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  1. Wait I realized I cannot. I'm going on vacation soon and would be offline for a week.
  2. Wait a couple of days for some decent bloke to show up, if not, sign me in for the 10th.
  3. Wait we will then. My heart is with you and your son!
  4. Yea, I guess I should change that 'often' to 'sometimes'.
  5. Yea I guess the problem is in you - you're projecting. I'm sitting on my bed, smiling and chatting with my best friend.
  6. On DM, people are forced to act "friendly" but the atmosphere is often anything but. On JN, people are being assholes to you in a way that creates a friendly atmosphere.
  7. I like DM Maffia actually. Just trying to explain the difference.
  8. Umm. The mod said so. Then I wasn't placed on the player list, told to go away and didn't receive a role pm. So I guessed I wasn't in the game. But maybe I was the survivor.
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