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  1. Who's the munchkin with the big head on the left?
  2. You posted it first you tell me. doh
  3. Nah, it homes over in West Balti bruh. Know what I'm sayin' man? Me and Mal is tight. Aight?
  4. Not on your level by means, Homes. #Lower East Side Tuff Boiz Imagine looking forward to things getting better for Sam, and not showing how smart I am by hating ragging Adams all ****in day 24/7. WTF was I thinking?!
  5. Wow, I didn't know about any discord but I got a feeling something wasn't right with him at the end of the season, on top of he didn't seem to improve at all and was actually a no show at the end. Didn't seem right in an interview either. I do like Maye tho.
  6. I have more hope for Nickerson than Shep but I'm rooting for him. Really Macc has left the team on the short side of the draft thus far
  7. He's prolly scared to go anywhere near Baker. LOL
  8. Just reminds you how much can open up for Sam with Gase if Mac gets a few more players on that O. An Olineman, a WR, and an RB... for starters
  9. Klatt made him look like a silly child leading up to the draft. Dude's a jackass
  10. I hope he gets his hip replaced/fixed, or knee, or whatever is torturing him, first
  11. Imagine if Adams was actually a bad guy or actually wasn't any good. Gotta love it
  12. Hatas gon hate. Check out my boy here, mf bad...
  13. Wait, I thought that was Chris' job. Lol
  14. Gase, Williams > Bowles, Rodgers, Bates
  15. LOL. I like him. But I think he's a better player than dresser, and dancer for that matter. That's not too bad, he's worn a LOT worse. But his facial expression there is painful. Ouch lol But seriously some of the sh*te he puts on in the name of 'fashion' is bad, real bad. It's like that all over the league.
  16. That's water under the bridge at this point. I think he's more valuable than you think, but I get where your coming from. It is what it is at this point with a lot of the players and social media. I think he's a good guy and he doesn't bother me nearly as much as some guys with the self promotion. I sense a little humbleness too. That may come from his old man and that's okay
  17. Okay, you don't wanna the rug pulled out from under you yet again He's in tho. They're always late on that kinda thing
  18. C'mon man, you hate him. You can't stand the sight of him really
  19. https://www.sny.tv/jets/news/here-are-details-of-gregg-williams-contract-with-jets/302694552
  20. Would you stop already man. You're really killing all the fun, lol. No way this works; Gase is a psychotic unhinged drug addict, and even tho things work the same elsewhere: no wei here
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