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  1. This happens a lot, elected Presidents appoint prominent supporters to ambassadorships. I don't think it's a good practice but everyone does it. Obama made the owner of the Steelers Dan Rooney ambassador to Ireland. I'm somewhat thrilled by this as it means the Jets will get some different leadership for a few years without Woody possibly screwing things up.
  2. I'll never understand why they initially gave him a 5, yes FIVE year contract after four straight years of sub .500 football with the Jets.
  3. This is too funny. Dolphin fans have been acting like it has been their franchise's time to ascend the past few years and now look at them. We've hit rock bottom and bounced back faster than it took them to even attempt to get above .500 over the course of 3+ seasons under Philbin. That franchise is a true dumpster fire; who would ever want to coach there right now?
  4. With McCoy (extremely likely) and Clay (confirmed) out, there is no good reason we should not win this game fairly comfortably (2 scores or more). They killed us last time and accounted for most of the Bills offense. Pressure is on us to win this game and we will provided there is no disastrous turnover debacle. Smother Watkins and prevent Taylor from scrambling and I don't see how they move the ball.
  5. What happened to not even give him the courtesy of finishing the season? Has a head coach ever been fired in the week BEFORE week 17? I've never heard of this happening. Mid-season? Yes. The Monday after? Yes, but never right before the last game.
  6. No Way! He is a locker room risk, and we simply don't need a running back like him who wants to get paid. In 2015 no team needs a high priced running back anymore, just get a great o line in place and run the ball by committee. Our #1 priority this off season is improving the o-line, it's our most glaring weakness to me when we face good pass rushes and d-lines. Get a great o line in place, and virtually any RB worthy of starting can easily get over 1,000 yards a season at least.
  7. We can still get the 5 seed. If we win this week and Kansas City loses we get the 5 seed, and the Chiefs moved down to 6. This is entirely possible with the Raiders coming off of a long week of rest and preparation after playing on Christmas eve and with the Chiefs struggling to get by the Chargers and Browns the past two weeks. You will also have a Raiders team that isn't packing it in since I think they really want to send Charles Woodson off with a win to finish his career.
  8. if this result holds, best case scenario for us is win next week to get the 5 seed and face Houston who I think we can beat, and then we face the Bengals. Under this scenario the 6th seed will play Kansas City and I think either Denver or Pitt can beat them and then they will face the Patriots who are not invincible. If we make it past the divisional round there is a chance we might be actually hosting the AFC Championship provided the 6th seed advances alongside us, how amazing would that be?
  9. Man the Bengals look great and this is without Dalton, or is it that the Broncos are in such a free fall?
  10. After Rex was fired, I really wanted to root for him on another (hopefully NFC) team, but now I just pity him. Rex seems to have learned almost nothing from his Jets experience.... Letting your players feel like they can say anything doesn't work, Rex should have learned this after 2012. Talk is cheap; his descent starting in 2011 should have also taught him this. Trying to force your scheme onto players who are incapable of running it doesn't work, he should have learned this in 2013 and 2014 when the lack of great CB play made us vulnerable to getting burned on 3rd down, big plays, and at the end of halves despite the blitzes. It also seems Rex hasn't found any new appreciation for discipline on the field with the Bills being penalized as much as they are. That Giants Bills game was a total embarrassment for Buffalo. Rex's current failure in Buffalo comes down to pride to me. I think he went in their being quite ignorant of Marrone's accomplishments and felt he could and should just force his scheme and ways on the players who already had good success under Schwartz and Marrone. That Bills team under Marrone and Schwartz destroyed this Jets team after Rex let them go to Dave and Busters rather than use the extra time to prepare. If I'm a Bills fan I'm feeling miserable about my future under Rex.
  11. Root for the Bengals. If the Bengals win, even if we lose next week we can still make the playoffs if Denver loses or Pittsburgh loses. Also, if Denver, Chiefs, and Jets finish at 11-5, Chiefs win the West, Jets move to the 5 seed and Denver falls to 6. Under this scenario the Jets will play Houston and Denver will play Kansas City on Wildcard weekend. Imagine if Jets and Broncos win on wildcard weekend, and divisional weekend, and then the Jets wind up hosting the AFCCG at the Meadowlands, that would be unbelievable.
  12. I have a feeling this game will be tough, but on the other hand I can totally see Rex being so overcome with emotion and anger that he just neglects the finer points of the game plan and game management and dooms the Bills.
  13. Just get in and nothing from the regular season matters. We don't have to be the better team on paper in the playoffs, or the best team in the eyes of the media, we just have to be better than the other team on game day. This team has been in every single game this year until the end except the Raiders game which was partly due to Fitzpatrick's injury, I have confidence that we can go the distance with any team in the league. If we did it twice with the champs, we can do it with anyone else.
  14. Kicking it to us wasn't terrible strategy; our offense had done next to nothing in the 4th quarter, barely moved the ball on our previous couple of drives and the Patriots offense finally got in the end zone and had signs of life. I'm sure Belichick was hoping for a Jets punt and return that would enable to the Patriots to only have to advance the ball to the Jets 35 or so to kick the game winner. It was even shocking to me that we suddenly pulled off big plays to Quincy and Marshall.
  15. Someone screen captured a wider shot of this moment, a little to the right of Decker there is a Pats fan in a Brady jersey hunched over with his face in his hands, it's glorious haha.
  16. If Vikings lose, I'm hoping it is Vikings Packers, winner takes division title, if Vikings lose there is a chance they miss the playoffs entirely (though crazy things need to happen, ATL win, SEA loss, and three other things I believe). I don't like it when the Jets play in primetime, it seems our record of late has been abysmal in such games.
  17. This Buffalo game is going to be tough I think, but I seriously have to wonder if Bills players are already looking forward to January vacation. The team has seemed lifeless in recent weeks and some in the locker room do not seem sold on Rex's regime. I wouldn't be surprised if their team simply does not completely show up and lose in a lethargic performance.
  18. Team has exceeded my expectations. Before their season I thought their best case scenario highest ceiling was 9-7/10-6 and now they have a chance to be 11-5.
  19. It looks like we will be playing on Sunday Night, I really don't want to though, I hate night games. The NFC playoff picture is more or less set so there is very little at stake. This might give the Jets and advantage though; if the Jets clinch due to 2 Denver losses or a Steeler's loss then they can rest players if they choose to. The interesting thing here is if Denver loses just one game and we beat Buffalo, we not only make the playoffs but get the 5 seed and play Houston in the first round.
  20. They could be worse. I actually like the Kelly Green color, but there's too much green. If they kept the stripe on the shoulder the same shade of green and just let them wear white pants with kelly green stripes, i think the unis would be pretty awesome.
  21. Jaguars look like they've been trying to run out the clock since the second quarter, total ineptitude.
  22. Jags are gonna find a way to blow the lead they had and lose. If so, leave them in London.
  23. If we beat New England today, and Cassel lights it up for a Cowboys win, Bills fans might just be immediately vaporized.
  24. This performance by the Bills is so 2012 Jets.
  25. Cris Carter's face goes from humorous to shock to flabbergasted disgust to quiet fear in like 3 seconds.
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