, hurries their thr
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