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  1. 5 minutes ago, JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF said:

    I heard Shepherd is really disliked by his teammates.  If true I wonder why.  Right now looks like another busted 3rd Rd pick.

    Another “old” rookie drafted by Maccagnan....Maye, Donahue, Shepherd, I think there are a few more, this needs to cease as soon as possible.  It’s difficult enough to hit a draft pick.

    Wow, I didn't know about any discord but I got a feeling something wasn't right with him at the end of the season, on top of he didn't seem to improve at all and was actually a no show at the end. Didn't seem right in an interview either.

    I do like Maye tho.

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  2. 4 minutes ago, GreenFish said:

    2018 draft gave us Sam Darnold and Chris Herndon. Not too bad. I'm hoping a guy like Shep can step up under a guy like Gregg Williams. He's another guy that fits better in a 4-3 scheme. 

    I have more hope for Nickerson than Shep but I'm rooting for him. Really Macc has left the team on the short side of the draft thus far

  3. 8 minutes ago, HelenOfTroy said:

    It’s actually sickening.  I know he loves Sam, his character and humility, but to continually trash Baker the way he does, is obsessive and creepy.  And really, really wrong.

    Baker made him look like an idiot on his show.  Good job, Baker, good job.  😂


    Klatt made him look like a silly child leading up to the draft. Dude's a jackass

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  4. 22 minutes ago, BigO said:

    Humility 😂 He got guts I must admit. I saw this same suit at Macy’s in the close out rack for $8. 



    LOL. I like him. But I think he's a better player than dresser, and dancer for that matter. 😀

    That's not too bad, he's worn a LOT worse. But his facial expression there is painful. Ouch lol

    But seriously some of the sh*te he puts on in the name of 'fashion' is bad, real bad. It's like that all over the league.

  5. 1 minute ago, BigO said:

    Nah not really. Just don’t think so highly of him as others here. He’s very average IMO.  Not worth the 6th pick. There were so many other players on the board that Macc should have taken. That’s what pizzes me off. 

    That's water under the bridge at this point. I think he's more valuable than you think, but I get where your coming from. It is what it is at this point with a lot of the players and social media.

    I think he's a good guy and he doesn't bother me nearly as much as some guys with the self promotion. I sense a little humbleness too. That may come from his old man and that's okay

  6. Just now, Legend Killa7 said:

    Listen, I get it.  Schefter said it yesterday, and when that guy says something, you can bank on it.  I just want "official" word from the NYJ and then I will rest easy.

    Okay, you don't wanna the rug pulled out from under you yet again 😉

    He's in tho. They're always late on that kinda thing

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  7. Just now, slimjasi said:

    Eh, who knows when Williams was chosen? For instance, according to Ian Rappaport, Adam Gase got his "top choice at DC."

    Meanwhile, Schefter says the Jets were targeting Williams no matter who their HC was. 

    Perhaps it was something that both the Jets hierarchy and Gase agreed on when they met? Perhaps they both happened to have Williams as their number one choice heading into the meeting?

    Does it really matter? If Williams and Gase can coexist and get the team to play well, no one will give a sh*t about stuff like this. If they end up clashing and the team disappoints the fans as per usual, they'll be out of here in 2-3 years, regardless. 


    Would you stop already man. You're really killing all the fun, lol.

    No way this works; Gase is a psychotic unhinged drug addict, and even tho things work the same elsewhere: no wei here

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