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  1. Will this relieve him of his corner back duties?
  2. You know, they are designed to go through vests.
  3. We should have a few drinks, and go for a ride.
  4. I'm JRKY, I read the thread, and put 2 and 2 together.
  5. I hope this is the case, but he should have his head handed too him for putting himself in such a situation. Not the brightest bulb....
  6. If he has a felony already, Goodson should just say it's his, and testify against him.
  7. Hopefully they are at the part of the process where they learned from this.
  8. My gut tells me Idzik will say to be patient, but maybe he'll bring in a few coaches and make it a competition.
  9. They stopped making the light brown ones.
  10. Maybe when Woody was going to force Rex on his new GM, he was smart enough to look for a guy who had faith in Rex. Maybe Idzik was not totally full of sh*t in the interview.
  11. Neil Schwartz, but the 5 operations may keep him from holding out this year.
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