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  1. Good question. I think he had some accuracy issues as well as mechanical/technique issues, but could his accuracy have been any worse than Sanchez'? I doubt it. I really liked Brad and was elated when the Jets drafted him. Then I was really pissed when they almost never let him throw from the Wildcat, and ALWAYS had him run to the right. So predictable. Those clueless twits Schotty and Rex had a dangerous weapon in Smith and never fully utilized his talents.
  2. Why does he need to learn to play that way? Why does he need to play with no talent around him and develop bad habits from trying to do too much and play outside of himself? Why risk getting him injured trying to do too much or because the OL isn't settled yet? That makes zero sense.
  3. I hear you. Moore's been one of my favorite Jets over the last 5-10 years or so. That said, age and injuries have caught up with him and he isn't the future. If Ducasse and Winters are up to it, I'd rather have them start at OG since they may be the future there, even if their level of play isn't up to Moore's. Moore is the past. They're not going anywhere in 2013 anyway. IMO every decision they make regarding who makes the roster, who starts, how they play, ought to be made with an eye to developing the team for 2014 and going forward. If that causes them to lose another game or two in
  4. Probably not because when you draft a player in the top 10, he almost HAS to start. Warmack was very highly rated and for a reason. Then again, he may still have signed Peterman as insurance. I think that Idzik is smart enough to know, however, that one doesn't have to have top 10 draft pick at OG. It's one of the least important positions on the team. Overdraft (and accordingly have to overpay) players there, and you don't have the $s and cap space left to bring in difference makers, impact players at the key playmaking positions. It's ok if Winters isn't an instant starter (but I'
  5. This. I've been saying the same thing for years, especially the last sentence.
  6. IMO that would be the worst, the dumbest thing they could possibly do. Yeah, let's not learn anything from how we handled Sanchez. Let's just throw Smith in and ruin whatever chances he has of developing into either our franchise QB, quality backup or trade material. Smith doesn't have to play a down for the Jets to know whether or not they need to draft a QB in next year's draft. They can see how he works with the coaches, if he is coachable, and if so, if he is improving. They can see how he plays in practice, his work ethic, and what leadership abilities he has. Besides, there's a
  7. If it will assure us that Rex is gone after this season, then I would be in favor of Sanchez staying and starting.
  8. I couldn't possibly disagree more. The only things Sanchez is the best option for are: 1. losing and assuring the Jets of a top 5 pick in next year's draft; 2. continuing the circus atmosphere around the Jets; 3. probably costing Rex Ryan his HC gig with the NY Jets; and 4.quite possibly costing Rex any future chance of getting a HC job in the NFL. I definitely don't want Smith starting in any case. I think he has the potential to become a franchise QB, but think he needs time to adjust to the NFL, straighten out his techniques, and learn the offense pressure f
  9. You're right that it won't stop him from trading up for value. It will be interesting to see what he does.
  10. I wouldn't be averse to the Jets using their lower round picks to move up in an early round, or even to acquire an additional 4th round pick, and there is a logic to doing so. At this point, we simply don't have enough evidence as to what Idzik might do, or what players might rise to the top of next year's draft class (or drop). He might decide to use those lower round picks to upgrade the STs unit, including a punter and/or a kicker, or to add further depth on the OL or DL.
  11. Yes, I heard that he inquired about moving up for Geno, but wisely (or luckily) didn't. Good point about using 3 of the lower picks to move up, but with Idzik's stated philosophy of using FA to "fill holes" and the draft to acquire talent and combined with the fact that the Jets will probably have around $40 million in cap space next year, he may be able to adequately fill whatever remaining holes he perceives the team to have in FA, and then just stay put and take BPA with all those picks. The additional compensatory picks in the lower rounds would enable him to possibly draft a punter a
  12. No, I'm pretty sure that it is based on the contract they sign with the new team, and it doesn't matter if you drafted them, traded for them, or signed them as a FA. Hence Landry and Bell would garner us picks.
  13. Idzik doesn't strike me as the type to do a lot of trading up. Even if Coples works out as an OLB, the Jets will still probably have numerous holes to fill. At this point, the only 3 players I'd even consider trading up for are Manziel, Bridgewater and Clowney; otherwise, stay put or even trade down a time or two.
  14. In general, I think that you're correct about the OG position. Still, I think Winters has the work ethic and tools to do it. I don't think they signed Peterman to be the starter, since I think he's pretty awful. I think Idzik was simply hedging his bets. He signed Peterson as insurance in case Winters isn't ready, and/or Ducasse stumbles or Colon gets injured in TC (heaven forbid). If Winters shows anything at all, I think there's even a chance that Peterman is cut before TC is over. The Jets also might cut him and then bring him back after the 1st week so his salary isn't guaranteed.
  15. I agree. Peterman is awful. Winters has the work ethic, the feet, strength and tools to succeed. He may not, and if not, that's ok. There's no sense in pressuring the kid or throwing him in there if he's not ready. In the meantime, Colon or Ducasse might be a better option, although with Ducasse that's extremely questionable. I'm not a betting man, but if I were, I'd bet on Winters starting by game 2 if not by game 1.
  16. I think we can expect in the neighborhood of 5 compensatory picks, so that would give a total of 13 picks.
  17. I understand your questions and concerns about the draft. I'm not strictly a BPA guy and have been screaming that the Jets' biggest need for the last 5-10 years has been a legit pass rusher. That said, I'm pretty happy with this draft, or at least am willing to give Idzik the benefit of the doubt. At least he didn't fall in love with and trade up to get any players (although he did inquire about trading up to get Smith in the 2nd), and actually tried to trade down. He doesn't make big splashy moves to make the back pages of the tabloids ala Tanny, but quietly and professionally goes about h
  18. Idzik speaks as if he really likes Rex and they make a great team. He acknowledged in his interview with Francessa that Rex had a lot of input into the draft. The fact that Rex hasn't been extended say a lot imo. Just as Idzik waited until after the draft to see how the Scouting and Personnel Depts. performed, I think he's gonna wait and see how the players Rex wanted pan out and what kind of job does with the team this year. I think he'll judge Rex not just on the W-L record, but whether Rex has control of the team and it stops being a circus. I have to admit that I was excited when R
  19. I hear you. After last season, I was done as a Jets fan, even though I had been rooting for them since '64, Now here I am again, at another Jets board posting and hoping against hope that they'll finally get it right this time. Maybe we're all just a bunch of masochists.
  20. Thanks for the info. He sounds like an excellent pick and OL prospect. If not by game 1, I expect him to be starting at some point during this season.
  21. Sounds about right. In addition, maybe they can staple his mouth shut.
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