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  1. Being a dedicated NY Jets fan, I have religiously took part in examining John Idzik and Rex's decisions before, during, and after the #Draft. As we all know most are very pleased with the first 2 picks, Pryor & Amaro, but raised concerns about McDougle.. But NY Jet fans please have faith.. 8-8 was a much better season than most people are going to give us credit for but it was crucial for John to make these intense changes to the roster in order to build this new & improved Jet profile team. We are going to be fast & physical next year and we are going to show what it really means to be a NY JET! I am very optimistic with what the coaches and the scouting department has done and will continue to do with this new look and feel of the #NYJets!... Go New York Jets!!! 


    The interview process with these prospects is a huge part of what they're doing. I'm liking more and more that John Idzik is at the helm and making the decisions. They're looking much deeper at these guys, than what we and the media are privvy to.


    Listen to Idzik's analysis of Pryor on the The Jets site. He doesn't say a lot when he speaks, but when he does people should listen closely. He decribes WHY Pryor is a big hitter....good stuff.


    It goes way beyond the tangibles when analyzing these players

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  2. I completely disagree. I think Saunders gets a lot of play as well as Evans, and Enunwa has a very good shot as well. All three could be on the roster and get a good amount of play time.


    There's a lot of guys in the mix. I think Hill is on very thin ice. Evans and Enunwa have a good shot because of Special Teams. Saunders may end up returning punts, and I'd like to see someone 'take' the Kick Return duties from Gates. I'm not a fan of Gates, and would hope someone will be him out in competition.

  3. I think that something that needs to be kept in mind when discussing Coples is how vital he's been to the run defense. Sure, any team that's trying to run up the middle against the Sons of Anarchy is going to have trouble, but Pace and Coples have both been imperative to setting the edge. Sure, he hasn't developed gaudy numbers, but he has contributed in a lot of ways. I'd love to see him develop into a ten sack guy, but not every first round pick is going to be Von Miller. Sometimes you get guys like Bryan Thomas and Shaun Ellis, who were both above average players for years.



  4. 8-8 at worst??? clearly you haven't followed the jets for very long.

    if you had, you would know that the worst case scenario for the jets in any given year is several levels below massive train wreck falling into a chasm to hell opened up by an earthquake as an errant comet smashes into the planet and eradicates all life on earth.

    That's my prediction, duh. Why you ask? Cause I know what I'm talking about. Unlike you, lol :winking0001:


    I'd bet I've been following them a lot longer than you :winking0001: . I like the over bet with this team also. So any time u wanna bet let me know :winking0001:


    Why does every think that geno won't regress ! He didn't have a very good rookie year worst rated starting Qb now he's going to have a 80 rating. I don't get how



    Sanchez fan :bag:

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