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  1. Talk to me then 80. I flip town. Who's pushing the worst agenda?
  2. I literally said I won it from my auction It was a ninja outfit woot!
  3. Probably didn't vote them because I'm not a lazy bum, come in, keep up Everyone's sold on lynching me and we hit majority, **** I miss hybrid hammer This game lost value without Nyn Vote: Gata
  4. Not sure yet. Verb not coming back is sketchy, because he was pretty active in my recent game I'd like to see if he posts today I could go for any of the lazy bums on my train
  5. I won a steal yesterday, crusher had a double vote on him.
  6. Sure, I got taken in by spoot becauae he was one of the few people playing. If you lay kiddos are just gonna blind lynch me I dunno what else I can do $bid 900
  7. Yes I'm going to nk the person I thought was scum. Great job guys. $bid 600
  8. I got used to playing on a site that's super active this whole low participating thing is really strange now, though I used to be used to it rip
  9. Is ok, my Tigers goat and they're all that matter.
  10. Still laughing at y'all ignoring that ctm contradiction, but you do you booboo
  11. And the Patriots win? Ugh. This night.
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