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  1. 2017 Mets thread!

    I got the feeling Terry was on the way out in August, maybe even earlier, and felt that it was time. There was a vibe in the dugout that was visible. But in typical Mets organizational style, it goes to sh*t. Things go bad, a bunch rats scurry for cover, finger point, and kick the man when he's down. It was reminiscent of Willie. Of course when things go bad in Mets land there needs to be a scapegoat so Terry gets blamed when all he's doing is putting the players he has on the field to try and win. Just take the hit as an organization whether there's fault or not. Blaming the injuries on Terry is ridiculous when Sandy is overseer of everything including organizational approach. Sometimes sh*t happens, but let's make sure somebody takes a hit to the balls, even tho nobody knows what really happened, cough cough Sandy. There's gotta be a few real snickering pussies in that organization. Outside of the injuries, with a new generation of players it's probably for the best, and time.
  2. 2017 Mets thread!

    Wally LOL. Yeah, and hire Dykstra as bench coach. Kudos to David Wright for what he said. I'm proud of him. I was never the biggest fan, but I am now. Hire Ventura, Wright as bench coach, and move Goody to 3rd base coach. Kick Jeff Wilpon in the balls squarely. After all these years, now we have that schmuck exercising his ****wit ass into the team.
  3. 2017 Mets thread!

    Plew-wacki...that's my boy!
  4. 2017 Mets thread!

  5. 2017 Mets thread!

    Manny Machado
  6. Keto Thread

    Wow, that's a lot work around. The biggest key I would think is to resist sugar, processed food, and the refined flour. Sardines, Salmon, simple chick pea, or bean, salads, hard boiled eggs, quality cheese, simple salads with that stuff; over night oatmeal w/ flax, almond butter, blueberries, etc., Nuts and seeds, all to carry you. Smoothies. A simple smoothie with frozen chopped kale, strawberries or blueberries, and ground flax seeds, in coconut water is really easy to make and takes little time. And get a good meal with quality protein and salad or vegetables once a day. A slow cooker or pressure cooker to make those big meals and to freeze portions I am in no way as busy as you, and I can prolly afford to lose some more weight, but when I'm in keto I can go for a swim in the ocean or fish hard before i eat anything and I'm fine. But I have to make sure I have something to eat at the right time, usually several hours into my day. Also, I like to keep it simple stupid, and I have don't really have a problem with a limited variety in my food either. Good luck. Prolly all things you've considered but hope it helps..
  7. 2017 Mets thread!

    Plawecki may be letting the Coupons off the hook with the Catcher depth. Looks good. I hope Terry keeps playing him. Let d'Arnaud observe somebody with cajones while he accepts a lesser role...with glee.
  8. What are u listening to right now?

    What a ****in album this is. They put it all together on it. A great one from that era, imo.
  9. 2017 Mets thread!

    When Rosario can carry a team to the post season on one leg, after carrying a team to the WS, he gets a pass. He has some some lessons to be learned. Hopefully they're not hard lessons.
  10. 2017 Mets thread!

    Terry's hot in the postgame. I think he benched Rosario for his look but he's saying Rosario has a hurt finger . Media can't get a smidgen of info out of either one about this 'hurt finger'. Rosario needs some maturing and seasoning yet.
  11. 2017 Mets thread!

    So we sign this dude Aoki. I presume then that the real money's going towards a good infielder or catcher, or God forbid both? Ima be pissed if they don't sign a quality player. Mets sign OF Norichika Aoki to major league contract
  12. Keto Thread

    That happened with me too, blood sugar also. But, as time time goes on excessive fat can be a detriment, it was for me. You can go keto with the fat but there's also abusing that in the long term. In the end the fat is in the food for the most part. Moderate amounts of coconut and olive oil works, but too much doesn't. I do not do any kind of endurance but I swim, with some high intensity, and fish, and I can go a long time on keto. But as soon as I backed off the extra fat, and salt, it got better..maybe much better. The carbs in the vegetables and nuts work for me. There's a name for them that I forget...it's fiber factor in relation the carbs.
  13. Keto Thread

    That sounds excellent. Looking back I was in a fog a lot of times and my energy was bad. Sugar, processed, and refined food was the culprit. In the beginning I also ate way too much protein, meat basically. But it's really a long term thing and how each individual adjusts and tweaks it. Salads, small amounts of fish and real cheese and the weight peels off. I also used too much salt, on top of excessive fat, and drank excessive coffee. Over time when I've modified the excessive stuff that was a crutch essentially, is when I'm really feeling good. But it's a long term thing and you can't rush it, and I can't be perfect with it so I don't obsess with it. Kicking the sugar and junk is the main thing. Feeling good is the long term goal. Eating late is also something that hurts me. I had to fix that too. That was a big one. Doesn't really matter what I eat either. Especially any fruit, honey, carbs of any kind, and animal fats. Animal fats, in late meals triggers inflammation in me. So from now on any bone broth I make I'm gonna skim all the fat. I'll also be careful with fatty animal protein in later meals. I'm very sensitive to the carbs, fruit, whole grains, and sweet potatoes, so even tho I'm incorporating them a little, I see that it I have to be careful with them. I have to be careful with the dairy, even real cheese and yogurt. But a little cheese early and I do okay with that.
  14. Keto Thread

    I've been at it for about two years now. I would say initially it helped me to get off sugar and refined carbs. Which is a big positive. In the beginning I didn't touch any sugar or practically any starches. At this point I incorporate some sweet potatoes, oatmeal, brown rice, etc. I don't consume too much animal protein in one sitting, mostly fish if I can, unpasteurized real cheese too. The key for me is eating a lot of veggies, moderate protein, and not consuming too much fat: moderate amounts of coconut oil and olive oil. I consider things like avocados, cheese, fish, meat eggs, etc. to be the fat now. Avocados are a staple because they are an item I can eat a lot of to satiate myself without eating too much protein and adding excessive fats. Nuts, hummus, almond butter, seeds, etc. also help with that. It wasn't till I was in it a long time and was able to limit excessive fats, and revolve my diet around veggies, avocados, nuts, nut and seed butter, that I made the most gains, and got the most out of exercising on top of it. At some point just doing the fat and not modifying the way I did wasn't working the way I needed it to. But the gains made by sticking it out are worth it, and remarkable. I can bounce off it once in a while, and get right back now also. I think that's actually recommended too. I did it for general health. I understand there's some people doing for high intensity training and that's something different, and the guidelines would be different.
  15. Does UFC = Fakery?

    Follow the money...Ali/Aoki 2.0