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  1. 5 hours ago, Bocajetfan said:

    Poor tackling, running pass routs just two of the things lost around the league. Too think most players come into the league with those abilities and fundamentals is not accurate it’s the few. Most Defensive players have a blip in their bio pre draft will need work on  tecnnic same for Pass Recievers route running. Most young players rely on athleticism .

    Lotta teaching to do in a limited amount of work time. When he had the veterans and they were able pound Ivory and the run game he fared better. Limited penalties also.

    As time went on and the younger they got the worse it got. He just didn't get through it seems. Things were against him too, but he needed to go.

    When they started beating themselves it collapsed quickly.

  2. 14 minutes ago, SAR I said:

    The Shea fanbase is dead, that's what I mean.  This group of blue collar "dems Jets is da best" speaking guys from Queens who were 45-55 years old in 1985 are today 78-88 years old and no longer in the stadium and, for the most part, are no longer with us (RIP).

    So when this caricature of that type of Blue Collar Average Joe Queens Angry Jets Fan gets played today, it bombs terribly.  Because today's MetLife fans are PSL wealthy white collar executives from Manhattan and the tony suburbs and we don't speak that way, we don't act that way, and we have half a brain and can't be fooled by the disingenuous, self-serving, and faked attitudes of these two clowns.

    Fireman Ed quit on the team and keeps trying to find his way back and doesn't understand why no one does his chant anymore.  Answer?  We aren't a bunch of drunks anymore.  White collar types are there to watch the game with their kids, not to escape the misery of a life without money.

    Joe Beningo used to be a great listen because he was honest and raw with his feelings.  Today 20 years later you can tell it's a job requirement, something they discuss in daily meetings, and something he's trying to sell a group of people who aren't drunk at 11AM and can see through his fakery.

    Clear?  We good now?

    SAR I

    We good yo. You da man

  3. 2 hours ago, sourceworx said:

    I don't get how anyone can listen to sports talk radio. It's mind-numbingly stupid. Even Francesa, who IMO despite his arrogance is the only guy that's truly knows what he's talking about, is unlistenable.

    Yup. Don't wanna subject myself to it. Finally stopped listening over five years ago when things got ugly with Rex. Francesa was the last guy I listened to at that point. It's gotta be worse now.

    I limit myself to all sports media to the bare minimum to get news, and will check out a select few to get their take.  As far as I'm concerned it's all a cacophony of nonsense and BS for attention.

  4. 6 minutes ago, playtowinthegame said:

    Gase is actually 2-4 versus the Patriots. In 2016, his first year as head coach of the Dolphins, he got swept by the Pats. First got beat by Jimmy G, then by Brady. The following two years in 2017 and 2018 he split with the Patriots. 

    With Tannyhill and it's better than we did.

    Mac has to hook him, and Sam, up FFS already.

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  5. 7 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

    Ahh.. gotcha’. Just worded it a little weird. 

    For sure though. He’ll be a great thing for us. We have pieces on defense.

    Just being my sarcastic self 😀

    Fingers crossed Williams is in. Always liked him. Parcells and Westhof said things like that. It's very entertaining. Especially compared to the mundane Bowles. I feel that rubbed off on the players... His personality


  6. 10 hours ago, CTM said:

    Wow.. Quite an indictment, never heard that before. Bart is one of the best.

    He had been intimating things like that in the Post-Game show and on SNY all season, but he cut loose there. Bart knows his sh*t. He's a good commentator and a funny **** to boot.

    Williams is gonna be entertaining, at least.

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  7. 20 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

    What a character. I think Jamal and the guys will love his fire and he’ll be highly respected at the same time.

    If he gets in here and turns around the defense then I bet he can be a mainstay here for awhile.

    What a difference he'll be compared to Bowles and Kacy Rogers, right?


    Maybe Bowles can be the players guidance counselor in the off-season?

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  8. 49 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:

    Bringing this guy in here will rectify the smarmy move by Mac to get Gase. Think about it... he led the Browns to a 5-3 record. More wins than we had last year, in half the amount of games... with the BROWNS.

    The idea that the defense can be completely owned by a former HC, would free Gase up to focus on Sam and the offense. It may yet work...


    Suddenly the Staff has a more professional look to it it would seem. Our OC's have sucked forever and Williams has to be an upgrade.

    I always liked Williams and am warming up to Gase.

    This could be okay after all after getting over my aversion to the Dolphins and Gase's involvement with them.


  9. 23 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:


    Imagine C Johnson and Mike Maccagnan sitting there thinking about how tough the PR will be, how they'll have to sell this to the fanbase, how they'll explain why they took the coach another division rival didn't want.

    At the end, they must have been blown away and thought he's worth the PR pain.

    The Jets aren't here to win popularity contests, they're here to win games.  They think Adam Gase is the guy to do it and they think he's better than stale old school guys like McCarthy and new age wonder kids like Kingsbury.

    Let's get behind this.  Belichick did a little better in his second HC job than his first.

    Go Jets!

    That's all good if you have any belief or faith that either of them are capable of making the best kind of decisions for this team. And that their being blown away is anything good.


    I'm actually kinda convinced that neither of them are in touch with being able to turn this around. Hope I'm wrong and you're right.


    Eventually I'll prolly get to where you're at with this. But right now I think all Hope Of Sam is ruined.


    That leadership group is from hunger it looks to me.

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